4th Earth Seeding Vibrate Together for Peace

We asked Saragon, 11th dimensional guide from The Upper Soul Council and Master Teacher of Spirituality and Soul Science: Are there thousands of angels and guides and other species there to help us on Earth?

The Galactic Federation has been watching over you but they cannot interfere with your evolutionary growth. This is your 4th seeding of humans on Earth and galactic history shows that humans were first seeded or put on Earth sometime around 300 to 330 million years ago. Gregory and Shelina also have the story of how the 1st human DNA was created in the Milky Way Galaxy 553 million years ago. So the Galactic Federation and the angels and guides would really like to see you succeed this time.

It is your choice to succeed. To do that, you need to change, to learn to accept each other, learn to work together and not have one culture control another or have enslavement. The day you can get rid of all enslavement, all bondage and accept everyone whether male or female, for you are all connected together as one to the God Source whether you believe it or not, that will be the day that you’ll see the world start to spiritually grow and evolve as a combined force. For, we are all made of vibration and frequencies that hold us all together in this galaxy. If you just come together and vibrate together with thoughts of peace, acceptance and love, miracles can happen and will happen.

More will come to Gregory about what happened 330 million years ago, approximately, as those humans were put on several settlements on different continents but it didn’t last long due to the Earth being so dangerous with volcanoes, earthquakes, storms and ice ages. You live on a very wild continually moving earth crust but it is also one of the most beautiful planets in this area of the galaxy.

Love and peace Saragon 11th dimensional being, Master of Soul Science and Spirituality speaking through Gregory Thomas (of Gregory and Shelina)


Spiritual Reunions of Souls

love-and-peace-saragon.jpgby Saragon 11th Dimensional Guide and Master Teacher of Soul Science and Spirituality to Gregory and Shelina

So, what is a soul?  The soul is a spiritual aspect of what all the ancients in the galaxy consider an energy of the total galaxy which includes all intelligent life.  Realize though that this definition of intelligence varies according to the species and what they need to know to evolve.  It is a part of what people would call the God Source or Moshaagonn by the Octasheens, one of the first races in the galaxy, which means ‘Life for All and All for Life’ according to the Galactic Federation Tartrinian Library.  This soul is not visible by itself but is felt by many on a higher consciousness.

Many of the Ancients that have lived before us in this galaxy, and still live, believe the soul is the connection to what we like to call The Great Creator, and may even be the God Source itself.  For nobody truly knows what the God Source is.  These wise ancient races have been trying to study The Great Creator for ages.  It is not physical, but includes organic life, and is larger than you can ever imagine.  Called ‘The All’ by some, along with millions of other names in millions of other languages throughout the galaxy, it includes suns, planets, moons, stars, quasars and all living organisms including animals, trees, rocks, the energy of the water rolling over the rocks, matter and antimatter, big and small down to the smallest single cell on your planet and in the galaxy.  That does not mean that each of those cells are the soul though, the soul is just connected to them.  The soul has the ability to take that energy and put it into love while working with other aspects of itself to help all beings grow on a spiritual level first, and evolutionary level second.

Since the beginning of time known in this galaxy, the Milky Way, most intelligent species have had a soul given to them when they are created.  There are billions of soul families in the Milky Way Galaxy.  Beings which don’t have a soul might be like the alien species called ‘The Greys’ or other organic robotic beings used like slave labor for things such as exploration, contacting worlds such as your Earth, taking samples, mining, fighting wars, building structures or growing foods. 

If you did not have a soul, you would lose your creativity, your aspirations to grow, discover and change.  For it works with you on an invisible deep level within your body and especially your mind, where there is an aspect of you that is connected to your God Source as you do prayer and meditation, no matter what beliefs or religion you have.  Without a soul in the body most would have trouble with consciousness.  For the soul works with the subconscious to help regulate the body’s emotions at times.  It is hard for many to understand but every human life on your planet, including whales, dolphins and porpoises, has a soul that goes into the body 28 to 35 hours after the baby is born.  It is like going out and buying a new car or truck that would be your body.  It sets there not able to move until you get into it, no matter how big, small, powerful, or extras put on the vehicle until you, say, the soul, for you are the owner, hop in, and turn the key.  While you are driving you blend in as you control your vehicle. That is what the soul does, with permission, as you are a free spirit of your own to work with it or not. 

