Largest Diamond Displayed in Milky Way Galaxy

Thousand Ruby Galaxy

Thousand Ruby Galaxy- Love Those Gems!

by Gregory Thomas with Nonamori 13th dimension Angelic Master of Love, