The Next Dimension Delusions

dscn3239.jpgNonamori 13th dimensional spiritual energy of pure love and light from The Upper Soul Council of Gregory and Shelina talks through Gregory about dimensions. Nonamori chose his name from one of his other lifetimes when he was a 9th dimensional male. On the 13th dimension, Nonamori is now both masculine and feminine just as all spiritual energies 12th dimension and above are, including God(dess). He is a higher aspect of both Gregory and Shelina.

Nonamori: What you call dimensions are truly just a terminology given to explain levels of consciousness and evolutionary growth. Evolutionary growth is the ability through the genetic structure and your consciousness to come together, allowing you to have many more abilities in your life, with an awakening of possibilities beginning at the 5th dimension. This happens by working with your soul, as a partner and a companion in life. That doesn’t mean you make more inventions or have an easier life, but are given the capability to do things like manifesting, healing, levitation, telepathy (communicating with your higher guides) and astral travel on the physical plane.

You humans on Earth are third dimensional, working your way to the fifth dimension, and God, The Great Creator, is 16th dimension. And yes, the 4th dimension is skipped, for that is where nature spirits and transformation occur. There are many other sub-levels but that is the easiest way to explain it. Each of you, as a soul aspect works your way back ‘Home’, to join God, to become part of The All. Some would call it heaven. As you open up and evolve through the mental and spiritual aspects of yourself and your etheric body, there is a working relationship between the soul, the divine and your own subconscious to be able to raise up your own body vibrations and frequencies. It’s like you’re in school learning and by doing your homework and trying to do well, then hopefully someday you will get a good grade and go to the next level.

It works the same way with your subconscious where your guides and angels are able to come in and slowly work with it. This is done by learning your own truths and knowledge, accepting others, truly loving yourself for who and what you are at the moment, and being willing to help others, not just thinking of yourself only. Many prophets, seers and healers have the capability of moving up to the higher frequencies and vibrations to communicate for a short period of time. It is a training where many work with their guides and angels at night through dreams, visions and energy work to be able to work with much higher dimensional beings.

These other higher dimensional physical aspects of yourself that work with you, your angels and guides, from the 5th dimension through the 10th dimension, have their own lives. They have families, the need to make money, and, because of the yin and yang effect there are wars and peace. Just because higher dimensional beings have more technology and knowledge of life and the universe doesn’t mean that they are higher evolved than you on the spiritual end of life. Zunami and Leanami, the 7th dimensional aspects of Gregory and Shelina raise their frequencies and vibrations to talk with Gregory and Shelina who talk up to the 15th dimension, with Nano, next to God yet they are 3rd dimensional. This is done for short times to protect their health.

So when you evolve, you really don’t move from one dimension to the next dimension in the physical sense during your present lifetime. You, as one soul aspect, come back in another lifetime. It is like you’ve graduated from seventh grade to eighth grade and this time you’ve done your schoolwork right and allowed your guides and angels to help. Then you can evolve up to a higher dimension with the openings and tools that enable you. To go to the next dimension immediately, would be like lifting your home, your life and everything including the whole embodiment of your physical and mental being from Earth to figuratively say Mars, which truly is not the fifth dimension.

You do not have to love your fellow man and accept him as a friend, but you must realize that they are equal with as much right as you to truly live and coincide, and that they are truly part of the collective soul. Most humans do not, or have not been given the chance, or taught the true use of their tools or spiritual gifts that God has given them. For the part of the soul that chose to come into the body was chosen to help teach you with the knowledge of your abilities that empower you to break away from the bonds of your third dimensional life. Not to zap you away into the fifth dimension to say goodbye to all of your loved one and family until it is the time of your death.

For you are all truly connected to The Great Creator, or Neacoulamol in Kanarian First Creation Human language, and each of you have many guides and teachers through your Upper Soul Council. Remember, each individual human has free choice with options of what they want to do with their emotions and their mind. They do not have to follow this path of truth and love. But by doing so, they are given freedom from slaving ideologies and the teachings of other peers. It opens the gate for self empowerment, thinking on your own, and learning the truths that the Great Creator has outlined for you through choices and the help of your guides and angels.

With blessings and love to all.. Nonamori


Saragon Angelic Symbols Galactic Astrology

by Saragon 11th dimension guide of The Upper Soul Council

Saragon’s Soul Codes are given to Gregory and Shelina for helping Earthlings tosaragons-earth-monthly-codes1.jpg evolve and heal. However some are given just for fun. This drawing is for an Earth calendar of twelve months with an angelic symbol or code for each month. It is related to astrology signs like a type of Galactic Astrology.

