Life In The Galaxy

by Shelina Thomas of Gregory and Shelina

Sombrero Spiral Galaxy

Sombrero Spiral Galaxy

Everywhere life has much diversity.  On planet Earth nature shows that there are new species being discovered every day and other species which are being lost.  This is change and we are living in a time of fast change which is evident by the latest technology that has made communications across the globe happen almost instantly giving us news updates in real time..  For some this is unsettling and for others it is a way of life and exciting.

We are told by Saragon our 11th dimensional guide and Nonamori our 13th dimensional guide  from The Upper Soul Council that The Milky Way Galaxy also has much diversity.  There are planets with simple life and others which are more highly evolved, and then there are some which used to be very advanced and reversed back to a basic way of life due to problems of environmental damage, too much war or a loss of population from sickness and bacteria.

We have learned much from these spiritual guides about how the soul lives on from one lifetime to another throughout the galaxy while going through different experiences to share with God, the Great Creator.  So contrast is given for choices in the hopes that one will recognize their connections to the divine along with the many empowering abilities given such as visualization and other extrasensory abilities like clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience where one can use their perceptions of intuitive knowing along with the senses of seeing angelic presences and hearing divine voices.  Only when one reaches the highest dimensions can one listen to God directly but until then we are given many angels and guides which speak to us and take on many different form to make us feel comfortable.    They do what they can to help. Not all of our prayers are answered in the way we would like but many things are offered or suggested to us if we look openly.

So  embrace the diversity of life around you through love, peace and acceptance that you and all life throughout the galaxy with a soul are part of the God Source, which is larger than any of us could ever imagine. Even the ancient species from the beginning times billions of years ago are not able to answer all of the questions about the beginning of the beginning.  Only from the Tartrinian Library and soul lineages are Saragon, Nonamori, angels of love and light, and many other galactic helpers able to share with us about life throughout the galaxy where there are many other planets with human life.  We are grateful to be alive during these exciting times of enlightenment and wisdom.  In Kanarian 1st human language it is called ‘Cukula Anara’ or ‘Time to Rejoice’.


Largest Diamond Displayed in Milky Way Galaxy

Thousand Ruby Galaxy

Thousand Ruby Galaxy- Love Those Gems!

by Gregory Thomas with Nonamori 13th dimension Angelic Master of Love, Light and Knowledge

We heard on TV that they recently discovered a sun in the galaxy which is made of total carbon that is bigger than our Earth Sun by 3 or 4 times.  If that’s true, it would be considered the largest diamond in the Milky Way Galaxy.  Nonamori channeled in about a true diamond in the galaxy that is clear with a few yellow hues in it, almost flawless, and is about the size of a Volkswagon.  Also, it’s not cut but has some geometric shapes like those found on Earth with one side rough and a weight of about 25 tons. This cosmic huge diamond is shown in the Koraddaa Museum, a natural history museum along with other objects from around the galaxy.  Located in a large city called Tramerra, this amazing galactic cultural institution is located in an interplanetary city, meaning it does interplanetary trade, which is also known for tourism and recreation.  That city houses many strange things.  Just one of them is the display of this massive diamond and there are other gems there that we have not even heard of that are beautiful with clear chemicals and elements put together.  And yes, they have opal that is just as beautiful as anything on Earth.  There are also stone specimens that are similar to what we have and some that are very different.  There is a museum for each subject.  One is for religion and spirituality, another for the biggest creatures in the galaxy and another for art.  It is a massive place.  Jewelry is shown in one area with ancient symbols that resemble your spiritual and political artifacts or the Galaxy SAGA Medallions which Gregory and Shelina have been making.  Another area shows old fashioned weapons including rifles and guns and a few things from our planet Earth from ancient times including the jewelry of Spain.  There is one  section for Earth but it is not considered civilized yet because of the way people treat each other at times.  They show some of Earth’s first flights with the Curtis plane that happened after the Wright Brothers plane, set nearby to another planet’s plane that used carbon fuels too.  It’s amazing to see how the wings and power are so similar since they both used carbon fuels. There is also an ancient Roman ship.  It shows the progress of cultures that have evolved.   They have been able to tap into Earth history along with many other worlds. Earth has been watched and guided, not totally but in many things.  Same with other worlds, there are so many of them out there.  They have been able to tap into our lower frequency TV that they don’t really run and they have learned alot from it but know it’s not all totally true but they are able to record it on special plates. So yes, you are being watched but don’t worry it’s not all the time.  It’s like watching a soap opera that is often dramatic but endearing.   All beings throughout the galaxy are just as curious about life as Earth humans.  Each planet with intelligent beings in the Milky Way Galaxy handles their lives and cultures differently yet there are many similarities in evolutionary development.    This is nature.  For you are all very curious about things whether you are 3rd dimensional on Earth or higher dimensional in other places in the galaxy.   That is life and living.  With love and blessings, Nonamori and Gregory