This soul, before birth, chooses the birth parents for experiences or reunions of soul families.  Sometimes there are spiritual contracts to come back together again but not every soul joins with their soul family or soul mates each time they incarnate or evolve into a new body.  Most souls are millions and billions of years old and new souls are created all the time but they are not created by giving birth to a child in your third dimensional world.  That soul beginning is for higher evolved dimensional beings that work with the soul in a special ritual. 

Gregory and Shelina, Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and some others on Earth were given the gift of creating a new soul through higher guides and angels as they agreed to help the Earth and humanity.   This soul creation for Gregory and Shelina, karmonic twinflame souls, was done for them as they do not have the knowledge or understanding to do so.  It was given as gift of love from the many higher beings as an experience due to their connection with each other.  Usually it cannot be done unless one is working in the 6th dimension. Jesus and Mary were higher dimensional twinflame souls.  Jesus was 9th dimension and Mary was slightly lower.

The only way to become a twin soul with a certain partner, friend, mother or father is by earning it as most souls have been together many, many times in the past.  Twin souls or parallel souls are never one soul split in half ,as some people think, but two soul aspects that separate from each other for months or years, never to be seen or heard from for awhile, only to be reunited together again.  If you come together many times and work hard, usually as husband and wife during those times, taking turns as to who is male or female, you are spiritually advanced to become a twinflame because you know how to work as a couple for the common good of the two souls.  Not all the time does that work.  A soul might come down on Earth several times before it finds one of the many twin souls or other souls they have partnered with.

Souls do tend to work together as that helps them evolve and they do tend to work with other members of their soul group.  With 1,720 soul aspects to one complete soul and 8,000 to 11,500 complete souls to a soul family there are many possibilities.  Gregory and Shelina have met many other members of their soul family.  Not all have been positive experiences, but they learned from it, as each individual is at their own evolutionary dimensional level.  More will be explained later.  These soul connections to the Great Creator through the body constantly collect experiences, emotions and communications that are as varied as the number of cells in a body.

Affirmation:  What I truly believe can happen in my life.  I believe that guidance is given to me through my  soul and  I ask for the right circumstances, timing, opportunities, helpers, health, attitude, equipment and tools to fulfill my dreams for my joy, my love, my highest good, my soul’s evolutionary growth, my supreme intelligence and my body’s ultimate physical health.  Thank you Blessed Creator for my life, my soul connection and my daily blessings.  

Soul Mates and Endless Love

dscn1544.jpgSaragon 11th dimensional guide of The Upper Soul Council for Gregory and Shelina speaks:  Soul mates is a very interesting subject. You hear the word on television, newspapers, personal ads, movies and music, everywhere. It is really an odd subject. Everybody asks, “Who is my soul mate?” and wants to find their primary soul mate but in reality many do not believe in reincarnation. In order to find your soul mate it means you must have been together in the past in your soul’s growth and history throughout the ages.

But for many it is very hard because of religious concepts. In truth there are many levels of soul mates. The definition of a soul mate is a male or female that has been together with your soul aspect, not your personality, on another dimension during a different time and space, on other lifetimes. The soul is an aspect of God/Goddess/Source that all believe in no matter what religion, with many names and many faces, but in truth the divine energy of all. This soul lives in each intelligent being on Earth. It is an aspect that enters the body at about 28 hours after birth and stays with the body through its life until approximately 28 to 32 hours after death. It is what people would consider part of your consciousness, your tie into your guides and angels that work with you, or others might say positive dieties that want to help you grow and evolve. These spiritual helpers, or other aspects of your soul, only want the best for you. So on a higher level people have learned to unknowingly ask for ‘my soul mate’ as everyone is usually looking for love and friendship.

In truth, souls tend to travel together when they come back into a body, whether male or female, to learn, to grow and to help each other out. There are not very many young souls on Earth, but other old souls, millions and billions of years old, travel together in groups throughout the galaxy for experience. That means that your husband, or ex-boyfriend could have been one of your soul mates, or your mother, brother or sister. As soul mates coming together, in touch with one another, does not mean that you will always get along with each other. Some challenge each other for evolutionary growth.