Many galaxy cultures and beings out there believe in star and planetary movement. But here’s the klicker, they are none of the stars that you look at for they are in a different part of the galaxy and heavens. For you might have a scorpion in your sky, but believe it or not if they had a scorpion it might be in a different place in the sky. And of course, it would not be named the same.

Different words are used for Venus and Mars planets which represent female and male energies too. A bigger star with a different color, called Kareenuk, is brighter and three times as big as your so called Venus. And heres a list of another Venus and Mars planets that are out there as listed in the Galactic Federation Tartrinian Library: Danooch which would mean like ‘Goddess of Passion’, Korsenna which means like ‘Loving Fiesty Woman’. I am trying to decipher something similiar in meaning to your Venus. There is one called Vikula and it is several times larger than your Venus. At times it comes into their sky. Their word for love is Vikula Amoona Dasorra which means ‘Love From Heavenly You’. We will do the Mars side now or the yin and yang. The opposite of Kareenuk is called Mapootuk which means ‘Fight For Survival’. Secondly for Danooch, it is bigger than it warring partner planet called Lamadonn which means ‘War to Protect and Survive’. For Korsenna, the opposite is Leemapool which means ‘Fight For Your Life’ and for Vikula the opposite is Jorgodda which means ‘With Love You Must Protect With War’ for in order to protect what you have you must fight to protect it.

Your astrology on your planet contains things like the messenger, war, love goddess, prosperity, life and death, etc, etc . On other astrology systems some don’t even have a planet of war or a planet of love. They go at it from a different angle, and remember there are different types of symbols in the sky compared to your bull or goat because they have different beings. But on some worlds they do have things that look like goats.

Their galactic astrology is based on the planets, but a lot of planets have many moons instead of one so that is worked in. So you can imagine the pull on one’s body of emotion when you have many moons of any size. For in reality, most beings out there that are like you contain a certain percentage of water. Water has a gravitational effect, and there are gravitational and magnetic influences related to moons and other planets.

Throughout history on all planets, there has always been a quest of what the future is going to be in one’s evolutionary development. It is a natural part of life, especially for intellectual beings that can create and improve their environment by technology and other things. Other extraterrestrial species in the Milky Way Galaxy have the same emotional reactions as humans on Earth when learning about their future. But astrology is a tool no different than the many spiritual books used for prophecy. For it is all theory. For you humans on your planet, with a common consciousness, can help change and manifest changes and how your future is going to be.

Days and months on other planets throughout the galaxy vary depending upon their rotational time. Just because Earth has a 30 days average for each month with twelve months for a year doesn’t mean that the planet Kamorda, a Nefecinarian planet, has the same. It has a 43 hour day and to go around its sun it takes approximately 435 days.

All life in the galaxy wonders what’s out there in the stars and they all have their own heroes in the stars. They might have 13 or 15 months to a year, but 12 is a good number, a big number even in the galaxy. All cultures celebrate and have certain days of the year to honor, remember or respect famous people, religious icons or historical events. Its a natural part of getting together, communicating, having fun and loving one another.

Earth Action: You as humans of Earth must give up your ancient hatreds and pains from eons ago and come together for the common good of mankind. For all around your world scientists are working to truly find out whats causing all the warming and there is much proof out there that you added to it. Go into meditation, or prayer, with yourself or your spiritual group, no matter what your beliefs, and ask for peace of all cultures in understanding. For it will take the collective consciousness and visions of all on your planet to be able to work quickly to turn the global warming around, for it is here to stay and it will get worse until you turn it around. But love and acceptance is much stronger than hate and revenge. For we in the Galactic Federation know that you can do much to help aid on the Earth plane.. Enjoy your holidays and New Year for you are just a small part in the galaxy of beings that celebrate new beginnings. Let that new beginning include the world you live on. Goodbye until next time Earth friends.

With love for you all… Saragon, 11th dimensional being of The Upper Soul Council for Gregory and Shelina

The Galactic Federation Tartrinian Library

By Saragon of The Upper Soul Council from Gregory and Shelina auroraborealis.jpeg
Hello again everyone. I am Saragon 11th dimensional being that channels through Gregory. For many of you that have heard Gregory speak, we speak of the Galactic Federation of Light Tartrinian Library. It was created five billions years ago in the Milky Way Galaxy by a group of highly evolved beings that had been around for billions of years. There was bitterness between them for 50,000 years. They were fighting and just about wiped each other out. And yes, these beings had space travel. Warring went on between them for generations upon generations. It was just a common hate for each other. in reality there was no record of why they even started the war.