Galactic Federation Science Museum

Flickr by Jurveston

Flickr by Jurveston

The planet’s name with the largest diamond in the Milky Way Galaxy in a museum is Qwomonn which has many space ports around it.  It is also a high trade center, probably about 45 lightyears from Earth with many other museums there.  One has many different species like your presentation of  ‘Bodies’ which are deceased beings that have donated their bodies for further knowledge and learning of scientists, physicians and people.  Only this display shows cultural differences for education of sociologists and interplanetary galactic beings. And like your natural museums of history with wildlife, beings can come and see the variety in the galaxy and yes, there are humans too from other planets along with many other types of species.  They don’t even have them all.  Unlike ‘Bodies’, they don’t show the insides of them but show the species and displays of what their planet and lifestyle is like in each display.  It’s like your anthropology museums but they are not stuffed, rather preserved to last even longer.  This science museum is part of the Galactic Federation. Qwomonn also has one of the largest amusement parks in the galaxy as a planet that is not only large in interplanetary trade but also recreation and tourism.  If you can imagine a dome that is made up like a geodesic dome or like the Olympics ‘Water Cube’ Aquatic Center in China but one that rises up several miles into the sky and has many things on it like snow all year long for what you would call winter sports, for many species out there have never seen snow to the extent of being recreational.  This building is called the Qwanockchut Canoo meaning “Fun and Happy Times”.  Wishing you fun times from Gregory Thomas and Nonamori 13th dimension Angelic Master of Love, Light and Knowledge.

Did We Land On The Moon?

Man on the Moon

Man on the Moon

by Shelina S Thomas (of Gregory and Shelina)

Controversy seems to be everywhere when it comes to our space program, whether it’s the question of ‘Did we land on the moon?’ or asking for more funding of space programs.  One thing we need to ask ourselves is why do we have NASA and what were the intentions when we created that program.  Were we looking for gold, water, a new place to live or perhaps other life?

One of Gregory’s favorite books is called Our Mysterious Spaceship Moon by Don Wilson and another one you might want to read is  ‘Somebody Else Is On The Moon’ by George Leonard.  At a UFO Conference years ago there was a man that worked for the military at Area 51 who shared about his experiences with other life forms and military that were going back and forth to the moon.  This man was not a lunatic but a Catholic who had to find peace with this knowledge that there is other life in the galaxy.  Even Jose Gabriel Funes, the Pope’s astronomer recently shared that “Just as there is a multiplicity of creatures on Earth, so there could be other beings created by God beyond it.”  That was a surprise to me as I was raised Catholic and taught God only made humans on Earth.  Now people can know that they are not crazy when things out of the ordinary happen to them whether its a UFO sighting, an abduction or everyday miracles.

Of course we, Gregory and Shelina, know there is other life in the galaxy as we talk with them alot and they have even allowed Gregory to direct their ships through his highly evolved channeling capabilities.  We all have connections to other life and other parts of the galaxy through our soul which has 1,720 parts to make a complete soul.  This cannot be proven by science yet, and it may never be, but it would certainly explain why we are so curious about space and nature.  Even with the vast amount of growth over the last 100 years we have only just begun to learn about our true galactic selves, galactic relations, angelic ancestors and the amazing world that we live in.  For it has been found that we are all similiar through our genetics which are over 95% the same.  So did we land on the moon?  Yes more than once.

Interesting video showing strange artifacts on the moon

Galactic Federation First Contact

gpn-2000-000876We have been around with help from the Pleiadians over the years and Gregory saw a picture of the mother ship which was as big as the moon across as it appeared in front of the Soho Telescope which allowed him to direct three of the smaller spaceships from this mother ship  in front of people during the early summer of 1998.  It was multidimensional and came through on the Soho Telescope that watches the sunspots and high xray solar radiation of outbursts that could hurt you.  It showed proof that we are out there. For what the government said was a speck of dust, many people enlarged as it actually showed the shape of the spaceship and there’s an actual picture that Gregory had, although the pixels were not as high quality as today, but he cannot find it now but back then it was downloaded. The government shut the link to the telescope down for a few days.

We have always been out there to try to help you. We keep up to date by monitoring your news and all types of video and audio. We have been here for hundreds of years as we do with many other young civilizations and planets.  Your planet Earth is so beautiful and has such a diverse amount of minerals and precious gemstones that although that global warming is a real thing, it is still a very valuable planet for many other species out there.  So we are part of a group of others that keeps an eye that you will not have other beings come in to take control of this planet that is strictly humans as humans have been seeded here three other times and life has almost disappeared due to the Earth’s continual movement and actions.

