Are You Looking- for Angels, Aliens, UFO’s?

shegetsthepennyhegetsthekiss572px1Ever since man, and woman, were put on this Earth they have been looking up at the stars. But for what? Why would they do that? As a child I did the same thing, but not only did I look up but I looked down while wondering about the shiny rocks, the 4 leaved clovers, the ladybugs, lightning bugs or slimy worms.

The world has always been a mysterious place and as we speak with our brothers and sisters throughout the galaxy we learn that life is the same for them. For those that still have their curiosity it is a magnificent wonderous place, but for those that have lost their curiosity something is missing. It is that childlike quality of wonder that keeps things new and fresh all the time while encouraging us to improve on things and look at things differently. History is full of these new perceptions such as seeing animals in the stars for astrology or using mistakes for new products such as silly putty or post it notes. Curiosity motivates us daily to do things such as to redecorate, figure out new ways for energy, fix our selves up differently to impress that special guy or gal in our life, or to look up at the stars wondering if there really is other life out there or perhaps another family that we don’t know about.

Throughout the millions of years which humans have been around they have always been blessed with the best qualities of many species and with these genetic abilities they have been given many choices of how to live their lives. Now is the time when many are looking for others to save them but while that would be nice it is time to look within to ways that you can make a difference in your life or the lives of others, through action, cooperation, tolerance, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, peace and love. There have been many other planets of humans throughout the galaxy. At least three of them blew the whole planet up by warring. That is why many civilizations out there have become very advanced only to pollute their planet and have to give it all up in order to save themselves and then learn to live a simple life. We can only pray and hope that we on Earth will make a decisive effort to do whatever is best for our health, our food production, and our children’s children children. and so on. So as you are looking up, do not forget- LOOK WITHIN!

With many blessings and love- by Shelina (of Gregory and Shelina)

Intelligent Life on Earth

Life- everywhere we look on our planet Earth, there are millions of types of life fromfree-wedding-clipart-4-tn the one cell to the lions, to dogs and yes humans. For centuries man has thought that the only intelligent life on Earth was human. Lately researchers all around the world have been studying other life that has emotions of caring, protecting, communicating with feelings and having language with one another with an understanding of what is meant. This is done by either sounds or extremity movements. There is a difference between natural instinct and information, or caring communications between these creatures.

We used to, and some still do, believe that one race or culture is more important or smarter than another but in reality through scientific discoveries from the ants, to rats, to snakes, and other creatures that move the seeds for the plants, we are all tied in together to allow our planet to exist. Example a mouse eats a plant seed and expels it in another location where the plant starts again. Birds do the same. In the last decade or so it has been truly discovered that you are all of the same basic DNA and the same genes no matter what color, sex or culture you come from. So in reality we truly are brothers and sisters on Earth as humans.

Intelligence among mankind really depends upon what you need to know to survive and live in your culture. A native in the jungle really needs to know for instance how to hunt wild boar, fish, and have family life, making a home that matches their needs for where they live and possibly count to maybe 40 or 50 at the most. Do you get the picture? Of course there are other things like communal living, health, etc. Now due to our life in modern times, we all learn that and much more. We go to school to learn math, high science, languages, cooking, arts, history and much more. In fact half of what we learn today we really do not use to survive on for everyday life but we have been brought up in a society and a place in the world where we are thirsty for knowledge. We drive cars, pay taxes, watch tv, etc, etc. So in reality, are we more intelligent than those natives? The answer is ‘No’. For they most likely wouldn’t last long living in our culture and for most of us in theirs without learning some of each others traditions. For each group learns the knowledge of what they need to survive on a day to day basis. In fact, with the stress of modern life and fast pace and daily dangers, they are a happier people with less stress than we have. Maybe that is why so many modern people are wandering off for the simpler life out of the cities and into smaller communities which takes them away from the harsh hassle and fast paced crowds over the past several decades. For many they enjoy the smaller communities where in some places they come together and work together and help each other out.

Perhaps many of us want to be in a simpler and more relaxed life. like many other native cultures around the world. Remember in the past many of these tribes or cultures were called ignorant or not as smart as we are. while the people that live in large cities, sometimes college graduates think they are more valuable on this planet than all other life. Isn’t that odd that we feel that we need to become less stressed, to live the simple or frugal life, and realize that these simpler civilizations have learnt what is truly important to care for one another. For the most part some of the information which we are given could be considered interesting garbage. Even with all that it still doesn’t make most of us happy or less stressful. maybe in reality not even smarter as history is written down as an individual or group perception which may not be accurate.

The moral to the story really is that we are all intelligent life, and in some aspects even many animals. Besides I have never seen a whale or a giraffe needing to read a book or count to 100. I may be wrong as I cannot speak their language to know for sure. Maybe we on Earth can’t find intelligent life in the galaxy because they think we are stupid or not worthy to be spoken to or speak their way. It is still out there. For millions of humans around the world have seen them throughout the centuries and they are here off and on all the time. We need to learn to love our fellow man and woman and accept that we really are all one no matter what color, culture or beliefs and maybe there are other animals or creatures out there that have some smarts too. It is a big, big world getting smaller and smaller everyday. Love your neighbor, listen and learn what he or she likes or believes. Who knows, you might then become more intelligent than you are now, healthier, more relaxed and less stressful. ps the bad downfall of this is you might like their foods, their cultures and learn to become a healthier, more relaxed, less stressful person and gain a new friend or two or brother and sister.

Love and kindness to all, Gregory (of Gregory and Shelina)

Saragon, 11th dimensional Kodamon Angelic Soul Master tells us: “Learn to laugh at life for it always changes and that is really all we have for all in the galaxy.”