Life In The Galaxy

by Shelina Thomas of Gregory and Shelina

Sombrero Spiral Galaxy

Sombrero Spiral Galaxy

Everywhere life has much diversity.  On planet Earth nature shows that there are new species being discovered every day and other species which are being lost.  This is change and we are living in a time of fast change which is evident by the latest technology that has made communications across the globe happen almost instantly giving us news updates in real time..  For some this is unsettling and for others it is a way of life and exciting.

We are told by Saragon our 11th dimensional guide and Nonamori our 13th dimensional guide  from The Upper Soul Council that The Milky Way Galaxy also has much diversity.  There are planets with simple life and others which are more highly evolved, and then there are some which used to be very advanced and reversed back to a basic way of life due to problems of environmental damage, too much war or a loss of population from sickness and bacteria.

We have learned much from these spiritual guides about how the soul lives on from one lifetime to another throughout the galaxy while going through different experiences to share with God, the Great Creator.  So contrast is given for choices in the hopes that one will recognize their connections to the divine along with the many empowering abilities given such as visualization and other extrasensory abilities like clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience where one can use their perceptions of intuitive knowing along with the senses of seeing angelic presences and hearing divine voices.  Only when one reaches the highest dimensions can one listen to God directly but until then we are given many angels and guides which speak to us and take on many different form to make us feel comfortable.    They do what they can to help. Not all of our prayers are answered in the way we would like but many things are offered or suggested to us if we look openly.

So  embrace the diversity of life around you through love, peace and acceptance that you and all life throughout the galaxy with a soul are part of the God Source, which is larger than any of us could ever imagine. Even the ancient species from the beginning times billions of years ago are not able to answer all of the questions about the beginning of the beginning.  Only from the Tartrinian Library and soul lineages are Saragon, Nonamori, angels of love and light, and many other galactic helpers able to share with us about life throughout the galaxy where there are many other planets with human life.  We are grateful to be alive during these exciting times of enlightenment and wisdom.  In Kanarian 1st human language it is called ‘Cukula Anara’ or ‘Time to Rejoice’.


Endless Love in the Galaxy

by Shelina S Thomas (of Gregory and Shelina)

Love is the one of the most used words on the planet Earth and yet hardly anybody experiences it the same way.  Some say it when they eat their favorite food, or listen to a song that moves them or see a sexy girl that walks by but every time the word love is used it resonates and vibrates the body in a different way.  Just as a song is played over and over again affecting one differently each time it is played, love does the same thing to us.

When couples first meet there is an infatuation and a curiosity which gently builds like kindling being put on the fire.  This interest, which for some transforms into love, keeps growing and growing until there is ultimate intimacy and physical passion making that fire roar with intensity and light. Could it be that someone put fuel on the fire?  Hormones race affecting bodies, minds and emotions while making clouds of confusion and illusion with new opportunities just waiting for to spring forth.  Many times guides and angels will bring a person to a certain place for their evolution, joy and blessings.  However that does not mean that suggestions are always acted upon.  For all humans have free will.

So in order to give a soul a good start in life, the soul is connected to the Great Creator or Creatoress all the time and given an Upper Soul Council with 12 angels and guides from many dimensions that are actually other parts of you as you are only one part of 1,720 soul parts to make a complete soul.  Some have called this The Council of 12.  For many of you this is the first time that you have heard this, but just imagine how much endless love you are given through these connections and guidance.  Along with that one brings ancestral and soul histories, sometimes with contracts to attract, create and manifest the life they desire depending upon their interests, likes and dreams.

One of the worst things that institutions and people around us can do is to tell people that they are not lovable.  How could anything be further from the truth?  Just look at all of this love from God, your angels, and guides that are with you all the time even though things may not be perfect in your life, for strife allows one to evolve but the soul aspect is always perfect.  This is the same for all of God’s children in The Milky Way Galaxy and yes some stray away from these wisdom teachings in order to experience life but it doesn’t mean that they are bad and unlovable forever for love does heal.  It heals the wounds of guilt, shame, sorrow, regret, lack of motivation, hurt and lack of self love.  For love is endless, infinite, eternal, pure and crossing all boundaries and all borders, without end.