Human life was created in another part of the galaxy around 553.2 million years ago and you have many other humans out there in The Milky Way Galaxy.  Until all beings reach at least the 6th dimension, because few go into the 4th, there is an off and on watch of involvement of many species to keep an eye on the evolving culture. That does not mean we are to interfere with your daily life or your wars but keep an eye that rogue species and groups do not come in to harm you.  For there is much life out there that is intelligent and life keeps expanding and growing.

Karjanonna 9th dimensional representative of The Galactic Federation

Intelligent Life on Earth

Life- everywhere we look on our planet Earth, there are millions of types of life fromfree-wedding-clipart-4-tn the one cell to the lions, to dogs and yes humans. For centuries man has thought that the only intelligent life on Earth was human. Lately researchers all around the world have been studying other life that has emotions of caring, protecting, communicating with feelings and having language with one another with an understanding of what is meant. This is done by either sounds or extremity movements. There is a difference between natural instinct and information, or caring communications between these creatures.

We used to, and some still do, believe that one race or culture is more important or smarter than another but in reality through scientific discoveries from the ants, to rats, to snakes, and other creatures that move the seeds for the plants, we are all tied in together to allow our planet to exist. Example a mouse eats a plant seed and expels it in another location where the plant starts again. Birds do the same. In the last decade or so it has been truly discovered that you are all of the same basic DNA and the same genes no matter what color, sex or culture you come from. So in reality we truly are brothers and sisters on Earth as humans.

Intelligence among mankind really depends upon what you need to know to survive and live in your culture. A native in the jungle really needs to know for instance how to hunt wild boar, fish, and have family life, making a home that matches their needs for where they live and possibly count to maybe 40 or 50 at the most. Do you get the picture? Of course there are other things like communal living, health, etc. Now due to our life in modern times, we all learn that and much more. We go to school to learn math, high science, languages, cooking, arts, history and much more. In fact half of what we learn today we really do not use to survive on for everyday life but we have been brought up in a society and a place in the world where we are thirsty for knowledge. We drive cars, pay taxes, watch tv, etc, etc. So in reality, are we more intelligent than those natives? The answer is ‘No’. For they most likely wouldn’t last long living in our culture and for most of us in theirs without learning some of each others traditions. For each group learns the knowledge of what they need to survive on a day to day basis. In fact, with the stress of modern life and fast pace and daily dangers, they are a happier people with less stress than we have. Maybe that is why so many modern people are wandering off for the simpler life out of the cities and into smaller communities which takes them away from the harsh hassle and fast paced crowds over the past several decades. For many they enjoy the smaller communities where in some places they come together and work together and help each other out.

Perhaps many of us want to be in a simpler and more relaxed life. like many other native cultures around the world. Remember in the past many of these tribes or cultures were called ignorant or not as smart as we are. while the people that live in large cities, sometimes college graduates think they are more valuable on this planet than all other life. Isn’t that odd that we feel that we need to become less stressed, to live the simple or frugal life, and realize that these simpler civilizations have learnt what is truly important to care for one another. For the most part some of the information which we are given could be considered interesting garbage. Even with all that it still doesn’t make most of us happy or less stressful. maybe in reality not even smarter as history is written down as an individual or group perception which may not be accurate.

The moral to the story really is that we are all intelligent life, and in some aspects even many animals. Besides I have never seen a whale or a giraffe needing to read a book or count to 100. I may be wrong as I cannot speak their language to know for sure. Maybe we on Earth can’t find intelligent life in the galaxy because they think we are stupid or not worthy to be spoken to or speak their way. It is still out there. For millions of humans around the world have seen them throughout the centuries and they are here off and on all the time. We need to learn to love our fellow man and woman and accept that we really are all one no matter what color, culture or beliefs and maybe there are other animals or creatures out there that have some smarts too. It is a big, big world getting smaller and smaller everyday. Love your neighbor, listen and learn what he or she likes or believes. Who knows, you might then become more intelligent than you are now, healthier, more relaxed and less stressful. ps the bad downfall of this is you might like their foods, their cultures and learn to become a healthier, more relaxed, less stressful person and gain a new friend or two or brother and sister.

Love and kindness to all, Gregory (of Gregory and Shelina)

Saragon, 11th dimensional Kodamon Angelic Soul Master tells us: “Learn to laugh at life for it always changes and that is really all we have for all in the galaxy.”

UFOs and UFO Sightings

earth1.gifby Shelina (of Gregory and Shelina) UFO is the Earthly acronym for Unidentified Flying Objects which we assume contains life from throughout the Milky Way Galaxy. This means that there has to be other life in the galaxy and secondly that they are intelligent, curious and travel in a variety of vessels. That sounds like Earth humans, doesn’t it? Consider the possibility that ‘they’, the galactic species from throughout the Milky Way Galaxy, are similiar to you and I with a sense of adventure, desire for improvement, and a natural urge to co-create just as the Great Creator made them. For diversity is the law of nature.