Your souls usually recognize each other through the eyes even if you don’t consciously realize it. There are 8,000 to 11,000 souls to a soul family. It gets much deeper than that, and I, Saragon, will explain more later. Sometimes souls come back to work together for love of self and others, and working their way back home toward ‘heaven’, where the Supreme God source resides. Memories come through, and you might run into a soul mate where you had total bliss as husband and wife and friends before, only this time, now, there is total disgust for each other as something happened at the end of the other lifetime. So it is really ironic that people look for their soul mates as most people want to find at least a major mirror of themselves and their likes, dreams, hopes, goals, sexuality, hobbies, etcetera, etcetera.

Gregory and Shelina are called Karmonic Twin Flame Souls. They have been together and are two of the most ancient souls on earth and in the galaxy itself. They were among some of the very first beings to evolve in the galaxy with souls that are billions upon billions of years old. As an example, they have been together billions of times as brother and sister, mother and son or daughter, father and daughter or son, grandmother, and grandfather. Gregory and Shelina were also called Zanooka and Panini as Kanarians, the first creation humans or galactic humans from the first human origin planet called Uanara 553 million years ago where they worked for a new experience for the soul along with 48 other couples. They have also been enemies, great lovers, and bad lovers, and have been together so many times that they have earned the highest soul connection of any at this time on Earth where they came together to teach, and live higher than any others on the soul realm. They had no agreement to come together, but their angels and guides helped to bring them together when the opportunity arose through their endless love, hope, understanding of each other and curiosity with a knowledge and a higher knowing of their personal relationship and compatability, and acceptance of each other.

After their Upper Soul Council helped Shelina to release past pains and learn to accept self love, the same was done with Gregory. For you must love yourself first and accept yourself for you and what you are, for your guides and angels to bring in a soul mate match of equal evolutionary growth to help each other grow and accept each other with total unselfish love and wanting of the other person to expand and grow for their desires. For you must grow too and become willing to change together for the common good of both without taking away your own dreams and desires.

For those people that put ads in the paper that want somebody super handsome, totally skinny and wealthy, well my friends, that’s not always the way it comes to you. Your true soul mate might be heavy, slow, disfigured, emotionally hurt or poor. But if you look inside, as the soul really knows, and look around you, you may find that sometimes your friends are your true soul mates. Maybe there is somebody with a lot of passion for you for all of your imperfections, but you are a perfect soul as the living son or daughter of God/Goddess. You already have many of your soul mates from the past around you. For this, don’t give up, ask your guides and angels to help you expand and grow, and love yourself as said before and get out there to meet people and you will find your soul mates, even though they are not perfect in all ways, but are just waiting to accept you for all of your imperfect ways so that you can develop together. To live is to have experiences and grow, for you stop living when you give up and just survive.

Love Saragon 11th dimensional Guide and Master Teacher of Soul Science and Spirituality P.S. You might want to check into another article about angelic symbol soul codes that work with the dna on a higher level to help people out through evolution and change.

Affirmation from Shelina: Loving Great Creator thank you for my life and my soul which connects us together. I am now ready and ask for an open door to my positive loving soul family. Please grant me the courage to accept my perfect soul with the willingness to love myself, through my soul connections, here and now, no matter what others think of me, have done to me or not done to me. Here and now, I am willing to forgive myself and others, through my soul connections, for actions that were intentional or unintentional, on all dimensions, time and space, or no dimensions, time and space. For I now know that these experiences which we have shared together throughout eternity are part of the soul evolution. With love in my heart, clarity in my mind and acceptance in my soul I ask for the help of my upper soul council, angels and guides and am now ready to co-create my life with other soul mates for positive growth, love, compassion, creativity, joy and passion.

Saragon Angelic Symbols Galactic Astrology

by Saragon 11th dimension guide of The Upper Soul Council

Saragon’s Soul Codes are given to Gregory and Shelina for helping Earthlings tosaragons-earth-monthly-codes1.jpg evolve and heal. However some are given just for fun. This drawing is for an Earth calendar of twelve months with an angelic symbol or code for each month. It is related to astrology signs like a type of Galactic Astrology.

Many galaxy cultures and beings out there believe in star and planetary movement. But here’s the klicker, they are none of the stars that you look at for they are in a different part of the galaxy and heavens. For you might have a scorpion in your sky, but believe it or not if they had a scorpion it might be in a different place in the sky. And of course, it would not be named the same.

