4th Earth Seeding Vibrate Together for Peace

We asked Saragon, 11th dimensional guide from The Upper Soul Council and Master Teacher of Spirituality and Soul Science: Are there thousands of angels and guides and other species there to help us on Earth?

The Galactic Federation has been watching over you but they cannot interfere with your evolutionary growth. This is your 4th seeding of humans on Earth and galactic history shows that humans were first seeded or put on Earth sometime around 300 to 330 million years ago. Gregory and Shelina also have the story of how the 1st human DNA was created in the Milky Way Galaxy 553 million years ago. So the Galactic Federation and the angels and guides would really like to see you succeed this time.

It is your choice to succeed. To do that, you need to change, to learn to accept each other, learn to work together and not have one culture control another or have enslavement. The day you can get rid of all enslavement, all bondage and accept everyone whether male or female, for you are all connected together as one to the God Source whether you believe it or not, that will be the day that you’ll see the world start to spiritually grow and evolve as a combined force. For, we are all made of vibration and frequencies that hold us all together in this galaxy. If you just come together and vibrate together with thoughts of peace, acceptance and love, miracles can happen and will happen.

More will come to Gregory about what happened 330 million years ago, approximately, as those humans were put on several settlements on different continents but it didn’t last long due to the Earth being so dangerous with volcanoes, earthquakes, storms and ice ages. You live on a very wild continually moving earth crust but it is also one of the most beautiful planets in this area of the galaxy.

Love and peace Saragon 11th dimensional being, Master of Soul Science and Spirituality speaking through Gregory Thomas (of Gregory and Shelina)


Let Your Journey Begin Introduction

About Journey To The Truest You Book by Shelina Part 1
Giving new ancient historical information and foundational energetic blessing tools, this book can help you to bring forth the life that you desire. For many it is considered a spiritual classic. By sharing angelic symbols or what Saragon our 11th dimensional angelic teacher calls soul codes from the first creation humans known as Kanarians from 553 million years ago, we are once again able to become the empowered humans that we were created to be. This is the first time that these soul codes have been given to Earth humans. They are a sacred divine gift which came about because of the soul connection which Gregory and I, Shelina, have as one of the first human creation couples ever and the research which Saragon did on our soul histories. We have been using these codes in spiritual readings and for ourselves for several years and have seen amazing results. This is a self help book but also an angels and guides, soul, and God help book with information in it that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Copyright 2008 by Gregory Thomas and Shelina Thomas