Leanami Galactic Girls Happy Holidays

Leanami Happy Holiday Message 12/7/07   As Leanami came in to speak through Gregory she rubbed Shelina’s nose to say ‘Hi’. They are galactic girlfriends. It seems girls everywhere love to talk about the latest gossip or developments.
dscn5800.jpgHi everyone out there! I know you question whether I am real, but I am real. At another time Gregory or Shelina will tell about the first time I saw snow through Gregory’s eyes for we have no snow on our planet. I look through Gregory’s eyes and see these beautiful lights hanging from trees and on TV. I know that Gregory channels Jesus so I’ve been listening as he channels and teaches, as Jesus was an amazing prophet whether you believe in him or not. So I thought I would tell you about one of our holidays, only we call our holidays our ‘Mogeez’. Mogeez is a celebration of life. We have five holidays on our planet that are a celebration of life and one is coming up here in the next, oh I have to calculate it out, the next six weeks or less.

That is when the sun is also the furthest for we live on a tilted planet like you do. Our weather is not as severe. But we live in a community that has many small communities it would be like one of your small towns so everybody knows everybody. And even though my husband Zunami travels around as a famous scientist diplomat, he comes home to celebrate. We do not give gifts but we all put in together something that we made special. Our life is much simpler than yours. And on this day we bring a beverage that is not like your wine that I had through Gregory’s emotions and feelings (she experienced and tasted wine through Gregory since she is in the same soul group) but maybe more like a type of bee..bee..beer. And we all dance around and put our little gifts on a pole and it is to thank the life that we have, and still have, and thank our Creator, which we call Dakeera, our God. We believe in one God on this planet.

About two million years ago, during ancient time, Dakeera sent our savior Makoona that is like your Jesus, Gandi, Muhammad, Abraham, Martin Luther King or other great leaders that wanted to bring people together. For our world was dying. We were very materialistic, very self centered on wealth, and warring. So Makoona is considered a God, although he is truly one of us. For we all know that we are all equal in the God source as most are in the galaxy whether they know it or not. The figure of Makoona, that saved our world, is at the bottom of the pole. He was from a much higher dimension and came down as we were destroying our planet.

So at the bottom of the pole that we hang all these ribbons and fabrics, and gifts surrounding it, we dance and we praise Makoona for bringing together for what we call a continued life. We don’t have as many lights, bells and whistles as you have but we do celebrate with lights. We all come in and raise what you would call flashlights powered with organic batteries called ‘ceemoz’. They make different colors with different switches, one for each of the twelve different chakras that we have on the 7th dimension. Chakras are energy centers on the body given from God to all life for physical evolution and spiritual connections. Then we make designs in the night sky, all in unison standing together. These designs are very simple, like the soul codes that Saragon from The Upper Soul Council has given Gregory and Shelina. All 150 to 200 of us wave together doing these designer codes up to the stars in a certain order as each code stands for something different. There are twelve of them that we do as twelve is a very important number in the galaxy.

After we say one word we look down at the ground and say ‘Matushka’ (which means land or dirt we live on). I try to decipher for you. And then we say it twice, stomp our feet twice and then we raise up the lights again. It says ‘For you Dakeera, Life Is For Us All. Thank You For The Heavens And Sakooma’. Sakooma is like your word for ‘Earth’. It is the name for the planet we live on. After we are done with that, we all move slowly around the pole using three or four poles for the 150 to 200 people in the community.

Then we all have this drink similar to your beer and we have food to eat and we dance to our drums. The gifts are kept there until the wind blows them away. Some have writing on them and some do not. They are many different shapes. Then the community plays games and it is done for another year. That is our big celebration and I know it is not as fancy as your commercial Christmas but I wish you ‘Bodakoo’ (Happy or Merry) Christmas (your word) to all of you. And ‘Bodakoo’ (Happy) ‘Goodoomess’ (Beginnings) or Happy New Year.

Our world is asking us about you, and about Shelina, my girlfriend from planet Earth. For we live a simple life, we have evolved that much. We learned that we had to live simple. Bye to all. I will tell you more later and I am glad you like what I talk about. I will be writing back. I am giving Shelina a nose kiss. She knows it is me. She has been trained with the energies…. Love to you all..

Leanami 7th Dimension Guide from The Upper Soul Council (and Zunami my lifemate)


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