Did We Land On The Moon?

Man on the Moon

Man on the Moon

by Shelina S Thomas (of Gregory and Shelina)

Controversy seems to be everywhere when it comes to our space program, whether it’s the question of ‘Did we land on the moon?’ or asking for more funding of space programs.  One thing we need to ask ourselves is why do we have NASA and what were the intentions when we created that program.  Were we looking for gold, water, a new place to live or perhaps other life?

One of Gregory’s favorite books is called Our Mysterious Spaceship Moon by Don Wilson and another one you might want to read is  ‘Somebody Else Is On The Moon’ by George Leonard.  At a UFO Conference years ago there was a man that worked for the military at Area 51 who shared about his experiences with other life forms and military that were going back and forth to the moon.  This man was not a lunatic but a Catholic who had to find peace with this knowledge that there is other life in the galaxy.  Even Jose Gabriel Funes, the Pope’s astronomer recently shared that “Just as there is a multiplicity of creatures on Earth, so there could be other beings created by God beyond it.”  That was a surprise to me as I was raised Catholic and taught God only made humans on Earth.  Now people can know that they are not crazy when things out of the ordinary happen to them whether its a UFO sighting, an abduction or everyday miracles.

Of course we, Gregory and Shelina, know there is other life in the galaxy as we talk with them alot and they have even allowed Gregory to direct their ships through his highly evolved channeling capabilities.  We all have connections to other life and other parts of the galaxy through our soul which has 1,720 parts to make a complete soul.  This cannot be proven by science yet, and it may never be, but it would certainly explain why we are so curious about space and nature.  Even with the vast amount of growth over the last 100 years we have only just begun to learn about our true galactic selves, galactic relations, angelic ancestors and the amazing world that we live in.  For it has been found that we are all similiar through our genetics which are over 95% the same.  So did we land on the moon?  Yes more than once.

Interesting video showing strange artifacts on the moon


The Earth Motivation Channeling by Saragon 11D

110787main_image_feature_286_ajh4For the whole world needs to realize that your Earth is your backyard your home in this massive galaxy and most people on this planet take care of their backyards whether they live in huts with dirt floors and dirt outside to beautiful jungles that they step into from their sleeping quarters in South America and other places, to Europe with their fine homes and castles and China with it’s clean mats they lay out and beautiful yards that they work on with foliage and flowers and America, United States, with the beautiful lawns that they have, forests at their backyards and desert. But if you truly look at anyone around this globe even in Alaska with the snow you will notice that right around where each individual lives 90% of this world takes care of their own backyards.

So now I ask the world, its people, governments, and big corporations to start opening their mind and help start taking care of other’s back yards for it does no good to keep your yard clean yet let the Earth be destroyed by humans and the animals that they raise with global warming, toxic chemicals and raping the Earth of its forests in the name of money for the stockbrokers that are doing it for themselves.  For on this beautiful planet that you have, no matter how small your backyard is, nobody really owns the Earth. You are here just a short time and you must learn to keep it for your children and grandchildren and great grandchildren for if you look to the future with technology that is already there and better ways of cleaning the air pollutants in the water and on land and thinking of more than yourself you will not have an Armageddon as they talk about. But if you do not you will have a race that will slowly die out and it’s a shame for your planet has been seeded during Atlantis and Lemuria and two other times as your race has just about been wiped off the Earth as the dinosaurs.

So think positive, learn to work together quickly and not just give it to the kids to worry about. For things are changing fast on your beautiful planet. Invest in new ways of cleaning the air up and force your politicians to get out of the oil and fossil fuels that are dirty and coal can be cleaned enough and learn to eat other foods than the half a billion or so cattle beef that give out 85 pounds average a day of methane gas that is polluting your world and eat more vegetables and meats out there that don’t do that. There is so much money and prosperity to be made believe it or not by going green and meaning it. Gas mileage could double in cars now. They had carburetors that could do 40 or 50 miles a gallon that oil corporations bought up Greg saw the paper work and the carburetor and the tests on a 1950 Ford sedan getting 43 miles to the gallon average with a V8 as this man tested it and tested it. The carburetor and man moved to another area people said he made a lot of money and moved about three months later. The technology is there and its moving fast. Work with your governments to clean up your backyard or front yard for, in reality, it’s the whole world. With love and blessings.

