Soul Codes/Angelic Symbols

Peace Symbol

(Click on picture to enlarge) This ‘Peace Sign’ is from Saragon, 11th dimensional guide of The Upper Soul Council. These ‘human soul codes’ from the First Creation Human genetic pool are used to clean genetic garbage and reprogram the original divine angelic human blueprint back to it’s perfect state millions of years ago. Some are for spiritual evolution, love, social gain, prosperity, communications and more. They are offered for the spiritual, physical, mental and emotional well-being of Earth humans everywhere.

Saragon: “It is now time in your human evolution due to the internet and available knowledge of the human race to know about your past and correct any past programming which takes away your true abilities and empowerment. Gregory and Shelina have been given these original codes for the human genetics with many blessings from your other soul aspects, angels, guides, spiritual masters and the Great Creator.”

These codes are also called Qwamarlis in Kanarian first human language, which means ‘little programs for living’. One small segment is called a weecot, several segments are called olthrums, and many olthrums on a column are called molthrums. The ‘Peace Sign’ Qwamarlis above is generic for everyone while others are for individual personal development. Gregory and Shelina are the only ones on Earth that are able to access these First Creation Human genetic soul codes since they were part of that history and are able to communicate up to the 15th dimension- which very few can do. ‘Soul Code Readings’ are available for those interested and can be done in person, on the net or phone.

Saragon, an 11th dimensional Master Teacher of Soul Science and Spirituality, appears as a ball of light to Gregory just as Moses saw a ball of light. He has explained to Gregory and Shelina that these codes do not change the dna but work with the genes. Gregory is not able to change someone into a toad and is not told what the codes will do since they are given to him while in a trance. This is for the person’s privacy and security. Saragon works with a person’s soul, guides and angels to determine what is needed or desired by them in their life at the present time as they work with the Great Creator in the Christ Light. More lessons will be given later on how to use them better.

But to understand these ‘human soul codes’ you must realize that humans were made to be programmable so that they could move up through the dimensions no matter what gender, race, or intelligence. During those beginning times humans were more highly evolved at another dimension while now, on Earth, they are only third dimension. Some species throughout the galaxy do not evolve, they maintain where they are at or else degenerate. Humans are very special.

by Gregory and Shelina, and Saragon with blessings and love…




3 Responses

  1. Very attracted to the symbols very similar to the sacred symbols I have downloaded this is really cool stuff

  2. i got loads of questions but i half answer them as i type them out so i’ll just say hello…
    … evolution certainly seems to be taking place, internally…

    so do you think mass contact will be made?

  3. I wanted to compliment your web-site angelology is quite an intensive study… I’ve been searching for Raphael’s sigil as he is my personal guardian and He is our Healing Angel Thank You so much for sharing your knowledge with all of us..

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