So Gotta La Mortee! Bless You in Kanarian 1st Creation Human Language 553 million years old.

Love and Light Spiritual Wife by Shelina

dscn4041.jpg It is hard for many people to understand our lives as spiritual leaders and lifemates, known as shalanee in Kanarian, on a daily basis. Yes, many hear about Abraham and Sarah, Jesus and Mary, or Muhammad and Khadija but they are only some of the couples that devoted their lives to teaching and helping others in the name of God. It seems challenges were always presented to them, either in their personal lives or the lives of those around them. That is how growth and evolution happens.

We have been told that even if everyone agreed to make peace on Earth, there would still be feuds among different groups. On other planets it is the leaders who battle each other to the death, thereby saving the people and the future generations of the species. Or else they pay someone to fight for them giving their family wealth in return. Another way that they settle differences is by playing games. Throughout the galaxy life is very similiar to Earth. We will be putting together a book of different games that have been shared with us. They are quite amazing. If you liked Harry Potters broom ride game or the Star Wars race through the canyons you will most likely enjoy this book.

One thing I have learned is that couples throughout The Milky Way Galaxy do not always agree or understand each other. Even Gregory and I, Shelina, have our own opinions for we are each our own person. Although most of the time, we are ‘heaven’ to each other. Usually communications cause much of the turmoil. Poduka’s wife, one of our guides from The Upper Soul Council, told me that we would be bored with each other if we were exactly the same. That is why the Great Creator made us differently, but the same as we are all, including males and females, 97% the same dna. It is the remaining 3% of dna and genetics that makes us unique and wonderful and interesting.

Somedays it is just better to say ‘I don’t understand but I know that I don’t have to, I just know that I am loved through my upper soul and the Great Creator, and I love my lifemate. I am ok and tomorrow is a new day.’ Then it is time to love yourself, for that is the first law. Love yourself completely, then it is easier to love others. If you are physically hurt, start defending yourself or changing the circumstances. Jesus has told us, as spoken through Gregory, that you might get one cheek slapped but to turn the other cheek means to protect it and give them a second chance just don’t let them hit the other cheek. And remember to stand up to your greatness. For you are a part of the infinite intelligence, just as everything is. That does not mean that you are better than them or they are better than you, just different. No one should be taken advantage of.

I used to think that just blessing others would change others. It helps but I now know that it takes more than that. It takes leaders, and even neighbors, who will become role models, by speaking up when others are wronged and giving positive choices to those that are angry or bored with their lives, especially the children. That is what the residents of New Orleans did when the gangs tried to take over. So let us start by saying to others and our neighbors ‘Hi, how are you? Have a good day!’ or as Gregory says ‘Have a GREAT DAY!’

With love and blessings… Shelina, Gregory and The Upper Soul Council

Leanami Galactic Girls Happy Holidays

Leanami Happy Holiday Message 12/7/07   As Leanami came in to speak through Gregory she rubbed Shelina’s nose to say ‘Hi’. They are galactic girlfriends. It seems girls everywhere love to talk about the latest gossip or developments.
dscn5800.jpgHi everyone out there! I know you question whether I am real, but I am real. At another time Gregory or Shelina will tell about the first time I saw snow through Gregory’s eyes for we have no snow on our planet. I look through Gregory’s eyes and see these beautiful lights hanging from trees and on TV. I know that Gregory channels Jesus so I’ve been listening as he channels and teaches, as Jesus was an amazing prophet whether you believe in him or not. So I thought I would tell you about one of our holidays, only we call our holidays our ‘Mogeez’. Mogeez is a celebration of life. We have five holidays on our planet that are a celebration of life and one is coming up here in the next, oh I have to calculate it out, the next six weeks or less.