Different words are used for Venus and Mars planets which represent female and male energies too. A bigger star with a different color, called Kareenuk, is brighter and three times as big as your so called Venus. And heres a list of another Venus and Mars planets that are out there as listed in the Galactic Federation Tartrinian Library: Danooch which would mean like ‘Goddess of Passion’, Korsenna which means like ‘Loving Fiesty Woman’. I am trying to decipher something similiar in meaning to your Venus. There is one called Vikula and it is several times larger than your Venus. At times it comes into their sky. Their word for love is Vikula Amoona Dasorra which means ‘Love From Heavenly You’. We will do the Mars side now or the yin and yang. The opposite of Kareenuk is called Mapootuk which means ‘Fight For Survival’. Secondly for Danooch, it is bigger than it warring partner planet called Lamadonn which means ‘War to Protect and Survive’. For Korsenna, the opposite is Leemapool which means ‘Fight For Your Life’ and for Vikula the opposite is Jorgodda which means ‘With Love You Must Protect With War’ for in order to protect what you have you must fight to protect it.

Your astrology on your planet contains things like the messenger, war, love goddess, prosperity, life and death, etc, etc . On other astrology systems some don’t even have a planet of war or a planet of love. They go at it from a different angle, and remember there are different types of symbols in the sky compared to your bull or goat because they have different beings. But on some worlds they do have things that look like goats.

Their galactic astrology is based on the planets, but a lot of planets have many moons instead of one so that is worked in. So you can imagine the pull on one’s body of emotion when you have many moons of any size. For in reality, most beings out there that are like you contain a certain percentage of water. Water has a gravitational effect, and there are gravitational and magnetic influences related to moons and other planets.

Throughout history on all planets, there has always been a quest of what the future is going to be in one’s evolutionary development. It is a natural part of life, especially for intellectual beings that can create and improve their environment by technology and other things. Other extraterrestrial species in the Milky Way Galaxy have the same emotional reactions as humans on Earth when learning about their future. But astrology is a tool no different than the many spiritual books used for prophecy. For it is all theory. For you humans on your planet, with a common consciousness, can help change and manifest changes and how your future is going to be.

Days and months on other planets throughout the galaxy vary depending upon their rotational time. Just because Earth has a 30 days average for each month with twelve months for a year doesn’t mean that the planet Kamorda, a Nefecinarian planet, has the same. It has a 43 hour day and to go around its sun it takes approximately 435 days.

All life in the galaxy wonders what’s out there in the stars and they all have their own heroes in the stars. They might have 13 or 15 months to a year, but 12 is a good number, a big number even in the galaxy. All cultures celebrate and have certain days of the year to honor, remember or respect famous people, religious icons or historical events. Its a natural part of getting together, communicating, having fun and loving one another.

Earth Action: You as humans of Earth must give up your ancient hatreds and pains from eons ago and come together for the common good of mankind. For all around your world scientists are working to truly find out whats causing all the warming and there is much proof out there that you added to it. Go into meditation, or prayer, with yourself or your spiritual group, no matter what your beliefs, and ask for peace of all cultures in understanding. For it will take the collective consciousness and visions of all on your planet to be able to work quickly to turn the global warming around, for it is here to stay and it will get worse until you turn it around. But love and acceptance is much stronger than hate and revenge. For we in the Galactic Federation know that you can do much to help aid on the Earth plane.. Enjoy your holidays and New Year for you are just a small part in the galaxy of beings that celebrate new beginnings. Let that new beginning include the world you live on. Goodbye until next time Earth friends.

With love for you all… Saragon, 11th dimensional being of The Upper Soul Council for Gregory and Shelina

The Galactic Federation Tartrinian Library

By Saragon of The Upper Soul Council from Gregory and Shelina auroraborealis.jpeg
Hello again everyone. I am Saragon 11th dimensional being that channels through Gregory. For many of you that have heard Gregory speak, we speak of the Galactic Federation of Light Tartrinian Library. It was created five billions years ago in the Milky Way Galaxy by a group of highly evolved beings that had been around for billions of years. There was bitterness between them for 50,000 years. They were fighting and just about wiped each other out. And yes, these beings had space travel. Warring went on between them for generations upon generations. It was just a common hate for each other. in reality there was no record of why they even started the war.

