Gregory and Shelina

dscn5026.jpgGregory and Shelina are karmonic (light, sound and vibration) twinflame souls brought together by their angels and guides, called The Upper Soul Council, to wed and contribute to an Earth Love Healing Grid. Gregory and Shelina have shared millions of lifetimes as ‘soulmates’ (one of many) on many dimensions and it is a miracle that they came together since there was no contract to do so. After knowing each other only 12 weeks, they were married through one of the most sacred weddings to be performed on Earth. During that time their chakra energies were joined together permanently in a channeled Kanarian first human ceremony which lasted three days. This gave them more abilities as ‘one’ although each has their own strengths. In Kanarian language they are called ‘shalanees’ or lifemates.

Both Gregory and Shelina are healers, psychics, mediums, teachers, artists and authors. Gregory sees and hears while Shelina feels. They have been called prophets but also have fun riding motorcycle, doing lapidary, traveling, taking photographs, dancing and occasionally rolling dice. Gregory was also given the world famous Jesus Opal, an apparition miracle healing stone.  This was foretold by Jesus who began speaking through Gregory five years earlier.  By sharing these teachings, it is hoped that Earthlings will recognize their other soul aspects, hidden abilities and connections, both to others (no matter what religion or color of skin) and the the Creator Source.

The Upper Soul Council spiritual helpers are both physical and spiritual entities. They range from the 5th dimension up to the 15th dimension with a wide variety of personalities and knowledge. Many books, courses and seminars are available for those searchers and seekers of spiritual and evolutionary growth. Romantic, scientific, and spiritual seekers will appreciate the many hours that have been spent to bring these communications to humans around the world for their personal development. Medallions, pictures, soul codes and readings are also available. Donations will be blessed and greatly appreciated.

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  1. May Happiness be upon you both for Eternity

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