UFOs and UFO Sightings

earth1.gifby Shelina (of Gregory and Shelina) UFO is the Earthly acronym for Unidentified Flying Objects which we assume contains life from throughout the Milky Way Galaxy. This means that there has to be other life in the galaxy and secondly that they are intelligent, curious and travel in a variety of vessels. That sounds like Earth humans, doesn’t it? Consider the possibility that ‘they’, the galactic species from throughout the Milky Way Galaxy, are similiar to you and I with a sense of adventure, desire for improvement, and a natural urge to co-create just as the Great Creator made them. For diversity is the law of nature.

Other than ET, most movies are made showing ‘aliens’ which are trying to take over Earth, except for Star Wars and Star Trek. They could if they wanted to but that is not their purpose. Instead they are curious about us for they are different aspects of ourselves through our soul connections, our galactic family. It is time to stop calling them aliens. Yes, it is true. Many are actually other parts of our total soul which reside on many other dimensions. For we are only third dimensional on Earth yet evolving each day. We, Gregory and Shelina, are living in eight places around the galaxy at the same time, one of the highest amounts of simultaneous lifetimes. Some are newlyweds and others are grandparents. That is one reason we are Karmonic Twinflame Souls.

Through these 1,720 parts of our complete soul we, and the Great Creator or Infinite Intelligence, have many experiences. Some are peaceful and good while other lives are challenging and disturbing. But no matter how it goes, there is always the connection to God through the soul. And no matter how one appears physically, even as a galactic species or a spiritual white light, each soul aspect recognizes the other 1,719 parts of the total soul through similiar birthmarks, vibrations and frequencies all the way up to the 15th dimension next to God. Yet amazingly, only one aspect of your total soul with 1,720 parts can be on any planet, including Earth, at the same time. That is why cloning a perfect copy of yourself with a soul is impossible. See our other cloning articles.

Many years ago, Gregory was allowed to direct Pelaidian UFO ships in order to prove their existence and desire to communicate. Many people observed it and the ship captain, a beautiful Pelaidian female with long red hair, has spoken with us several times. She lives on their space ship along with her husband and children and became a pilot just as her father was. We will share her story through the Galactic Girls Club later. Peladians are known to many channelers or telepathic communicators as they are one of our closest neighbors.

In the past, rogue species, clones, without souls came to Earth looking for human genetics to gain creativity and love. After millions of years some galactic species have lost these attributes so they try to replace them just as some Earth families look for royalty to marry. Humans are known as one of the most blessed complete species in the Milky Way Galaxy since they were given many abilities through their galactic creators, angelic DNA, and soul connections. And yes, there are other humans throughout the galaxy but they are on the other side of the Milky Way Galaxy. Earth has been seeded with humans four times.

In the past the Galactic Federation stated that humans were to be left alone for their own evolution but some galactic species did not follow this rule. They wanted our genetics but most of that has stopped now. There are some species which protect us but they must not interfere unless asked. That is why cutting cords which means to take your energies back from others and giving their energies back to them, forgiving, grounding, meditating and praying is so important. Many of our galactic angelic relations are waiting for us to recognize them through their UFO sightings, telepathic communications, and apparitions such as The Jesus Opal which we have. See The Jesus Opal wordpress site to learn more about it.

They are hoping that we will change. Over population and pollution must stop and new resources must be used to stop the toxicity for there is only one Earth. Water, good air, reliable food, renewable energy and good mental, spiritual and physical health are requirements for quality human life. On Earth, humans are the only species which kill each other in useless wars and sport.

So why would our galactic family, which some call star family, want to visit us? There was an article in Popular Mechanics which stated that if an ‘alien’ parked in front of the White House they would capture it and dissect it because they aren’t human. So since they believe that aliens are more like animals it would be alright to dissect. However they, like us, have a soul. It seems that we are afraid of what we do not know. That is what happened with many of our prophets and leaders too such as Jesus, Ghandi and Joan of Arc. Perhaps as many of our cultures mix and communications continue through the internet we will stop looking at outward appearances and search for answers within our heart and soul, by asking for help through our Upper Soul Councils, prophets and God. We must learn from the children who are talking with their toys, trees or animals. It is there that their angels and guides teach about the spiritual lessons of peace, love and soul aspects. The same thing happens to other children in the Milky Way Galaxy. That is why we are told to ‘Be like a child’.

UFOs have been visiting Earth for thousands of years. Proof of this is found throughout the stories in sacred texts, religious paintings, hieroglyphs, and ancient rock drawings. However much more, such as the regular UFO sightings, is just waiting for us to notice and through the abilities given to us from our galactic ancestors and angelic DNA.

Affirmation: Through my inner intelligence and heart, I accept that there is more to me than I realize. That I am a spiritual being having a human experience and that my soul, my connection to the God source, empowers me through my other spiritual, angelic and galactic soul aspects. Some of these aspects are part of my Upper Soul Council which I now call forward to guide, protect, prosper, heal and teach me for my highest good and the highest good of those around me. Thank you Great Creator for my life and blessings.