At the last moment, with only the last couple of planets left in each one’s home or lineage, the Galactic Federation, a peace keeping organization for species that are capable or knowledgeable of space travel, stepped in and asked for a truce. They agreed. After so many billions of years of life not evolving anymore, life gets boring for them. So the Galactic Federation says, ‘Many species have come and gone and we need a universal record of different life in the galaxy telling the who, what and where these species came from’. Through this, records started to be kept about every species that they could find and contact from all over the galaxy. This information is called the Tartrinian Library or Tartrinian Hall of Records. There had never been a total collection from all species of life in the galaxy for science, medical, sociology, anthropology and historical knowledge with the names of many famous beings that have helped each culture to evolve, including the humans. For humans are truly a gift for the galaxy. The thing is it helps keep track of many important leaders of any type, social, spiritual, political, military, or scientific in their own species sections in the library and in the galaxy as there is much diversity of intelligent life out there. Also it explains about their loves, games, activities, and food. That’s not for every planet but for every species. It is a generalization.

The purpose was to keep a lineage of who created who and who created what for accountability and connection. For there are species that can live in all types of environments out there. In case something happens there is a record as species die out and begin continually, planets die out or blow up, and life has to move on after so many billions of years. But they are so advanced that it is nothing for them to move on to another planet to inhabit. For there are hundreds of millions of planets out there that are inhabitable on higher levels and dimensions. The higher dimensional beings try to help the lower dimensional beings most of the time to evolve without interfering too much but there are rogue species that do not work with the Galactic Federation. There are many species out there, like some on Earth, that do not know they have guides and angels and do not evolve. Every intelligent life has it. Beings that are 9th, 10th dimension and above, usually 10th and up, have access to the Tartrinian Library. The agreement when you reach that high, at or above 10th dimension, is that you are not warring. Most are angelic, still in physical form. It is like you on Earth learning to love and accept yourself and others no matter what culture, color, gender, education, wealth, etc…

The Tartrinian Library is kept underground in massive vaults on planets that are basically dead. Nobody bothers it. It has miles upon miles upon miles of records that, believe it or not, are put on square cards like your flash drives. One of those cards is the shape of an 8 inch by 8 inch, like a piece of bread that goes into a toaster, which is capable of reading as much information as all your books in your big Library of Congress. Now for certain beings, in every section, there is a place for important lives that have helped mankind or other species to evolve, to learn love and compassion. It connects in through a thing called soul records with many, many, many soul records. Now what people don’t realize is you have to be very highly evolved and work with your guides to access the Tartrinian Library. Teko is my helper who researches the library for me. I then communicate that information to Gregory, then to Shelina, then to you.

We will talk more abut the library later because it goes deeper, but the Akashic Records which many of you on Earth know, can only be accessed up to 10,000 years since you are third dimensional beings. So when your new year comes up, one year will drop off. Only with higher dimensional angels and guides working with you, can you access these Akashic Hall of Records going back 150,000 years. Very few people can do that. It only works through guides and angels in your upper soul. Then, knowledge from the Tartrinian Library is available with 10th dimensional or higher guides that can also access part of the Akashic Library Records. It is like your local library but if you have a special card and capability through your librarian you can access things your local library doesn’t have by the national library and your higher education with university libraries and they will bring you the records or photograph the records for you to use for a fee.

So I will go in deeper on this another time my fellow Earthlings. Love and peace and understanding for all human beings… Saragon 11th dimensional guide from The Upper Soul Council of Gregory and Shelina

Cloning and the Soul by Saragon 11th Dimension

Hello Friends. This is me, Saragon, again channeling through Gregory who willingly places his brain aside so that you and others can learn. Today we are talking about cloning and the soul. The very first ancient species in this galaxy have always known about the soul and many have learned to work with the soul. For some say the soul is truly the God source or the Great Creator. Or as found in the Galactic Federation Tartrinian Library, the Manahazi, one of the very first three creator races in the Milky Way Galaxy, would call the God source and the Upper Soul, the ‘uppatuk’ meaning ‘Connection to the Source’.