At the last moment, with only the last couple of planets left in each one’s home or lineage, the Galactic Federation, a peace keeping organization for species that are capable or knowledgeable of space travel, stepped in and asked for a truce. They agreed. After so many billions of years of life not evolving anymore, life gets boring for them. So the Galactic Federation says, ‘Many species have come and gone and we need a universal record of different life in the galaxy telling the who, what and where these species came from’. Through this, records started to be kept about every species that they could find and contact from all over the galaxy. This information is called the Tartrinian Library or Tartrinian Hall of Records. There had never been a total collection from all species of life in the galaxy for science, medical, sociology, anthropology and historical knowledge with the names of many famous beings that have helped each culture to evolve, including the humans. For humans are truly a gift for the galaxy. The thing is it helps keep track of many important leaders of any type, social, spiritual, political, military, or scientific in their own species sections in the library and in the galaxy as there is much diversity of intelligent life out there. Also it explains about their loves, games, activities, and food. That’s not for every planet but for every species. It is a generalization.

The purpose was to keep a lineage of who created who and who created what for accountability and connection. For there are species that can live in all types of environments out there. In case something happens there is a record as species die out and begin continually, planets die out or blow up, and life has to move on after so many billions of years. But they are so advanced that it is nothing for them to move on to another planet to inhabit. For there are hundreds of millions of planets out there that are inhabitable on higher levels and dimensions. The higher dimensional beings try to help the lower dimensional beings most of the time to evolve without interfering too much but there are rogue species that do not work with the Galactic Federation. There are many species out there, like some on Earth, that do not know they have guides and angels and do not evolve. Every intelligent life has it. Beings that are 9th, 10th dimension and above, usually 10th and up, have access to the Tartrinian Library. The agreement when you reach that high, at or above 10th dimension, is that you are not warring. Most are angelic, still in physical form. It is like you on Earth learning to love and accept yourself and others no matter what culture, color, gender, education, wealth, etc…

The Tartrinian Library is kept underground in massive vaults on planets that are basically dead. Nobody bothers it. It has miles upon miles upon miles of records that, believe it or not, are put on square cards like your flash drives. One of those cards is the shape of an 8 inch by 8 inch, like a piece of bread that goes into a toaster, which is capable of reading as much information as all your books in your big Library of Congress. Now for certain beings, in every section, there is a place for important lives that have helped mankind or other species to evolve, to learn love and compassion. It connects in through a thing called soul records with many, many, many soul records. Now what people don’t realize is you have to be very highly evolved and work with your guides to access the Tartrinian Library. Teko is my helper who researches the library for me. I then communicate that information to Gregory, then to Shelina, then to you.

We will talk more abut the library later because it goes deeper, but the Akashic Records which many of you on Earth know, can only be accessed up to 10,000 years since you are third dimensional beings. So when your new year comes up, one year will drop off. Only with higher dimensional angels and guides working with you, can you access these Akashic Hall of Records going back 150,000 years. Very few people can do that. It only works through guides and angels in your upper soul. Then, knowledge from the Tartrinian Library is available with 10th dimensional or higher guides that can also access part of the Akashic Library Records. It is like your local library but if you have a special card and capability through your librarian you can access things your local library doesn’t have by the national library and your higher education with university libraries and they will bring you the records or photograph the records for you to use for a fee.

So I will go in deeper on this another time my fellow Earthlings. Love and peace and understanding for all human beings… Saragon 11th dimensional guide from The Upper Soul Council of Gregory and Shelina

Love and Light Spiritual Wife by Shelina

dscn4041.jpg It is hard for many people to understand our lives as spiritual leaders and lifemates, known as shalanee in Kanarian, on a daily basis. Yes, many hear about Abraham and Sarah, Jesus and Mary, or Muhammad and Khadija but they are only some of the couples that devoted their lives to teaching and helping others in the name of God. It seems challenges were always presented to them, either in their personal lives or the lives of those around them. That is how growth and evolution happens.

