Crystal Skull Fun and I AM ALL Crystal Skull

A few months ago we got a new member of our family, a crystal skull that we call I AM ALL. We call it that because it is light milky way quartz with amethyst spots on one side and dark brown matrix on the other. Down the middle is amethyst with citrine in the third eye which is located between the eyes. One side resembles a female and the other side resembles a male.

We energetically connected with a skull that was part of Lemuria that had one side happy and the other side sad but we have never seen another crystal skull like this one. Dakasoona is the 11th dimensional guide that agreed to work with us and I AM ALL for Earth clearings and healings. A lense on squidoo about Crystal Skull Fun and our I AM ALL Crystal Skull can be found at

We are looking forward to doing these rituals and ceremonies with others. Crystals are used throughout the galaxy as well as Earth for transmitting information and communicating.