That is when the sun is also the furthest for we live on a tilted planet like you do. Our weather is not as severe. But we live in a community that has many small communities it would be like one of your small towns so everybody knows everybody. And even though my husband Zunami travels around as a famous scientist diplomat, he comes home to celebrate. We do not give gifts but we all put in together something that we made special. Our life is much simpler than yours. And on this day we bring a beverage that is not like your wine that I had through Gregory’s emotions and feelings (she experienced and tasted wine through Gregory since she is in the same soul group) but maybe more like a type of And we all dance around and put our little gifts on a pole and it is to thank the life that we have, and still have, and thank our Creator, which we call Dakeera, our God. We believe in one God on this planet.

About two million years ago, during ancient time, Dakeera sent our savior Makoona that is like your Jesus, Gandi, Muhammad, Abraham, Martin Luther King or other great leaders that wanted to bring people together. For our world was dying. We were very materialistic, very self centered on wealth, and warring. So Makoona is considered a God, although he is truly one of us. For we all know that we are all equal in the God source as most are in the galaxy whether they know it or not. The figure of Makoona, that saved our world, is at the bottom of the pole. He was from a much higher dimension and came down as we were destroying our planet.

So at the bottom of the pole that we hang all these ribbons and fabrics, and gifts surrounding it, we dance and we praise Makoona for bringing together for what we call a continued life. We don’t have as many lights, bells and whistles as you have but we do celebrate with lights. We all come in and raise what you would call flashlights powered with organic batteries called ‘ceemoz’. They make different colors with different switches, one for each of the twelve different chakras that we have on the 7th dimension. Chakras are energy centers on the body given from God to all life for physical evolution and spiritual connections. Then we make designs in the night sky, all in unison standing together. These designs are very simple, like the soul codes that Saragon from The Upper Soul Council has given Gregory and Shelina. All 150 to 200 of us wave together doing these designer codes up to the stars in a certain order as each code stands for something different. There are twelve of them that we do as twelve is a very important number in the galaxy.

After we say one word we look down at the ground and say ‘Matushka’ (which means land or dirt we live on). I try to decipher for you. And then we say it twice, stomp our feet twice and then we raise up the lights again. It says ‘For you Dakeera, Life Is For Us All. Thank You For The Heavens And Sakooma’. Sakooma is like your word for ‘Earth’. It is the name for the planet we live on. After we are done with that, we all move slowly around the pole using three or four poles for the 150 to 200 people in the community.

Then we all have this drink similar to your beer and we have food to eat and we dance to our drums. The gifts are kept there until the wind blows them away. Some have writing on them and some do not. They are many different shapes. Then the community plays games and it is done for another year. That is our big celebration and I know it is not as fancy as your commercial Christmas but I wish you ‘Bodakoo’ (Happy or Merry) Christmas (your word) to all of you. And ‘Bodakoo’ (Happy) ‘Goodoomess’ (Beginnings) or Happy New Year.

Our world is asking us about you, and about Shelina, my girlfriend from planet Earth. For we live a simple life, we have evolved that much. We learned that we had to live simple. Bye to all. I will tell you more later and I am glad you like what I talk about. I will be writing back. I am giving Shelina a nose kiss. She knows it is me. She has been trained with the energies…. Love to you all..

Leanami 7th Dimension Guide from The Upper Soul Council (and Zunami my lifemate)

Cloning and the Soul by Saragon 11th Dimension

Hello Friends. This is me, Saragon, again channeling through Gregory who willingly places his brain aside so that you and others can learn. Today we are talking about cloning and the soul. The very first ancient species in this galaxy have always known about the soul and many have learned to work with the soul. For some say the soul is truly the God source or the Great Creator. Or as found in the Galactic Federation Tartrinian Library, the Manahazi, one of the very first three creator races in the Milky Way Galaxy, would call the God source and the Upper Soul, the ‘uppatuk’ meaning ‘Connection to the Source’.

Anyway, Gregory and Shelina were watching the first sheep ever cloned, called Lucy, on one of the science channels and they talked about cloning humans. To clone would be to make a duplicate copy of oneself like running a document through a copy machine or making a certain model of car exactly the same many times. From what I understand, in reality scientists on your planet have been trying to do plant genetic cloning to make them last longer for awhile. So this is truly not a new thing. Your scientists are already cloning other things such as cows and pigs for certain traits but they are still in an early stage of doing it.