Other than ET, most movies are made showing ‘aliens’ which are trying to take over Earth, except for Star Wars and Star Trek. They could if they wanted to but that is not their purpose. Instead they are curious about us for they are different aspects of ourselves through our soul connections, our galactic family. It is time to stop calling them aliens. Yes, it is true. Many are actually other parts of our total soul which reside on many other dimensions. For we are only third dimensional on Earth yet evolving each day. We, Gregory and Shelina, are living in eight places around the galaxy at the same time, one of the highest amounts of simultaneous lifetimes. Some are newlyweds and others are grandparents. That is one reason we are Karmonic Twinflame Souls.

Through these 1,720 parts of our complete soul we, and the Great Creator or Infinite Intelligence, have many experiences. Some are peaceful and good while other lives are challenging and disturbing. But no matter how it goes, there is always the connection to God through the soul. And no matter how one appears physically, even as a galactic species or a spiritual white light, each soul aspect recognizes the other 1,719 parts of the total soul through similiar birthmarks, vibrations and frequencies all the way up to the 15th dimension next to God. Yet amazingly, only one aspect of your total soul with 1,720 parts can be on any planet, including Earth, at the same time. That is why cloning a perfect copy of yourself with a soul is impossible. See our other cloning articles.

Many years ago, Gregory was allowed to direct Pelaidian UFO ships in order to prove their existence and desire to communicate. Many people observed it and the ship captain, a beautiful Pelaidian female with long red hair, has spoken with us several times. She lives on their space ship along with her husband and children and became a pilot just as her father was. We will share her story through the Galactic Girls Club later. Peladians are known to many channelers or telepathic communicators as they are one of our closest neighbors.

In the past, rogue species, clones, without souls came to Earth looking for human genetics to gain creativity and love. After millions of years some galactic species have lost these attributes so they try to replace them just as some Earth families look for royalty to marry. Humans are known as one of the most blessed complete species in the Milky Way Galaxy since they were given many abilities through their galactic creators, angelic DNA, and soul connections. And yes, there are other humans throughout the galaxy but they are on the other side of the Milky Way Galaxy. Earth has been seeded with humans four times.

In the past the Galactic Federation stated that humans were to be left alone for their own evolution but some galactic species did not follow this rule. They wanted our genetics but most of that has stopped now. There are some species which protect us but they must not interfere unless asked. That is why cutting cords which means to take your energies back from others and giving their energies back to them, forgiving, grounding, meditating and praying is so important. Many of our galactic angelic relations are waiting for us to recognize them through their UFO sightings, telepathic communications, and apparitions such as The Jesus Opal which we have. See The Jesus Opal wordpress site to learn more about it.

They are hoping that we will change. Over population and pollution must stop and new resources must be used to stop the toxicity for there is only one Earth. Water, good air, reliable food, renewable energy and good mental, spiritual and physical health are requirements for quality human life. On Earth, humans are the only species which kill each other in useless wars and sport.

So why would our galactic family, which some call star family, want to visit us? There was an article in Popular Mechanics which stated that if an ‘alien’ parked in front of the White House they would capture it and dissect it because they aren’t human. So since they believe that aliens are more like animals it would be alright to dissect. However they, like us, have a soul. It seems that we are afraid of what we do not know. That is what happened with many of our prophets and leaders too such as Jesus, Ghandi and Joan of Arc. Perhaps as many of our cultures mix and communications continue through the internet we will stop looking at outward appearances and search for answers within our heart and soul, by asking for help through our Upper Soul Councils, prophets and God. We must learn from the children who are talking with their toys, trees or animals. It is there that their angels and guides teach about the spiritual lessons of peace, love and soul aspects. The same thing happens to other children in the Milky Way Galaxy. That is why we are told to ‘Be like a child’.

UFOs have been visiting Earth for thousands of years. Proof of this is found throughout the stories in sacred texts, religious paintings, hieroglyphs, and ancient rock drawings. However much more, such as the regular UFO sightings, is just waiting for us to notice and through the abilities given to us from our galactic ancestors and angelic DNA.

Affirmation: Through my inner intelligence and heart, I accept that there is more to me than I realize. That I am a spiritual being having a human experience and that my soul, my connection to the God source, empowers me through my other spiritual, angelic and galactic soul aspects. Some of these aspects are part of my Upper Soul Council which I now call forward to guide, protect, prosper, heal and teach me for my highest good and the highest good of those around me. Thank you Great Creator for my life and blessings.