Love and Light Spiritual Wife by Shelina

dscn4041.jpg It is hard for many people to understand our lives as spiritual leaders and lifemates, known as shalanee in Kanarian, on a daily basis. Yes, many hear about Abraham and Sarah, Jesus and Mary, or Muhammad and Khadija but they are only some of the couples that devoted their lives to teaching and helping others in the name of God. It seems challenges were always presented to them, either in their personal lives or the lives of those around them. That is how growth and evolution happens.

We have been told that even if everyone agreed to make peace on Earth, there would still be feuds among different groups. On other planets it is the leaders who battle each other to the death, thereby saving the people and the future generations of the species. Or else they pay someone to fight for them giving their family wealth in return. Another way that they settle differences is by playing games. Throughout the galaxy life is very similiar to Earth. We will be putting together a book of different games that have been shared with us. They are quite amazing. If you liked Harry Potters broom ride game or the Star Wars race through the canyons you will most likely enjoy this book.

One thing I have learned is that couples throughout The Milky Way Galaxy do not always agree or understand each other. Even Gregory and I, Shelina, have our own opinions for we are each our own person. Although most of the time, we are ‘heaven’ to each other. Usually communications cause much of the turmoil. Poduka’s wife, one of our guides from The Upper Soul Council, told me that we would be bored with each other if we were exactly the same. That is why the Great Creator made us differently, but the same as we are all, including males and females, 97% the same dna. It is the remaining 3% of dna and genetics that makes us unique and wonderful and interesting.

Somedays it is just better to say ‘I don’t understand but I know that I don’t have to, I just know that I am loved through my upper soul and the Great Creator, and I love my lifemate. I am ok and tomorrow is a new day.’ Then it is time to love yourself, for that is the first law. Love yourself completely, then it is easier to love others. If you are physically hurt, start defending yourself or changing the circumstances. Jesus has told us, as spoken through Gregory, that you might get one cheek slapped but to turn the other cheek means to protect it and give them a second chance just don’t let them hit the other cheek. And remember to stand up to your greatness. For you are a part of the infinite intelligence, just as everything is. That does not mean that you are better than them or they are better than you, just different. No one should be taken advantage of.

I used to think that just blessing others would change others. It helps but I now know that it takes more than that. It takes leaders, and even neighbors, who will become role models, by speaking up when others are wronged and giving positive choices to those that are angry or bored with their lives, especially the children. That is what the residents of New Orleans did when the gangs tried to take over. So let us start by saying to others and our neighbors ‘Hi, how are you? Have a good day!’ or as Gregory says ‘Have a GREAT DAY!’

With love and blessings… Shelina, Gregory and The Upper Soul Council


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