Galaxy Blessings

dscn3058.jpgPrayers, words of faith and spiritual tools such as healing stones, rituals and medallions are used throughout the galaxy by many species. Through their continual connection to the Great Creator, angels, and guides, their desire to improve, or to experience for the collective soul is very strong. Not all beings live with love and peace though. But for the one’s that do, they usually join together with their families and communities to honor newborns, those reaching puberty or elders. It seems no matter what belief, life stages are recognized and celebrated by all. There are many similarities to Earth life.

No matter how many times I hear a prayer in a new galactic language, it always touches my heart and sometimes moves me to tears. The first time we heard Kanarian, the first creation human language, we were eating at a Chinese restaurant. It was funny because the servers were speaking Chinese, someone was singing karaoke quite badly in the lounge, and Teko, a higher dimensional friend of Nonamori (our 13th dimensional guide from The Upper Soul Council) starting speaking Kanarian. We have heard hundreds of languages since then. Gregory is always amazed because he can’t make some of those sounds normally, just as there were Egyptian sounds he tried to make the other day and couldn’t. But no matter what language, we always ask “How do you say I Love You?”

Teko works in the Tartrinian Library, one of the oldest Galactic Federation of Light libraries in the Milky Way Galaxy. There records have been kept for millions of years about species of all types, whether they are aquatic, flying, four legged, human, or other. We will share more about the Galactic Federation of Light and the Tartrinian Hall of Records later as well as some of the prayers, or maybe poems at times, that we have heard. Gregory has told me many poems through the language of Threnonymous (a higher soul aspect of me, Shelina) that is part of The Upper Soul Council. It is so frustrating because they are for my ears only. If only you could hear them. They are so beautiful…

“Toko to ling Natika” meaning “I Love You” in Kanarian, first creation human language. Blessings to all especially our loving galactic relations, angels and guides.. from Shelina