Galactic Federation SETI Hidden Archeology

gpn-2000-001437I Karjanonna am a 9th dimensional being and my love of this galaxy is amazing and your astronomers are doing well but they are off by a lot.  For until you see things it’s hard to come up with all the answers except for theory and we laugh at some of their theory. But you know what? All of us went through evolution and all of us went through a time of theory ourselves. I truly hope that your President Obama puts forth more money for your NASA. Your SETI out there says that they do not, have not, contacted life in the galaxy. Well have you ever thought that we are so highly evolved to do what we do that we don’t communicate the same as you guys. The way we communicate we have to lower our frequency down from our body from our dimensions and try to communicate with you.  In reality we don’t have a lot to talk about.  You’d be ‘picking our brains’.

As said in Popular Mechanics Magazine that if we landed on the White House lawn they had plans to dissect us because we’re not human.  In reality we have been in touch with your government and a few others off and on for centuries.  People have visited there. The dinosaurs and others have been hunted by others in recreational camps millions upon millions of years ago and we’ve even seeded animals here.  Not all these animals have evolved from dinosaurs. This is a beautiful place for all types of life so SETI should really wise up and I know they say they hope for it but they would be out of job if they really found it they would have to retire early and the guy who has his own internet show.

Too many people in the last hundred years have seen ancient hidden archeology that the scientists don’t want to believe cause it throws all their theories out and because there’s only one of them. They never mentioned the strange skulls or the strange proof out there.  It’s all kept hidden for they say to protect the people of the world.  In reality it’s more to protect their jobs and their papers they wrote and Nobel Peace Prizes. But you know what, that’s life! For in all cultures people try to protect what they have and love.  Its been that way, it’s part of being alive, I guess to protect what you have. But you know it hurts the rest of the world for they do not learn what some of these truths are.

Karjanonna 9th dimensional representative of The Galactic Federation


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