Galactic Federation First Contact

gpn-2000-000876We have been around with help from the Pleiadians over the years and Gregory saw a picture of the mother ship which was as big as the moon across as it appeared in front of the Soho Telescope which allowed him to direct three of the smaller spaceships from this mother ship  in front of people during the early summer of 1998.  It was multidimensional and came through on the Soho Telescope that watches the sunspots and high xray solar radiation of outbursts that could hurt you.  It showed proof that we are out there. For what the government said was a speck of dust, many people enlarged as it actually showed the shape of the spaceship and there’s an actual picture that Gregory had, although the pixels were not as high quality as today, but he cannot find it now but back then it was downloaded. The government shut the link to the telescope down for a few days.

We have always been out there to try to help you. We keep up to date by monitoring your news and all types of video and audio. We have been here for hundreds of years as we do with many other young civilizations and planets.  Your planet Earth is so beautiful and has such a diverse amount of minerals and precious gemstones that although that global warming is a real thing, it is still a very valuable planet for many other species out there.  So we are part of a group of others that keeps an eye that you will not have other beings come in to take control of this planet that is strictly humans as humans have been seeded here three other times and life has almost disappeared due to the Earth’s continual movement and actions.

Human life was created in another part of the galaxy around 553.2 million years ago and you have many other humans out there in The Milky Way Galaxy.  Until all beings reach at least the 6th dimension, because few go into the 4th, there is an off and on watch of involvement of many species to keep an eye on the evolving culture. That does not mean we are to interfere with your daily life or your wars but keep an eye that rogue species and groups do not come in to harm you.  For there is much life out there that is intelligent and life keeps expanding and growing.

Karjanonna 9th dimensional representative of The Galactic Federation


6 Responses

  1. Grettings, my name is Matt and I am very curious as why our civilization is tangled up in so many lies. I am on a mission to find the truth(s). It is so hard to listen to any one persons ideas. For example, “Christ” and the following of his lesson for Humanity has been kicked around, twisted and has fallen on my deaf ear.

    I have just found this website and have read “Galactic Federation First Contact”. I will continue look over your blogs and then send you another Comment when I have completed my study of your writtings. it shouldn’t take too long, it might take a month depending on how much time I can spend on my father computer each session.

    Thank you for taking your time to read this, If you care to, drop me an E-mail to let me know you have that you have read my comment. In any case, thank you for putting out these branches of alternative thinking so individuals like me, may find the true path to ultimate enlightenment

    • Matt Thank you for reading our articles. You are right there have been many interpretations of history. Greg always says its like several people seeing a car accident where one person says the truck is maroon and two door and the other person said it was red and four door. It doesn’t always mean that lies have been told its just that our understandings and comprehensions are different. Another example we use is when a story is told to one person and passed onto several others in a circle to where you ask the last person what was originally said and you are told a completely different story. Most couples go through this too when trying to communicate and understand one another so if you are looking for the truth you must realize that nothing is 100% accurate.

      We are told that our channelings are about 90 to 95% accurate which is pretty good but the most important thing is to ask yourself if these teachings resonate with you. And yes, there have been things taught differently to control the people. After accessing this we realized that it wasn’t all bad since there needs to be some order and rules of respect to live by but not disrespect for we are all part of God as equals its just that we each have different abilities. One of my recent awakenings was the realization that God never made one of anything, at least nothing that I have ever found. We never thought that we would be doing this in our lives but we are so excited to offer what we would consider as more practical, natural answers which have been given to us from our angels, guides and ascended soul relations for all. Wishing you many blessings to your path of enlightenment. Shelina

  2. This Journey so far, has been an interesting one. Thank you Gregory & Shelina for responding to my reply. I am currently in the process of learning Che and it’s many applications. I am on my way to know enough about this to help my friends finally understand that there is more than the tip of our ice burg.

  3. Hello. My name is Tim. All my life I have had questions about how things really are and how things began. Within the past couple months I have learned many things about the Illuminati and the Galactic Federation. I’ve had this one dream several times which had a train like chariot flying through the sky which had human like beings in it. Does that symbolize anything? I been having these feelings as if in a sence that something is in my presence but I can’t see it with my visual. Sometimes I see dots of light in the room. Do you know what’s going on with me?

    • Sometimes in your dreams, your guides and angels which we all have will send you things that are semi recognizable like the train. Ask for a guide at night by the name of Kleeon he is a 7th dimensional angelic being that will help you and don’t expect it right away but just visualize him. He’s not human but bipedal about 35 years old, is married and has a family for as you realize we are not alone in the galaxy and there are many beings that want to help us to evolve. Have a pencil and paper there to write down the notes or drawings. You might be in a daze but that’s ok. Best of luck. Gregory and Shelina May God’s love be with you.

    • Timothy we do not interpret dreams but we do help to learn more about your spiritual guides and your soul history. What I would suggest is ask yourself what it means before you go to bed and see what answer you get in the morning. I used to have flying dreams and they were always fun. For those that do taro card readings the chariot is a breakthrough that happens powerfully and quickly. With the feelings that you are having and the light that you are seeing it seems like a definite energy bring you awakening blessings that you are never alone and that you are truly awakening to much more of your abilities for empowerment. Do not believe everything you read about the Galactic Federation as there are groups which are not truly connected in with the original Galactic Federation who are speaking of humans leaving the Earth and the Earth ascending. Where would we go? There are billions of us.. and who would decide who is going to go? Just ask yourself if it sounds right. Do not accept everything that someone tells you just because they say they are the communication link. Thank you for commenting here. Wishing you many blessings as you continue to evolve.. Shelina and Gregory

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