Saragon 11th Dimension Abundance Code

by Shelina S Thomas (of Gregory and Shelina)

Saragon 11D Abundance Code

Saragon 11D Abundance Code

Saragon is one of the guides from our, Gregory and Shelina’s, Upper Soul Council.  He is an 11th dimensional Angelic Master of Soul Science and Spirituality and has fun bringing us these 1st creation soul codes or as others call them angelic symbols such as the Abundance Code.

They are actually 553 million years old from the time of the creation of the first humans in The Milky Way Galaxy known as Kanarians.  We, Gregory and Shelina were incarnated at that time as Zanooka and Panini with Gregory being Zanooka the male and myself, Shelina as Panini the female.  We were married and joined together to become baby makers of the human race along with many other couples that you would probably call Adam and Eve.  So that is why we call ourselves Galaxy Adam and Eve as we are the only souls incarnated on Earth at this time living as a couple again.

And no, we did not have a soul contract or agreement to come together again, it just happened that we were both drawn to each other and our love was so strong that we didn’t want to leave each other.  Members of soul families are often drawn together as there are 9500 to 11000 in each soul family but there are also interactions with subsoul families.  That is also why we are called Karmonic Souls since we have lived together millions of times before, although not all have been loving for the soul looks for many  types of experiences to learn and evolve from.  Karmonic stands for the highest level of love, light and sound since we all resonate certain sounds that are unique to each of us.

We hope you enjoy this abundance code.  Keep visualizing exactly what you would like in your life and look at the code.  But be reasonable do not ask for a Lamborgini if you’re driving a Yugo.  You must prepare your mind to accept higher levels as sometimes it takes steps to reach those higher levels.

Love and Blessings to All..  Shelina (and Gregory)