Galactic Federation Galactic Human Responsibility

gpn-2000-000933As a galactic human race on Earth you must learn together to grow and protect your beautiful planet. Your governments will be cautious, same as with your businesses but you must start acting and when I say acting you must take care of your population growth. You must slow that down to just two per family and you must start working on your global warming and this thing with your new President Obama.  Gregory and Shelina will come out and tell you shortly who this man truly is and he is a God loving man and he is an amazing highly evolved being that has come down to help not only America but the world.  He cannot do it alone and he is out there saying ‘I need help’ so in your own way you must work around to help him out in little things you do and not just leave it up to the government no matter what color, what beliefs, or culture.

You are one people and you are also connected to all other humans in the galaxy. And there is a human civilization moving forward about 30 light-years from the Pleiadian stars and they are just developing and evolving. They look similar to you but their skin color is different for their star is different, and I’m not sure but they might have taken humans from a certain part of your world and reseeded them.  That’s what they do at times or they know your DNA and strands and can reproduce it for none of our DNA as you call genetic makeup is that much different than the other.

Their planet is smaller. They have been seeded here from the very first groups of humans as you. They have been there for approximately 8,000 to 10,000 years.  Believe it or not they have not discovered fossil fuels so they use other types of energies and they have conquered the art of radioactivity nuclear and they almost destroyed their world but they discovered a way to handle the nuclear energy different than you and they chose it over fossil fuels. I’m not saying there is not fossil fuels but they realized right away the skies were turning and so they jumped on the other way cause they did not like the smell of it. What fossil fuels they do have is used to make other things like your plastics and your rubbers and they have their own type. They do not have space travel either.  In fact they haven’t even built anything capable of that. They do not have the ability of flying yet but they discovered.

I, Korjanonna, 9th dimensional representative of The Galactic Federation. wish you all well.

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