Human Creation Theories from Earth

babynewbornoctupletHuman creation theories have been around since the beginning times of humans.    After all, humans are always trying to find out “Why?” with questions such as ‘Why were we created?’ and ‘What is the purpose of my life?’.  Usually it is the adults asking as I have never heard a young child wonder why they were born.  They just experience and share their pure energies of curiosity, love and trust.  I’m not even sure they even compare themselves to others or feel any identity of separation which is fascinating since we are told by Saragon and Nonamori of The Upper Soul Council that we are born as only one soul aspect with 1,719 other soul aspects of ourselves living other lives throughout The Milky Way Galaxy.

hubblepublicdomain746x521-128kIt is mind boggling to read the different first human creation stories or myths from different cultures and times around the world and then today there are many religious beliefs actually fighting with the scientific community over creation vs evolution.  What if those are both wrong?  Will both groups come together to realize that there may be another answer.  Zecharia Stichin who wrote ‘The 12th Planet’ talks of ancient astronauts and believes the Sumerians were created by the Annunaki or Nephilim. Usually lower third dimensional life is left to evolve on its own without being told there soul’s other lifetime incarnations so that it doesn’t interfere with any relationships or choices that one makes.  Then as they become more intelligent and learn to use their telekenetic abilities more answers are provided and new doors of opportunity are opened up.

We are very blessed to have Saragon and Nonamori who are at some of the highest dimensional levels communicating directly through Gregory with the knowledge from the Galactic Federation Tartrinian Library.  In that library records were kept of every first human soul ever created in the Milky Way Galaxy 553 million years ago.  Through that history, which includes  Zanooka and Panini- other lifetimes of Gregory, and myself Shelina, we are now able to tell every person on the planet that your genetic ancestry is truly galactic and they were angelic lifeforms from the 9th dimension and higher.  A whole new world awaits those that are able to open up to the truths that there is life in the galaxy on many dimensions, some is physical and some is pure energy-sometimes balls of love and light.  Be assured and know that you are truly blessed to be given life on many levels, and with many helpers who love you.


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  1. A big hello. Just found you guys on and will be following on Twitter. I’m new to it and having so much fun- haven’t learned the ropes yet. Thought you might like this!!
    Nephilim Images’

    We ‘dream up’ our life experiences with every thought. Those ‘dreams’ create our ‘reality’ like a fax – an out printing of the facts of what we are thinking. Thoughts get ‘crystallized’ in form. That was the ‘great’ revelation in the popular book, “The Secret.” It is a concept has been written about in countless ways for centuries whose time has come.

    This would be a very fun way to live if it controlling our thoughts could be done consciously! But as humans being Nephilim we are trapped inside ideas, beliefs, genetics and bio-chemical programs that weaken the will and cloud our ability to choose only positive thoughts. Although there are endless ways for people to market this very simple, albeit somewhat new old concept that thought creates, very few people are actually able to translate the information into their lives and pocketbooks….


    • Thank you for finding us on Twitter! Many people are trying to live the life which The Secret shares to have clear thoughts, act and create your life. That is all very important but we have found that there are also past patterns within the physical and spiritual parts our four bodies- physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. The soul also has contracts and sometimes traces from another lifetime so they must be cleared out. In our book Journey To The Truest You we have the Kanarian 1st Human Angelic Soul Codes that clear things on the deepest soul level. We will post an article of where you can get it soon. We will also tell you more about the Nephilim later. Much love and blessings- Shelina (and Gregory) Thomas

  2. What can one say to the stuff you bring forth to this plain . This process must go on and keep expanding to its logical result and as more people get connected with themselves more and more as they are doing now, they will get the light through this site on the bigger picture which functions on the higher plains. The realisation that love is a one way street where the only process is giving and giving only at all times irrespective of whatever is the absolute truth will take a lot more time to hit this plain , but sites like yours is a truly unique site showing that way forward . Thank you for showing the way forward………..!

    Rajesh gupta

    • Thank you Rajesh. Since we, Gregory and Shelina, have been together we have learned much about love from The Upper Soul Council with higher dimensional soul aspects of ourselves such as Leanami and Zunami, Saragon 11th dimension and Nonamori 13th dimension. Then Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary have been giving us their life story lately so we of course learned even more about love. There are many different types of love just as there are combinations of musical notes but it is when we start to love ourselves that we can really feel the connection to the God Source through our soul. Then we can start to recognize the same God connection to others as we are all energies that go on and on as you say. Have a blessed day!

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