We have been told that even if everyone agreed to make peace on Earth, there would still be feuds among different groups. On other planets it is the leaders who battle each other to the death, thereby saving the people and the future generations of the species. Or else they pay someone to fight for them giving their family wealth in return. Another way that they settle differences is by playing games. Throughout the galaxy life is very similiar to Earth. We will be putting together a book of different games that have been shared with us. They are quite amazing. If you liked Harry Potters broom ride game or the Star Wars race through the canyons you will most likely enjoy this book.

One thing I have learned is that couples throughout The Milky Way Galaxy do not always agree or understand each other. Even Gregory and I, Shelina, have our own opinions for we are each our own person. Although most of the time, we are ‘heaven’ to each other. Usually communications cause much of the turmoil. Poduka’s wife, one of our guides from The Upper Soul Council, told me that we would be bored with each other if we were exactly the same. That is why the Great Creator made us differently, but the same as we are all, including males and females, 97% the same dna. It is the remaining 3% of dna and genetics that makes us unique and wonderful and interesting.

Somedays it is just better to say ‘I don’t understand but I know that I don’t have to, I just know that I am loved through my upper soul and the Great Creator, and I love my lifemate. I am ok and tomorrow is a new day.’ Then it is time to love yourself, for that is the first law. Love yourself completely, then it is easier to love others. If you are physically hurt, start defending yourself or changing the circumstances. Jesus has told us, as spoken through Gregory, that you might get one cheek slapped but to turn the other cheek means to protect it and give them a second chance just don’t let them hit the other cheek. And remember to stand up to your greatness. For you are a part of the infinite intelligence, just as everything is. That does not mean that you are better than them or they are better than you, just different. No one should be taken advantage of.

I used to think that just blessing others would change others. It helps but I now know that it takes more than that. It takes leaders, and even neighbors, who will become role models, by speaking up when others are wronged and giving positive choices to those that are angry or bored with their lives, especially the children. That is what the residents of New Orleans did when the gangs tried to take over. So let us start by saying to others and our neighbors ‘Hi, how are you? Have a good day!’ or as Gregory says ‘Have a GREAT DAY!’

With love and blessings… Shelina, Gregory and The Upper Soul Council

Leanami Galactic Girls Happy Holidays

Leanami Happy Holiday Message 12/7/07   As Leanami came in to speak through Gregory she rubbed Shelina’s nose to say ‘Hi’. They are galactic girlfriends. It seems girls everywhere love to talk about the latest gossip or developments.
dscn5800.jpgHi everyone out there! I know you question whether I am real, but I am real. At another time Gregory or Shelina will tell about the first time I saw snow through Gregory’s eyes for we have no snow on our planet. I look through Gregory’s eyes and see these beautiful lights hanging from trees and on TV. I know that Gregory channels Jesus so I’ve been listening as he channels and teaches, as Jesus was an amazing prophet whether you believe in him or not. So I thought I would tell you about one of our holidays, only we call our holidays our ‘Mogeez’. Mogeez is a celebration of life. We have five holidays on our planet that are a celebration of life and one is coming up here in the next, oh I have to calculate it out, the next six weeks or less.

That is when the sun is also the furthest for we live on a tilted planet like you do. Our weather is not as severe. But we live in a community that has many small communities it would be like one of your small towns so everybody knows everybody. And even though my husband Zunami travels around as a famous scientist diplomat, he comes home to celebrate. We do not give gifts but we all put in together something that we made special. Our life is much simpler than yours. And on this day we bring a beverage that is not like your wine that I had through Gregory’s emotions and feelings (she experienced and tasted wine through Gregory since she is in the same soul group) but maybe more like a type of And we all dance around and put our little gifts on a pole and it is to thank the life that we have, and still have, and thank our Creator, which we call Dakeera, our God. We believe in one God on this planet.

About two million years ago, during ancient time, Dakeera sent our savior Makoona that is like your Jesus, Gandi, Muhammad, Abraham, Martin Luther King or other great leaders that wanted to bring people together. For our world was dying. We were very materialistic, very self centered on wealth, and warring. So Makoona is considered a God, although he is truly one of us. For we all know that we are all equal in the God source as most are in the galaxy whether they know it or not. The figure of Makoona, that saved our world, is at the bottom of the pole. He was from a much higher dimension and came down as we were destroying our planet.

