2050 Prophecy Moon Base and Mars Base

2333main_mm_image_feature_19_rs4I see by 2050 a possibility of your having many settlements on the moon and on Mars with a permanent station up there that is quite large that is possibly barreled into the ground where it’s not affected by weather, and people will be able to breathe oxygen in that area as they will try to reseed parts of the planet with foliage to protect it around 2050 or 2060, and it will be the humans from this planet Earth that will do it.  For like many intelligent humans there will be star travel and settlements in your solar system as you will have the technology to start doing that if you start caring for yourselves and other people for you are all connected.

Your first human life were created in this galaxy 553 million years ago.  Nothing in your future is set in stone from certain directions of the past and the way you are going is the way that people can predict a certain future in far distances of time for there are too many variables.  If there is something as we, The Galactic Federation, are looking at it ourselves we will let you know through Gregory and Shelina as many others are looking too but 2000 years is a long time to manifest your future.

For those looking for Armageddon or thinking about a death wish, why would you want to visualize the end of everything?  For even if the sun blew out, you’d think you’d have 8 minutes to know but it would happen instantaneously so why worry about it. Nobody has a match that big to light the sun again! Have a good life and start working as one no matter what culture, wealth, or color you are still all part of the God Source as all of us.

Karjanonna 9th dimensional being, representative of The Galactic Federation


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  1. Will the oil spill in the gulf contribute to any weather anomalies in 2012?

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