Besides from the moon the Earth really looks like a beautiful marble. You don’t want to wreck that marble where it ends up to be a solid color. It can be done. I beleive in the human race and their technology. Thank you.

by Saragon 11th Dimensional Angelic Kodamon Master of Soul Science and Spirituality

Saragon’s 2009 Angelic Symbol for Earth

2009-earth-angelic-symbol-300dpi-jpeg2009 Angelic Symbol from Saragon 11th dimensional angelic Master of Soul Science and Spirituality in The Upper Soul Council for Gregory and Shelina Karmonic Souls and the Galaxy’s First Human Adam and Eve.

We bless all the people that live and breathe on planet Earth to quickly come together and use their intellect and abilities of many different types and knowledge to start seeing in front of their own backyards and start realizing that this beautiufl marble as it looks like from the moon with all its different colors needs help. So I ask and pray to God no matter what your religion that we come together and move quickly and I truly believe that with this the Earth will come back and the humans can hopefullly find peace by working together for a common interest and learn to live together. For that back yard I spoke about is everybody’s back yard including your lineage for you want your grandchildren and greatgrandchildren and their greatgrandchildren to have what you have. For the only thing you can count on in this galaxy is change and if the whole human race can come together you can make the changes on this planet beneficial for all mankind. God bless everybody no matter who or what you are on this planet. You’re all part of the same human race and part of the God Source. Amen

Saragon 11th dimensional angelic guide and Kodamon Master Teacher of Soul Science and Spirituality

Two Moons for Ancient Earth

by Saragon 11th Dimensional Guide from The Upper Soul Council, Master Teacher of Soul Science and Spirituality for Gregory and Shelina

Ancients, or what you would call alien beings or galactic species from the Milky Way galaxy, said the Earth originally had two moons. They are not exactly sure how it was created but there were two opposing moons, the moon that Earth has now and a smaller one that was about 1/4 the size of the larger one. They say that Earth had a small moon first and it helped to start the tides in the waters and the first life on the planet, the one celled organisms. Later on a second larger moon was created which we will explain later.

The first small moon was still there about 150,000 miles away from the Earth or slightly more. This smaller moon would rotate around the Earth faster. It had a pull on the Earth and the Earth had a pull on the moon at that distance. At times when galactic lifeforms or aliens would land on the planet, millions upon millions of years ago, back when there were still dinosaurs for hunting, they could see two moons in the sky.

The smaller one would travel faster than the bigger one, Earth’s present moon, so they never collided as they traveled on different paths, but at times the aliens or star beings could see the two moons together approximately every three weeks. The little one would complete its orbital rotation around the Earth in about 20 days compared to 28 days for the larger one. This little moon never slowed down and kept its speed up because it was close to the earth, while the larger current moon kept slowing down and moving further out as the Earth has been slowing down through the ages.

Its like in centrifugal force with a string connected to the center of yourself. When you turn a small ball around connected by the string, it would take less muscle to turn the small ball faster because it has its own inertia from the object itself but when you take a larger ball and you tie that and turn it around in the same place it will take more effort to turn around even from the same distance and even at a slower speed.

When the two moons would pass along side each other, as they did every few weeks, it would cause tremendous waves in the oceans and large bodies of water while also pulling on the Earth’s surface. At times, this would cause very high velocity winds from storms. There would be much damage in certain parts of the world depending upon the time of year and other weather that was going on. When these Earth moons came close together on their circular orbit it would appear almost as daylight even when it was night time. Creatures would be very unsettled since night time did not come in as they were used to, and algae on the ocean would grow very fast with new bacteria. It was almost like an extra surge. Unless the cloud cover was real thick, the moons light would burn through and shine, then within a day and a half it would be over. They were at slightly different orbital trajectories by a few degrees so there would be a slight lunar eclipse at times, never a true full eclipse on both moons as they passed each other, just a shading on the corner of the larger moon.

