Gregory and Shelina in New York!

Gregory Holding The Jesus OpalThank you to everyone at the Licensing Fair in the great New York City.  We enjoyed talking to you and especially liked the ghost busters, however we still haven’t seen the big marshmallow around town yet.  We’re still looking for angels to help us get the word out about the Jesus Opal.  For those more interested in The Jesus Opal there are more articles on The Jesus Opal blog.  That link is at the bottom of this site. 

Life in the Galaxy website will be up soon.  You are welcome to leave suggestions about what you are interested in.  Right now The First Angelic Symbols Book by Saragon is being worked on.  Saragon is one of our angelic soul aspects that speaks through Gregory.  He is 11th dimensional and teaches us about the soul. 

Jesus, who speaks through Gregory, also wants to thank everyone that he related with at the Licensing Fair.  Our world has changed a great deal since he was alive and he is amazed by our creativity.  He also wants everyone to know that we must work together to help save our planet and that we are all created equal no matter what gender, what culture or what color skin.  At the time he lived he could not share with people that we are all part of God and that we have angelic ancestry. 

But now, the time is right for humans on Earth to realize that there is other life throughout the galaxy on other dimensions.  And no, they are not like the movies where most are vicious.  Some are, but others are just like us living normal lives.  It is the way of God to create many different lifeforms.  Just look at the diversity of life on Earth.  Every day new species are still being discovered.  So we thank you again and bless each of you on your journeys…  Shelina (and Gregory)