Galactic Federation 2012 Prophecy

People out there are worried about this great shift in 2012. This is Karjanonna, a major representative of the Galactic Federation, speaking through Saragon 11th dimensional guide that enables me to speak through Gregory about your 2012. I have been with The Galactic Federation for over 70 years and I am considered still a young man. I am known and my planet is a great distance away approximately 20 or 30 of your light-years that with our technology we’ve learned to bypass the speed of light. We’ve also learned to carry on a beam of light.

If you truly look back through history there have always been many, many people that have predicted. I will say that getting back to your calendar that ends at 2012, that it is a day for a new beginning and it can’t be an Earthly disaster as they show on TV for nobody can tell when the Earth is going to have its angry moods and want to destroy things. No being out there can control a planet totally. They can work on their planet’s environment, they can control the temperature and pollutants and have high tech to use besides fossil fuels because remember they are higher evolved- you are 3rd dimensional. You have much to learn about life, human creation, your solar system and life in the galaxy. I will say that every human being on this planet must start being responsible whether they have money or not to do little things. It’s for your future and your family’s future. That is why people have families to carry on a lineage.

So December 21, 2012 everyone should wake up have a nice breakfast and a great day and it will be just another day in history. For though people and religions talk about this supposed doomsday and the end of the world as you know it in 2012 they also talk about years beyond that for it will be a rebirth of ideas and better technology is what we see. And though there will be global warming people and governments will come together to work together for a better future. Remember you are a 3rd dimensional being and that’s where you’re supposed to be at the moment and you have a lot to learn as you will always be learning. So I wouldn’t worry about 2012. Some speak of a 12th planet I have not heard anything of this if it is to move in and out of your solar system it is a large starship.

I now bid you goodbye. if I hear of something major cause I don’t usually come through these two, Gregory and Shelina, but they have the ability cause about 5 years ago we brought them in as representatives along with a few others on Earth and there are many chapters around the galaxy. I will let you know with the Creator’s love which we call Ooomgogga Notcha meaning ‘Energy of Light’. Bye for now. Thank you Saragon for allowing me to come through you and Gregory for I am not capable of talking to Gregory directly by myself Saragon and Nonamori are able. It’s like a three way call.

Karjononna 9th dimensional representative of the Galactic Federation

3 Responses

  1. there are somethings most peole havent come to undersatand and that is existance for instance the spirit and the human body most people dont understand that meditation tychi and prayer and learning also excersize and breathing is all apart of life its self being enlightend and becoming awake and aware and not to be kept in darkness or to be asleep is logic rational and wise knowing how to revitolize your body by ganing spiritual energy and turning on the lights inside of you and activating your glands in your body meaning the chakra and feeding your spirit after feeding your body of flesh is good meditation brings about a highly evolved state of awareness spiritualy and mentoly you can feel your ora around you you cant reed oras you can witness teiconetic enrgystactic you can gain a high state of perseption with your spirit and your physical eyes you begin to learn things quicker read better notice the spiritual plain of exsitance control your dreames when you visit the astrol plain when your asleep at night see other peoples oras as they are spiritualy you can notice time an space and undersatand speed and the distance you are gaing from a person or matirial subject when its moving away from you and getting closer you you will witness spiritial impressions even sometimes notice strange spiritial like beings of dark energy and white enargy your ears will funtion better than they ever did its all about spiritualality and us as beings of existance flesh body soul and spirit and god this is life as we know it and will know it but most people in our world dont care about theses things just feeble thoughts and living reckless and being stupid and being kept in darkness mentoly most people dont even know what the frontol lobe is or grasp the thought of it its the so called third eye in mythical terms but once you know how to use this gland you can focus your thoughts better and all these are just small things the basics of our body the spirit part of us and our physical part or flesh man it just goes on and on just think half of the world know where im going with this like people in china japan and india and korea africa packastan irac if people cant understand this then they never even grasp the thoughts of self defence classes and technics this why people jog why we walk why we sleep its all apart of breathing getting your body and spirit in good health it even states in the bible god breeth the breath of life into the nostrols or the mouth this is spirit this is body this is exsistance this is being .

  2. i for one believe this is true but howevere w/ about
    9-11, captureing & hiding aliens i know about the govern meant i know w/ they didi w/ the alien race called: grays, But if theres one thing i know its that the government has space ships that look like alien ships & the government is going to attack us w/ them & blame it on the aliens whenen they actualy did nothing to us. & after that the aliens that care about us humans they will come to us & there gonna ask you & you & everyone do you want to come with us & see new planets &travle with us or they`ll ask you do you want to stay in the crystalized center of the earth & wait it out. & dear govenmenrt if your reading this than come & get me I know all about yalls sceem to make more money.

    The choice is yours so choose wisely.
    thank you & good bye.

  3. Karjanonna,you ain´t said too much new..I know we are 3rd dimensional and what more?by the way,do you have a life?do you think you can fool the people on internet with rubbish only?

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