So at the bottom of the pole that we hang all these ribbons and fabrics, and gifts surrounding it, we dance and we praise Makoona for bringing together for what we call a continued life. We don’t have as many lights, bells and whistles as you have but we do celebrate with lights. We all come in and raise what you would call flashlights powered with organic batteries called ‘ceemoz’. They make different colors with different switches, one for each of the twelve different chakras that we have on the 7th dimension. Chakras are energy centers on the body given from God to all life for physical evolution and spiritual connections. Then we make designs in the night sky, all in unison standing together. These designs are very simple, like the soul codes that Saragon from The Upper Soul Council has given Gregory and Shelina. All 150 to 200 of us wave together doing these designer codes up to the stars in a certain order as each code stands for something different. There are twelve of them that we do as twelve is a very important number in the galaxy.

After we say one word we look down at the ground and say ‘Matushka’ (which means land or dirt we live on). I try to decipher for you. And then we say it twice, stomp our feet twice and then we raise up the lights again. It says ‘For you Dakeera, Life Is For Us All. Thank You For The Heavens And Sakooma’. Sakooma is like your word for ‘Earth’. It is the name for the planet we live on. After we are done with that, we all move slowly around the pole using three or four poles for the 150 to 200 people in the community.

Then we all have this drink similar to your beer and we have food to eat and we dance to our drums. The gifts are kept there until the wind blows them away. Some have writing on them and some do not. They are many different shapes. Then the community plays games and it is done for another year. That is our big celebration and I know it is not as fancy as your commercial Christmas but I wish you ‘Bodakoo’ (Happy or Merry) Christmas (your word) to all of you. And ‘Bodakoo’ (Happy) ‘Goodoomess’ (Beginnings) or Happy New Year.

Our world is asking us about you, and about Shelina, my girlfriend from planet Earth. For we live a simple life, we have evolved that much. We learned that we had to live simple. Bye to all. I will tell you more later and I am glad you like what I talk about. I will be writing back. I am giving Shelina a nose kiss. She knows it is me. She has been trained with the energies…. Love to you all..

Leanami 7th Dimension Guide from The Upper Soul Council (and Zunami my lifemate)

Wormholes and Space Travel by Nonamori

Wormholes, a very interesting subject. Ever since your famous scientist Einstein came up with the theory it’s been in movies, tv shows and books. A wormhole is a space where a person can walk into one side or location and come out on another side or location and its done in the fraction of time that it would normally take to get there. It is a known destination on both sides. The ancient civilizations have no knowledge of any wormholes, and there has never been travel from one galaxy to another for a physical species.

In reality, say you stepped out your door and you wanted to go to another planet. For one thing your planet is continually moving in an elliptical orbit around the sun, and the other end is doing the same thing, plus it is moving through space and time, possibly in different directions. So in order to truly have a wormhole, which is not feasible by the way, you would have to have a computer, or millions of computers, hooked to it to adjust the wormhole to the continued variances such as differences of length and time from one end to the other as it would stretch and compact continually. There are too many variables out in space including objects such as other stars, asteroids or other planets that could cross through it because there are many other things out there in the galaxy, not just dark space. You must remember everything moves, everything is in a continued motion. Wormholes thus become an impossibility if they are a part of nature. How would you know the first time you ever found one where the other end of the tube would be? So wormholes are not found in the Milky Way Galaxy or the universe on a natural basis.

On a non-natural basis it is possible to travel in space but not through wormholes. There are beings who are millions of miles away, but not light-years, from their home planet and use a type of electrical magnetic energy to go from place to place. Distances from where they are and where they are going are calculated down to such a minute billionth of a second by a very highly evolved computer that is part organic to get them back home. They travel on a beam, similiar to a laser beam, only it is so much faster than the speed of light as it goes through the dimensional etheric level making it quick to move around. I have told Gregory and Shelina that the fastest thing in time and space is telepathy and you are just starting to learn the aspect of telepathy and what can be done with it. This technology is so far advanced I cannot even explain it with its flow of knowledge and communication. It is used to do a type of space travel but has to be done in a straight line and not around a corner. With those high frequencies and energies, computers for these advanced civilizations can keep track of where it is. It enables them to find their way home but cannot be used for hundreds of millions of light-years, only for distances where they can detect the other end. So with this high tech computer they know the coordinates of the planet because it is kept in the computer, and the computer also is capable of communication on a higher etherical level. That is because it is part organic. As your planet is discovering, certain aspects of organic things are amazing and you are discovering things for your computer of organic memory, organic transisters and more.