Soul Mates and Endless Love

dscn1544.jpgSaragon 11th dimensional guide of The Upper Soul Council for Gregory and Shelina speaks:  Soul mates is a very interesting subject. You hear the word on television, newspapers, personal ads, movies and music, everywhere. It is really an odd subject. Everybody asks, “Who is my soul mate?” and wants to find their primary soul mate but in reality many do not believe in reincarnation. In order to find your soul mate it means you must have been together in the past in your soul’s growth and history throughout the ages.

But for many it is very hard because of religious concepts. In truth there are many levels of soul mates. The definition of a soul mate is a male or female that has been together with your soul aspect, not your personality, on another dimension during a different time and space, on other lifetimes. The soul is an aspect of God/Goddess/Source that all believe in no matter what religion, with many names and many faces, but in truth the divine energy of all. This soul lives in each intelligent being on Earth. It is an aspect that enters the body at about 28 hours after birth and stays with the body through its life until approximately 28 to 32 hours after death. It is what people would consider part of your consciousness, your tie into your guides and angels that work with you, or others might say positive dieties that want to help you grow and evolve. These spiritual helpers, or other aspects of your soul, only want the best for you. So on a higher level people have learned to unknowingly ask for ‘my soul mate’ as everyone is usually looking for love and friendship.

In truth, souls tend to travel together when they come back into a body, whether male or female, to learn, to grow and to help each other out. There are not very many young souls on Earth, but other old souls, millions and billions of years old, travel together in groups throughout the galaxy for experience. That means that your husband, or ex-boyfriend could have been one of your soul mates, or your mother, brother or sister. As soul mates coming together, in touch with one another, does not mean that you will always get along with each other. Some challenge each other for evolutionary growth.

Your souls usually recognize each other through the eyes even if you don’t consciously realize it. There are 8,000 to 11,000 souls to a soul family. It gets much deeper than that, and I, Saragon, will explain more later. Sometimes souls come back to work together for love of self and others, and working their way back home toward ‘heaven’, where the Supreme God source resides. Memories come through, and you might run into a soul mate where you had total bliss as husband and wife and friends before, only this time, now, there is total disgust for each other as something happened at the end of the other lifetime. So it is really ironic that people look for their soul mates as most people want to find at least a major mirror of themselves and their likes, dreams, hopes, goals, sexuality, hobbies, etcetera, etcetera.

Gregory and Shelina are called Karmonic Twin Flame Souls. They have been together and are two of the most ancient souls on earth and in the galaxy itself. They were among some of the very first beings to evolve in the galaxy with souls that are billions upon billions of years old. As an example, they have been together billions of times as brother and sister, mother and son or daughter, father and daughter or son, grandmother, and grandfather. Gregory and Shelina were also called Zanooka and Panini as Kanarians, the first creation humans or galactic humans from the first human origin planet called Uanara 553 million years ago where they worked for a new experience for the soul along with 48 other couples. They have also been enemies, great lovers, and bad lovers, and have been together so many times that they have earned the highest soul connection of any at this time on Earth where they came together to teach, and live higher than any others on the soul realm. They had no agreement to come together, but their angels and guides helped to bring them together when the opportunity arose through their endless love, hope, understanding of each other and curiosity with a knowledge and a higher knowing of their personal relationship and compatability, and acceptance of each other.

After their Upper Soul Council helped Shelina to release past pains and learn to accept self love, the same was done with Gregory. For you must love yourself first and accept yourself for you and what you are, for your guides and angels to bring in a soul mate match of equal evolutionary growth to help each other grow and accept each other with total unselfish love and wanting of the other person to expand and grow for their desires. For you must grow too and become willing to change together for the common good of both without taking away your own dreams and desires.

For those people that put ads in the paper that want somebody super handsome, totally skinny and wealthy, well my friends, that’s not always the way it comes to you. Your true soul mate might be heavy, slow, disfigured, emotionally hurt or poor. But if you look inside, as the soul really knows, and look around you, you may find that sometimes your friends are your true soul mates. Maybe there is somebody with a lot of passion for you for all of your imperfections, but you are a perfect soul as the living son or daughter of God/Goddess. You already have many of your soul mates from the past around you. For this, don’t give up, ask your guides and angels to help you expand and grow, and love yourself as said before and get out there to meet people and you will find your soul mates, even though they are not perfect in all ways, but are just waiting to accept you for all of your imperfect ways so that you can develop together. To live is to have experiences and grow, for you stop living when you give up and just survive.

Love Saragon 11th dimensional Guide and Master Teacher of Soul Science and Spirituality P.S. You might want to check into another article about angelic symbol soul codes that work with the dna on a higher level to help people out through evolution and change.

Affirmation from Shelina: Loving Great Creator thank you for my life and my soul which connects us together. I am now ready and ask for an open door to my positive loving soul family. Please grant me the courage to accept my perfect soul with the willingness to love myself, through my soul connections, here and now, no matter what others think of me, have done to me or not done to me. Here and now, I am willing to forgive myself and others, through my soul connections, for actions that were intentional or unintentional, on all dimensions, time and space, or no dimensions, time and space. For I now know that these experiences which we have shared together throughout eternity are part of the soul evolution. With love in my heart, clarity in my mind and acceptance in my soul I ask for the help of my upper soul council, angels and guides and am now ready to co-create my life with other soul mates for positive growth, love, compassion, creativity, joy and passion.