Anyway, Gregory and Shelina were watching the first sheep ever cloned, called Lucy, on one of the science channels and they talked about cloning humans. To clone would be to make a duplicate copy of oneself like running a document through a copy machine or making a certain model of car exactly the same many times. From what I understand, in reality scientists on your planet have been trying to do plant genetic cloning to make them last longer for awhile. So this is truly not a new thing. Your scientists are already cloning other things such as cows and pigs for certain traits but they are still in an early stage of doing it.

Now when it comes to humans there is a moral issue. Do people really want to see duplicates of say Angelina Jolene, Brad Pitt, Hitler, George Bush or the Dali Lama? Isn’t one truly enough at a time? For each one brings its own complications to life on the planet or amazing gifts. The main problem though is only one aspect of the soul can be on a planet at the same time, on any planet. So all Earth humans have one aspect of their individual soul living in them. For that is part of the spiritual makeup of the body whether you are good or bad, religious or athiest, knowledgeable or simple .

So say somebody you knew had the capabilities of truly cloning themselves, the original would have a soul while the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and so on would be soulless. It would not have a connection to the Creator Source as all intelligent life in the galaxy has. Even when the person passes on and he has a duplicate that is much younger, say he created a duplicate when he is in his 50s and then he dies, the duplicate will not receive the soul for experiences in life. And so, do you truly want to have soulless nonspiritual emotional feeling beings? They would have some emotions and feelings but the soul cannot be cloned only the body. The other thing you must consider is that there are spirits and ghosts in the world and energies from other dimensions that can slide into the duplicate. So the original that had the soul could be a very kind man and his duplicate could be unkind at 180 degrees opposite. For without a soul there is nothing that would stop these other entities that are not on the positive side of life from coming in and taking over the body.

Remember you are third dimensional beings and this information comes from much higher dimensions. I will talk more on this at another conversation. It goes much deeper as cloning has been happening in the galaxy for billions of years but there is a special way to do it. It is done to make a new species or offshoot species but not a duplicate of the original. We truly believe that this was done as a safeguard, that you don’t go to planet Mumbo Jumbo where everybody would look the same with your next door neighbor lady as foxy as your wife and the same with the men. For variety and different abilities is what makes the species grow. If this is too long I am sorry. Thank you my new friends.

From Saragon 11th Dimensional Guide from The Upper Soul Council and Master Teacher of Soul Science and Spirituality as spoken through Gregory (with Shelina)

Galactic ‘Earth Evolution’ Visitors

earth1.gifGalactic visitors have truly been visiting Earth for millions and millions of years off and on and they have been viewing the planet for hundreds of millions of years. For one thing it is a beautiful planet as you can see from your pictures in space compared to many other planets. Extraterrestrials or et’s have been visiting Earth to check on the evolution of the planet including animals, fish, humans and all life on Earth. Some came in the past for things such as gold, gems, metals, diamonds and even dinosaur hunting.

Many of these species are ancient species while humans are a young race only millions of years old. Travel is done with flying saucers, sometimes through worm holes, called stargates. Some are from the 5th dimension. Some want to let Earthlings know that they are out there trying to help protect you.

When you look at the human dna as the scientists on your planet have, you will see that human dna, elephant, worm, tiger, monkey or other life is all very close in nature. It is the same up to approximately 96%. The rest of the dna is what makes that kind of a body, creature or human. So it is only 3% of your total genal codes that make you the individual of who and what you are including all ets unless (unless they are intelligent plant life).

It is egotistical for any religion or any person on this planet with their intelligence and evolutionary growth from information through tv, internet and newspapers along with help from their spiritual angels and guides to believe your leaders, or religious leaders, that there is no other inteligent life out there. For billions of years the Milky Way Galaxy, known as the heavens to some, has been there for many types of life not just Earth humans. For there are thousands of other planets with human dna lifeforms.

In reality the U.S. government I believe got themselves into so many lies for national security that they don’t know how to release the truth. The trouble is the scientific coummunity in your world has a hard time conceiving something new or unordinary and they throw it aside as a fluke. That is understandable for third dimensional beings. There is much growth and learning to do.

Gregory and Shelina have met many people who have been abducted, had encounters with other lifeforms or been implanted with metallic devices. Even Gregory was allowed to direct 3 Pelaidian starships one night to prove his capabilities for communications. One thing you will learn is that there is as much variety out here in the galaxy as on Earth.

With Love… Saragon 11th dimesion guide of The Upper Soul Council