Saragon 2008 Chakra Healing Angelic Symbols


Saragon’s 2008 Soul Codes

Happy New Year 2008 from Saragon, 11th dimensional guide of The Upper Soul Council, along with Jesus, Gregory and Shelina. These ancient angelic symbols, also called ‘Saragon’s Soul Codes’, are 553 million years old, older than your traditional Reiki, from the Kanarians First Creation Humans and are given with love for your New Year. Made for the human genetics by divine beings with the blessings of God, they were made to help cleanse fear, anger and pain, bring manifestations and transformations, and heal with the help of your angels and guides. You can print one diagram and put your picture in the middle, where the face of Jesus from The Jesus Opal is, if you would like.

Look at all of the symbols together while doing prayer or meditation for a couple minutes at a time. Drink water, play soft music or sit in silent reflection to connect with the divine. Think about what you would like to attract into your life. These love and light angelic symbols are not harmful, and are given with the guidance of the Great Creator to bring blessings for all. Realize changes or growth in your life may seem subtle to you, but others often notice your spiritual evolution, enlightenment, creativity, physical healing and peace even when you don’t. We hope you enjoy these divine designs from the highest dimensional angels for humans on Earth. With love and empowerment for Earth humans, Saragon Master Teacher of Soul Science and Spirituality.

Jesus talking through Gregory “For like me, you are all sons and daughters of the God source. Being that, no matter what your beliefs, look into yourself, you have been given the ability to change your life’s directions and growth. It is everyones Godly right to be blessed and helped by their angels and guides, and helpers, like these codes. They are given with love and hope and understanding that you will use them in the way that they are supposed to be used and to open your mind to changes and growth in your life. It is God’s given gift for all. Bless you” Jesus With Love

Gregory and Shelina: We have seen, and experienced ourselves, many positive results from Saragon’s Soul Codes. Each color of the chakra healing angelic symbols relates to different energy centers of the body. Meanings for each each chakra point vary among cultures. Listed below are chakra points with color, area of body and some attributes.

First Chakra: Red: Root – vitality, personal power, healing, magnetism

Second Chakra: Orange: Sacral– intelligence, sexuality, creativity, emotions

Third Chakra: Yellow: Solar plexus– aspiration, emotions, intuitive, gut feeling

Fourth Chakra: Green: Heart– love, well-being, growth, prosperity

Fifth Chakra: Blue: Throat– healing, creativity, thoughtforms, communication

Sixth Chakra: Indigo: 3rd Eye– spirituality, psychic, mediums, awareness

Seventh Chakra: Violet: Crown Top of head– consciousness and fulfillment

Disclaimer: These transmissions and symbols are given for entertainment purposes only. Follow your heart to do what is good and true for you personally.


The First Galactic Federation by Nonamori

auroraborealis.jpegby Nonamori 13th dimension of The Upper Soul Council of Gregory and Shelina. Welcome. I would like to add additional history to what you may have learned about the Galactic Federation. There are approximately 3/4 million or more different intelligent species in the galaxy. Many are offshoots and clonings of very ancient beings that began billions of years ago. In fact the age of the galaxy is much older than your Earth scientists claim it to be, by almost four times, so the galaxy is about 69 to 71 billion years old. They are measuring by light and distance but in reality, the oldest light from ancient stars and planets in the galaxy is gone. So life has come and gone and diversified, stars have come and gone supernova, new planets have been created, and new intelligent life has populated many planets over millions of years.

During these ancient times the galaxy was much smaller. Planets were closer together with different types of intelligent species, but not as many as now. After different species discovered themselves on different planets and life started to expand, wars went on just like they do on your Earth for land and material things. There were wars between planets and species at times, like you see in your Star Trek or as Gregory says, one of his favorites, Star Wars. During this time populations would keep growing, just as it is on Earth, as cloning became the norm for the highly evolved to make offshoots of themselves.

So during this time, about 15 billion years ago there was a group of highly evolved master races, descendants from the first creator races or species in the galaxy, that came together to form a Galactic Federation with ships, knowledge and technology surpassing most of the other evolving life. Now remember fifteen billion years ago the galaxy was much smaller and new life creations and planets were being formed continually and still are. Once a planet and new species had stellular capabilities for space travel with starships and scoutships, in most instances, they could join and become part of the Galactic Federation.

It is like your United Nations which helps to prevent war. The galaxy is so large that there are chapters of sub-federations but they have communication around the whole galaxy with much higher tech than you can even imagine. So in your sector or area of the Milky Way Galaxy, you have one of the younger aspects of the Galactic Federation with the Sirians and the Pleiadians being part of it. Not all species, planets, or groups have exactly agreed with the Galactic Federation, for there are new young species and new planets coming on board like Earth that has had human life seeded there three times and has been selected as a human planet. Most of the UFOs that you see are experiencing the beauty of it, traveling to see like a tourist destination to see if you are like, how do I say it, like a soap opera in a evolutionary form. So the Galactic Federation when a planet has been seeded tries to work with the other species that might want to control it or help the evolutionary destinies or life to grow on their own. We will speak more on that later.

So as stated before the Galactic Federation has been around about 15 billion years. The head chairman now, like your U.N. chairman, is called Neemone Konavich Prokashama. He is very old, about 365 years old with another 200 years to live. His title is Gojak which means Supreme Director or Leader and he has been doing it for 150 years or so with the capability to do it for the rest of his life, just as your Pope does. Gojak Prokashama is a very highly evolved 12th dimensional light being. All leaders have evolved quite high. Each planet has one representative and they meet over a huge flat screen which is third dimensional so they can meet anytime something is going on. Large federation starships also come in at great speeds when there is great trouble. Every planet that belongs pays a tribute yearly to fund it for not only warriors and leaders from these planets that work together, but for high tech developments for the federation. The leader can only be 12th dimensional and not higher. Because as you reach the 13th dimension, as I, Nonamori, am, you are not involved in disputes and already know that there is no good from war, disease, hurting one another, invasion or abuse. For love, peace and acceptance are truly what all cultures and life desires. But as a twelfth dimensional being, this male species is both an adviser to others and listens to his council.

There is a democratic congressional meeting of many sectors that come together every so many years. The council is made up of many subcouncils. The galaxy is divided up into areas like your continents, countries, states, counties, states and towns. Your sector would be called ‘pensacooshun’ in Nefecinarian, the species which helped to create the first human DNA. And so there are over about 50,000 subsectors, the smallest subgroups of sectors in the galaxy. They all follow a Federation Constitution called Almatrail Salutis Modakon meaning ‘Rules All Life Should Live By’. The purpose of the federation is to observe new life on new planets, help seedings of intelligent life, animals and organics, keep track of species, help new life forms by protecting them from rogue species, helping to stop natural disasters, and helping trade. They also give species like Earthlings new ideas to evolve. As you evolve you will learn more about them. Blessings to all and Happy New Year. Remember time is just a figment of one’s imagination used for commerce, age of lifetime, births and deaths. It varies throughout the galaxy. We are trying to compute all time-lines according to your calendar with 24 hour days and 365 days a year.