Now you ask what happened to the other moon? It is still slight theory because there was no one left to record what happened, but they think that the smaller moon was hit by a large asteroid around 68 million years ago or so. That truly saved the physical Earth from being broken apart. A small piece, probably ten miles in diameter broke off as a solid piece and fell to Earth, along with millions of other smaller pieces and fragments that circulated and hit the Earth. The ancients think that this is what killed the dinosaurs and most of Earth’s life for possibly a million years. They think that the crater which your scientists found in the ocean of the Yukatan Peninsula several years ago was connected to this blasted off piece from the Earth’s first smaller moon.

Imagine the small moon at zero degrees of circulating the Earth, then the large moon would be approximately 35 to 40% degrees from the other. So someone living on each moon could view the opposite moon. When the asteroid hit the smaller moon, besides demolishing a large corner of it, they believe more was broken off and it shot out hitting the larger moon which had two settlements for mining. And yes, there is water on the moon from asteroids hitting it. Not much, but some water. From that hit all settlements were destroyed along with all life.

The biggest part of the smaller moon was shot out of its orbit along with the asteroid that hit it. Sometimes they melt together. The galactic species think this remainder of the small moon went into the sun missing all the orbits of Venus and Mercury since they couldn’t find it in the Kybler Belt or anywhere else in the galaxy. There were no communications from the settlements on both moons and the Earth for several years so the Morkoonas went looking, but found nothing left of the small moon or any civilizations. Earth was found covered in ice.

Before that there were extraterrestrial life settlements on Earth during the times of the dinosaurs and there were extraterrestrial settlements on both moons. They were not large settlements but Earth had been mined many times by other beings as they dug for gold, diamonds, and other precious metals like uranium. Of course millions of years later after the loss of the smaller moon life settled in with other animals and new environments. There is an ancient record in the Galactic Federation Tartrinian Library about Earth. It was, and still is, a beautiful planet in the Milky Way Galaxy, a planet which at one time had two moons.

Galactic ‘Earth Evolution’ Visitors

earth1.gifGalactic visitors have truly been visiting Earth for millions and millions of years off and on and they have been viewing the planet for hundreds of millions of years. For one thing it is a beautiful planet as you can see from your pictures in space compared to many other planets. Extraterrestrials or et’s have been visiting Earth to check on the evolution of the planet including animals, fish, humans and all life on Earth. Some came in the past for things such as gold, gems, metals, diamonds and even dinosaur hunting.

Many of these species are ancient species while humans are a young race only millions of years old. Travel is done with flying saucers, sometimes through worm holes, called stargates. Some are from the 5th dimension. Some want to let Earthlings know that they are out there trying to help protect you.

When you look at the human dna as the scientists on your planet have, you will see that human dna, elephant, worm, tiger, monkey or other life is all very close in nature. It is the same up to approximately 96%. The rest of the dna is what makes that kind of a body, creature or human. So it is only 3% of your total genal codes that make you the individual of who and what you are including all ets unless (unless they are intelligent plant life).

It is egotistical for any religion or any person on this planet with their intelligence and evolutionary growth from information through tv, internet and newspapers along with help from their spiritual angels and guides to believe your leaders, or religious leaders, that there is no other inteligent life out there. For billions of years the Milky Way Galaxy, known as the heavens to some, has been there for many types of life not just Earth humans. For there are thousands of other planets with human dna lifeforms.

In reality the U.S. government I believe got themselves into so many lies for national security that they don’t know how to release the truth. The trouble is the scientific coummunity in your world has a hard time conceiving something new or unordinary and they throw it aside as a fluke. That is understandable for third dimensional beings. There is much growth and learning to do.

Gregory and Shelina have met many people who have been abducted, had encounters with other lifeforms or been implanted with metallic devices. Even Gregory was allowed to direct 3 Pelaidian starships one night to prove his capabilities for communications. One thing you will learn is that there is as much variety out here in the galaxy as on Earth.

With Love… Saragon 11th dimesion guide of The Upper Soul Council