Now when it comes to humans there is a moral issue. Do people really want to see duplicates of say Angelina Jolene, Brad Pitt, Hitler, George Bush or the Dali Lama? Isn’t one truly enough at a time? For each one brings its own complications to life on the planet or amazing gifts. The main problem though is only one aspect of the soul can be on a planet at the same time, on any planet. So all Earth humans have one aspect of their individual soul living in them. For that is part of the spiritual makeup of the body whether you are good or bad, religious or athiest, knowledgeable or simple .

So say somebody you knew had the capabilities of truly cloning themselves, the original would have a soul while the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and so on would be soulless. It would not have a connection to the Creator Source as all intelligent life in the galaxy has. Even when the person passes on and he has a duplicate that is much younger, say he created a duplicate when he is in his 50s and then he dies, the duplicate will not receive the soul for experiences in life. And so, do you truly want to have soulless nonspiritual emotional feeling beings? They would have some emotions and feelings but the soul cannot be cloned only the body. The other thing you must consider is that there are spirits and ghosts in the world and energies from other dimensions that can slide into the duplicate. So the original that had the soul could be a very kind man and his duplicate could be unkind at 180 degrees opposite. For without a soul there is nothing that would stop these other entities that are not on the positive side of life from coming in and taking over the body.

Remember you are third dimensional beings and this information comes from much higher dimensions. I will talk more on this at another conversation. It goes much deeper as cloning has been happening in the galaxy for billions of years but there is a special way to do it. It is done to make a new species or offshoot species but not a duplicate of the original. We truly believe that this was done as a safeguard, that you don’t go to planet Mumbo Jumbo where everybody would look the same with your next door neighbor lady as foxy as your wife and the same with the men. For variety and different abilities is what makes the species grow. If this is too long I am sorry. Thank you my new friends.

From Saragon 11th Dimensional Guide from The Upper Soul Council and Master Teacher of Soul Science and Spirituality as spoken through Gregory (with Shelina)

Threnonymous- The Upper Soul Council

Hi you two! (Shelina was surprised as Gregory’s face changed- it was Threnonymous.) Do you remember that I came through first to talk with you two before anybody else? I am looking in Gregory’s brain to describe to your fellow readers how my face and head looks. You know that I am technical. I am tall and skinny, approximately 7.5 feet tall with arms like yours. We have a large thumb and three long fingers that are longer than yours. The same with the toes. Our species is 7.5 to 9 feet tall, walks upright and wear robes. My face is long and skinny like an elk or a horse with the nose coming out, probably 3/4 of their size. I have blue green eyes, black skin and nostrils that are similiar. Though I have a face of an elk I do not have hoofs or an antler. The top of my head is pointed like a Buddha. We have ears that come up at the side. At the top of the peak towards the top of the pyramid we have two little soft bumps. Those are what we communicate with for vibrational frequencies for we have the ability to see in the night. We do speak and some of us are very telepathic. through this crown we have been given the ability to communicate on a movie screen on the wall where we watch movies and put images of ourselves. We run a much higher frequency than you do for these images, so we can project pictures ourselves, although the frequency is sent in so we keep up with the news and weather. My face is capable of growing a gotee of your goathair but it is really just flesh. To help protect the top we have hairstyles like your young.

We are the darcooshes. There are many names for us. We have been around and haven’t evolved much for 2.3 billion years. We have children like you do with a ten month pregnancy. The baby weighs 15 pounds at birth. We also have much technologies. For you two, as Gregory always speaks of love, our name for love is ‘shalukasun keesha’ which means ‘You are my only heart’. (I look through Gregory and Shelina’s eyes though I do not always talk) I had to ask Gregory to come down to my frequency because he and Shelina have evolved.

We use gold and silver and what you would call gems or stones. We have white things like your diamonds. It is called ampla. It is very valuable and very hard. The females do wear them for decoration. We do not have anything like pearls but other multicolored stones that are valuable. Believe it or not in the galaxy there are many more elements that your world not discovered yet.Our society is different but it is not. We get together and we have parties and groups. Remember we have given up war. I know I am saying a lot.

