Saragon Angelic Symbols Galactic Astrology

by Saragon 11th dimension guide of The Upper Soul Council

Saragon’s Soul Codes are given to Gregory and Shelina for helping Earthlings tosaragons-earth-monthly-codes1.jpg evolve and heal. However some are given just for fun. This drawing is for an Earth calendar of twelve months with an angelic symbol or code for each month. It is related to astrology signs like a type of Galactic Astrology.

Many galaxy cultures and beings out there believe in star and planetary movement. But here’s the klicker, they are none of the stars that you look at for they are in a different part of the galaxy and heavens. For you might have a scorpion in your sky, but believe it or not if they had a scorpion it might be in a different place in the sky. And of course, it would not be named the same.

Different words are used for Venus and Mars planets which represent female and male energies too. A bigger star with a different color, called Kareenuk, is brighter and three times as big as your so called Venus. And heres a list of another Venus and Mars planets that are out there as listed in the Galactic Federation Tartrinian Library: Danooch which would mean like ‘Goddess of Passion’, Korsenna which means like ‘Loving Fiesty Woman’. I am trying to decipher something similiar in meaning to your Venus. There is one called Vikula and it is several times larger than your Venus. At times it comes into their sky. Their word for love is Vikula Amoona Dasorra which means ‘Love From Heavenly You’. We will do the Mars side now or the yin and yang. The opposite of Kareenuk is called Mapootuk which means ‘Fight For Survival’. Secondly for Danooch, it is bigger than it warring partner planet called Lamadonn which means ‘War to Protect and Survive’. For Korsenna, the opposite is Leemapool which means ‘Fight For Your Life’ and for Vikula the opposite is Jorgodda which means ‘With Love You Must Protect With War’ for in order to protect what you have you must fight to protect it.

Your astrology on your planet contains things like the messenger, war, love goddess, prosperity, life and death, etc, etc . On other astrology systems some don’t even have a planet of war or a planet of love. They go at it from a different angle, and remember there are different types of symbols in the sky compared to your bull or goat because they have different beings. But on some worlds they do have things that look like goats.

Their galactic astrology is based on the planets, but a lot of planets have many moons instead of one so that is worked in. So you can imagine the pull on one’s body of emotion when you have many moons of any size. For in reality, most beings out there that are like you contain a certain percentage of water. Water has a gravitational effect, and there are gravitational and magnetic influences related to moons and other planets.

Throughout history on all planets, there has always been a quest of what the future is going to be in one’s evolutionary development. It is a natural part of life, especially for intellectual beings that can create and improve their environment by technology and other things. Other extraterrestrial species in the Milky Way Galaxy have the same emotional reactions as humans on Earth when learning about their future. But astrology is a tool no different than the many spiritual books used for prophecy. For it is all theory. For you humans on your planet, with a common consciousness, can help change and manifest changes and how your future is going to be.

Days and months on other planets throughout the galaxy vary depending upon their rotational time. Just because Earth has a 30 days average for each month with twelve months for a year doesn’t mean that the planet Kamorda, a Nefecinarian planet, has the same. It has a 43 hour day and to go around its sun it takes approximately 435 days.

All life in the galaxy wonders what’s out there in the stars and they all have their own heroes in the stars. They might have 13 or 15 months to a year, but 12 is a good number, a big number even in the galaxy. All cultures celebrate and have certain days of the year to honor, remember or respect famous people, religious icons or historical events. Its a natural part of getting together, communicating, having fun and loving one another.

Earth Action: You as humans of Earth must give up your ancient hatreds and pains from eons ago and come together for the common good of mankind. For all around your world scientists are working to truly find out whats causing all the warming and there is much proof out there that you added to it. Go into meditation, or prayer, with yourself or your spiritual group, no matter what your beliefs, and ask for peace of all cultures in understanding. For it will take the collective consciousness and visions of all on your planet to be able to work quickly to turn the global warming around, for it is here to stay and it will get worse until you turn it around. But love and acceptance is much stronger than hate and revenge. For we in the Galactic Federation know that you can do much to help aid on the Earth plane.. Enjoy your holidays and New Year for you are just a small part in the galaxy of beings that celebrate new beginnings. Let that new beginning include the world you live on. Goodbye until next time Earth friends.

With love for you all… Saragon, 11th dimensional being of The Upper Soul Council for Gregory and Shelina


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