The Galactic Federation Tartrinian Library

By Saragon of The Upper Soul Council from Gregory and Shelina auroraborealis.jpeg
Hello again everyone. I am Saragon 11th dimensional being that channels through Gregory. For many of you that have heard Gregory speak, we speak of the Galactic Federation of Light Tartrinian Library. It was created five billions years ago in the Milky Way Galaxy by a group of highly evolved beings that had been around for billions of years. There was bitterness between them for 50,000 years. They were fighting and just about wiped each other out. And yes, these beings had space travel. Warring went on between them for generations upon generations. It was just a common hate for each other. in reality there was no record of why they even started the war.

At the last moment, with only the last couple of planets left in each one’s home or lineage, the Galactic Federation, a peace keeping organization for species that are capable or knowledgeable of space travel, stepped in and asked for a truce. They agreed. After so many billions of years of life not evolving anymore, life gets boring for them. So the Galactic Federation says, ‘Many species have come and gone and we need a universal record of different life in the galaxy telling the who, what and where these species came from’. Through this, records started to be kept about every species that they could find and contact from all over the galaxy. This information is called the Tartrinian Library or Tartrinian Hall of Records. There had never been a total collection from all species of life in the galaxy for science, medical, sociology, anthropology and historical knowledge with the names of many famous beings that have helped each culture to evolve, including the humans. For humans are truly a gift for the galaxy. The thing is it helps keep track of many important leaders of any type, social, spiritual, political, military, or scientific in their own species sections in the library and in the galaxy as there is much diversity of intelligent life out there. Also it explains about their loves, games, activities, and food. That’s not for every planet but for every species. It is a generalization.

The purpose was to keep a lineage of who created who and who created what for accountability and connection. For there are species that can live in all types of environments out there. In case something happens there is a record as species die out and begin continually, planets die out or blow up, and life has to move on after so many billions of years. But they are so advanced that it is nothing for them to move on to another planet to inhabit. For there are hundreds of millions of planets out there that are inhabitable on higher levels and dimensions. The higher dimensional beings try to help the lower dimensional beings most of the time to evolve without interfering too much but there are rogue species that do not work with the Galactic Federation. There are many species out there, like some on Earth, that do not know they have guides and angels and do not evolve. Every intelligent life has it. Beings that are 9th, 10th dimension and above, usually 10th and up, have access to the Tartrinian Library. The agreement when you reach that high, at or above 10th dimension, is that you are not warring. Most are angelic, still in physical form. It is like you on Earth learning to love and accept yourself and others no matter what culture, color, gender, education, wealth, etc…

The Tartrinian Library is kept underground in massive vaults on planets that are basically dead. Nobody bothers it. It has miles upon miles upon miles of records that, believe it or not, are put on square cards like your flash drives. One of those cards is the shape of an 8 inch by 8 inch, like a piece of bread that goes into a toaster, which is capable of reading as much information as all your books in your big Library of Congress. Now for certain beings, in every section, there is a place for important lives that have helped mankind or other species to evolve, to learn love and compassion. It connects in through a thing called soul records with many, many, many soul records. Now what people don’t realize is you have to be very highly evolved and work with your guides to access the Tartrinian Library. Teko is my helper who researches the library for me. I then communicate that information to Gregory, then to Shelina, then to you.

We will talk more abut the library later because it goes deeper, but the Akashic Records which many of you on Earth know, can only be accessed up to 10,000 years since you are third dimensional beings. So when your new year comes up, one year will drop off. Only with higher dimensional angels and guides working with you, can you access these Akashic Hall of Records going back 150,000 years. Very few people can do that. It only works through guides and angels in your upper soul. Then, knowledge from the Tartrinian Library is available with 10th dimensional or higher guides that can also access part of the Akashic Library Records. It is like your local library but if you have a special card and capability through your librarian you can access things your local library doesn’t have by the national library and your higher education with university libraries and they will bring you the records or photograph the records for you to use for a fee.

So I will go in deeper on this another time my fellow Earthlings. Love and peace and understanding for all human beings… Saragon 11th dimensional guide from The Upper Soul Council of Gregory and Shelina


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