Endless Love in the Galaxy

by Shelina S Thomas (of Gregory and Shelina)

Love is the one of the most used words on the planet Earth and yet hardly anybody experiences it the same way.  Some say it when they eat their favorite food, or listen to a song that moves them or see a sexy girl that walks by but every time the word love is used it resonates and vibrates the body in a different way.  Just as a song is played over and over again affecting one differently each time it is played, love does the same thing to us.

When couples first meet there is an infatuation and a curiosity which gently builds like kindling being put on the fire.  This interest, which for some transforms into love, keeps growing and growing until there is ultimate intimacy and physical passion making that fire roar with intensity and light. Could it be that someone put fuel on the fire?  Hormones race affecting bodies, minds and emotions while making clouds of confusion and illusion with new opportunities just waiting for to spring forth.  Many times guides and angels will bring a person to a certain place for their evolution, joy and blessings.  However that does not mean that suggestions are always acted upon.  For all humans have free will.

So in order to give a soul a good start in life, the soul is connected to the Great Creator or Creatoress all the time and given an Upper Soul Council with 12 angels and guides from many dimensions that are actually other parts of you as you are only one part of 1,720 soul parts to make a complete soul.  Some have called this The Council of 12.  For many of you this is the first time that you have heard this, but just imagine how much endless love you are given through these connections and guidance.  Along with that one brings ancestral and soul histories, sometimes with contracts to attract, create and manifest the life they desire depending upon their interests, likes and dreams.

One of the worst things that institutions and people around us can do is to tell people that they are not lovable.  How could anything be further from the truth?  Just look at all of this love from God, your angels, and guides that are with you all the time even though things may not be perfect in your life, for strife allows one to evolve but the soul aspect is always perfect.  This is the same for all of God’s children in The Milky Way Galaxy and yes some stray away from these wisdom teachings in order to experience life but it doesn’t mean that they are bad and unlovable forever for love does heal.  It heals the wounds of guilt, shame, sorrow, regret, lack of motivation, hurt and lack of self love.  For love is endless, infinite, eternal, pure and crossing all boundaries and all borders, without end.

So Gotta La Mortee! Bless You in Kanarian 1st Creation Human Language 553 million years old.

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