Spiritual Reunions of Souls

love-and-peace-saragon.jpgby Saragon 11th Dimensional Guide and Master Teacher of Soul Science and Spirituality to Gregory and Shelina

So, what is a soul?  The soul is a spiritual aspect of what all the ancients in the galaxy consider an energy of the total galaxy which includes all intelligent life.  Realize though that this definition of intelligence varies according to the species and what they need to know to evolve.  It is a part of what people would call the God Source or Moshaagonn by the Octasheens, one of the first races in the galaxy, which means ‘Life for All and All for Life’ according to the Galactic Federation Tartrinian Library.  This soul is not visible by itself but is felt by many on a higher consciousness.

Many of the Ancients that have lived before us in this galaxy, and still live, believe the soul is the connection to what we like to call The Great Creator, and may even be the God Source itself.  For nobody truly knows what the God Source is.  These wise ancient races have been trying to study The Great Creator for ages.  It is not physical, but includes organic life, and is larger than you can ever imagine.  Called ‘The All’ by some, along with millions of other names in millions of other languages throughout the galaxy, it includes suns, planets, moons, stars, quasars and all living organisms including animals, trees, rocks, the energy of the water rolling over the rocks, matter and antimatter, big and small down to the smallest single cell on your planet and in the galaxy.  That does not mean that each of those cells are the soul though, the soul is just connected to them.  The soul has the ability to take that energy and put it into love while working with other aspects of itself to help all beings grow on a spiritual level first, and evolutionary level second.

Since the beginning of time known in this galaxy, the Milky Way, most intelligent species have had a soul given to them when they are created.  There are billions of soul families in the Milky Way Galaxy.  Beings which don’t have a soul might be like the alien species called ‘The Greys’ or other organic robotic beings used like slave labor for things such as exploration, contacting worlds such as your Earth, taking samples, mining, fighting wars, building structures or growing foods. 

If you did not have a soul, you would lose your creativity, your aspirations to grow, discover and change.  For it works with you on an invisible deep level within your body and especially your mind, where there is an aspect of you that is connected to your God Source as you do prayer and meditation, no matter what beliefs or religion you have.  Without a soul in the body most would have trouble with consciousness.  For the soul works with the subconscious to help regulate the body’s emotions at times.  It is hard for many to understand but every human life on your planet, including whales, dolphins and porpoises, has a soul that goes into the body 28 to 35 hours after the baby is born.  It is like going out and buying a new car or truck that would be your body.  It sets there not able to move until you get into it, no matter how big, small, powerful, or extras put on the vehicle until you, say, the soul, for you are the owner, hop in, and turn the key.  While you are driving you blend in as you control your vehicle. That is what the soul does, with permission, as you are a free spirit of your own to work with it or not. 

This soul, before birth, chooses the birth parents for experiences or reunions of soul families.  Sometimes there are spiritual contracts to come back together again but not every soul joins with their soul family or soul mates each time they incarnate or evolve into a new body.  Most souls are millions and billions of years old and new souls are created all the time but they are not created by giving birth to a child in your third dimensional world.  That soul beginning is for higher evolved dimensional beings that work with the soul in a special ritual. 

Gregory and Shelina, Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and some others on Earth were given the gift of creating a new soul through higher guides and angels as they agreed to help the Earth and humanity.   This soul creation for Gregory and Shelina, karmonic twinflame souls, was done for them as they do not have the knowledge or understanding to do so.  It was given as gift of love from the many higher beings as an experience due to their connection with each other.  Usually it cannot be done unless one is working in the 6th dimension. Jesus and Mary were higher dimensional twinflame souls.  Jesus was 9th dimension and Mary was slightly lower.

The only way to become a twin soul with a certain partner, friend, mother or father is by earning it as most souls have been together many, many times in the past.  Twin souls or parallel souls are never one soul split in half ,as some people think, but two soul aspects that separate from each other for months or years, never to be seen or heard from for awhile, only to be reunited together again.  If you come together many times and work hard, usually as husband and wife during those times, taking turns as to who is male or female, you are spiritually advanced to become a twinflame because you know how to work as a couple for the common good of the two souls.  Not all the time does that work.  A soul might come down on Earth several times before it finds one of the many twin souls or other souls they have partnered with.

Souls do tend to work together as that helps them evolve and they do tend to work with other members of their soul group.  With 1,720 soul aspects to one complete soul and 8,000 to 11,500 complete souls to a soul family there are many possibilities.  Gregory and Shelina have met many other members of their soul family.  Not all have been positive experiences, but they learned from it, as each individual is at their own evolutionary dimensional level.  More will be explained later.  These soul connections to the Great Creator through the body constantly collect experiences, emotions and communications that are as varied as the number of cells in a body.

Affirmation:  What I truly believe can happen in my life.  I believe that guidance is given to me through my  soul and  I ask for the right circumstances, timing, opportunities, helpers, health, attitude, equipment and tools to fulfill my dreams for my joy, my love, my highest good, my soul’s evolutionary growth, my supreme intelligence and my body’s ultimate physical health.  Thank you Blessed Creator for my life, my soul connection and my daily blessings.