They can do almost like ‘Beam me up Scottie’ but not in a body itself. It goes into an etheric high energy mechanism that is connected with telepathy and you stand in this cylinder or a bigger room size for many to go. The body itself cannot handle it so the body is protected by the cylinder or this room, and the reason for that is there is nothing more complicated than a living entity with a soul. Even your computers cannot even come close to how truly special and unique life is in itself. Imagine Jane, John Doe and Pete wanting to travel back home for vacation and they are in a galactic ship. If there bodies weren’t protected in the cylinder, as the body itself is fragile, Pete may come back as a little bit of Jane, and John might have the feet of Pete and the breasts of Jane because a glitch in the etheric telepathic computer happened. So everything remains as a solid during the travel. It is the etheric and telepathic energies that keep this thing moving in a nonphysical plane to travel from one spot to another. We could call it, let’s see, telemorphic space travel. Your scientists give names to things all the time. They use it in the large space ships all the time. It would be like your bank deposit in the drive in with the air vacuum tubes, only this is not an air vacuum tube. They are set aside in the ship like your freeway and you can travel to one side of the ship to another faster than the speed of light. I know I didn’t explain it deep enough for your third dimensional level but I hope I gave a few insights. We can talk about this again in the future. With much love for your human race.

Nonamori 13th Dimensional Guide from The Upper Soul Council and Supreme Teacher of Love, Light and Knowledge as channeled through Gregory and Shelina

Cloning and the Soul by Saragon 11th Dimension

Hello Friends. This is me, Saragon, again channeling through Gregory who willingly places his brain aside so that you and others can learn. Today we are talking about cloning and the soul. The very first ancient species in this galaxy have always known about the soul and many have learned to work with the soul. For some say the soul is truly the God source or the Great Creator. Or as found in the Galactic Federation Tartrinian Library, the Manahazi, one of the very first three creator races in the Milky Way Galaxy, would call the God source and the Upper Soul, the ‘uppatuk’ meaning ‘Connection to the Source’.

Anyway, Gregory and Shelina were watching the first sheep ever cloned, called Lucy, on one of the science channels and they talked about cloning humans. To clone would be to make a duplicate copy of oneself like running a document through a copy machine or making a certain model of car exactly the same many times. From what I understand, in reality scientists on your planet have been trying to do plant genetic cloning to make them last longer for awhile. So this is truly not a new thing. Your scientists are already cloning other things such as cows and pigs for certain traits but they are still in an early stage of doing it.

Now when it comes to humans there is a moral issue. Do people really want to see duplicates of say Angelina Jolene, Brad Pitt, Hitler, George Bush or the Dali Lama? Isn’t one truly enough at a time? For each one brings its own complications to life on the planet or amazing gifts. The main problem though is only one aspect of the soul can be on a planet at the same time, on any planet. So all Earth humans have one aspect of their individual soul living in them. For that is part of the spiritual makeup of the body whether you are good or bad, religious or athiest, knowledgeable or simple .

So say somebody you knew had the capabilities of truly cloning themselves, the original would have a soul while the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and so on would be soulless. It would not have a connection to the Creator Source as all intelligent life in the galaxy has. Even when the person passes on and he has a duplicate that is much younger, say he created a duplicate when he is in his 50s and then he dies, the duplicate will not receive the soul for experiences in life. And so, do you truly want to have soulless nonspiritual emotional feeling beings? They would have some emotions and feelings but the soul cannot be cloned only the body. The other thing you must consider is that there are spirits and ghosts in the world and energies from other dimensions that can slide into the duplicate. So the original that had the soul could be a very kind man and his duplicate could be unkind at 180 degrees opposite. For without a soul there is nothing that would stop these other entities that are not on the positive side of life from coming in and taking over the body.

Remember you are third dimensional beings and this information comes from much higher dimensions. I will talk more on this at another conversation. It goes much deeper as cloning has been happening in the galaxy for billions of years but there is a special way to do it. It is done to make a new species or offshoot species but not a duplicate of the original. We truly believe that this was done as a safeguard, that you don’t go to planet Mumbo Jumbo where everybody would look the same with your next door neighbor lady as foxy as your wife and the same with the men. For variety and different abilities is what makes the species grow. If this is too long I am sorry. Thank you my new friends.

From Saragon 11th Dimensional Guide from The Upper Soul Council and Master Teacher of Soul Science and Spirituality as spoken through Gregory (with Shelina)