I would be what you would call a merchant. I am an owner of a large company where people come and go and it has been handed down for many many years and our technology is much more advanced than yours. In reality I have several other stores. We have things like your malls. I am approximately 43 years old your time. We have a new little boy he is about a year old by our time. Our planet turns around about every 43 hours for our day. (I have to look into Gregory’s brain for the calculations.) He is from my third wife the youngest one and his name is Koomaraa. Gregory and Shelina will write an e-book about my family of three wives and how our civilization was almost destroyed.

We live on a planet with two moons that is very rocky with sharp peaks. A lot of us live among the sharp peaks around the planet for the planet tends to be in motion continually with quakes called tamaraz or tremors that we tumarz. We do have cities and towns in the valley.The planet from seeing through Gregory’s eyes is four times the size of your Earth. It is called Jarkooma. Jarkooma is beautiful. We have areas of forest and pastures. Some of it is not unlike what you have, but for our part of the culture where I live in the high mountains it is about 8,000 or 9,000 feet. On my world where we live we have roads. The closest town to us other than our little community would be approximately 160 or 180 miles away. I keep trying to calculate it down for your fellow readers. We have vehicles with wheels that do not go flat. They are designed to not put much weight on the road and they don’t let out any pollution.

Many of us out here are worried about your planet with the warming up and your leaders. We went through that billions of years ago. There are many planets that have not had the warming. we have never gone after the fossil fuels like you. We do have them. They are used to make plastic type materials called darmeenas. Our petroleum name is called akavik which means ancient fossils. During those pollution times we had space travel. We do not live on that planet now. I will tell you more later. I just wanted to describe myself. Believe it or not the galaxy is vast with millions of species and offshoots and cloning of species. Baleeta (until next time). We never say ‘goodbye’ as ‘never see you again’. Spoken through Gregory Thomas from Threnonymous- 6th Dimension Guide

Galactic ‘Earth Evolution’ Visitors

earth1.gifGalactic visitors have truly been visiting Earth for millions and millions of years off and on and they have been viewing the planet for hundreds of millions of years. For one thing it is a beautiful planet as you can see from your pictures in space compared to many other planets. Extraterrestrials or et’s have been visiting Earth to check on the evolution of the planet including animals, fish, humans and all life on Earth. Some came in the past for things such as gold, gems, metals, diamonds and even dinosaur hunting.

Many of these species are ancient species while humans are a young race only millions of years old. Travel is done with flying saucers, sometimes through worm holes, called stargates. Some are from the 5th dimension. Some want to let Earthlings know that they are out there trying to help protect you.

When you look at the human dna as the scientists on your planet have, you will see that human dna, elephant, worm, tiger, monkey or other life is all very close in nature. It is the same up to approximately 96%. The rest of the dna is what makes that kind of a body, creature or human. So it is only 3% of your total genal codes that make you the individual of who and what you are including all ets unless (unless they are intelligent plant life).

It is egotistical for any religion or any person on this planet with their intelligence and evolutionary growth from information through tv, internet and newspapers along with help from their spiritual angels and guides to believe your leaders, or religious leaders, that there is no other inteligent life out there. For billions of years the Milky Way Galaxy, known as the heavens to some, has been there for many types of life not just Earth humans. For there are thousands of other planets with human dna lifeforms.

In reality the U.S. government I believe got themselves into so many lies for national security that they don’t know how to release the truth. The trouble is the scientific coummunity in your world has a hard time conceiving something new or unordinary and they throw it aside as a fluke. That is understandable for third dimensional beings. There is much growth and learning to do.

Gregory and Shelina have met many people who have been abducted, had encounters with other lifeforms or been implanted with metallic devices. Even Gregory was allowed to direct 3 Pelaidian starships one night to prove his capabilities for communications. One thing you will learn is that there is as much variety out here in the galaxy as on Earth.

With Love… Saragon 11th dimesion guide of The Upper Soul Council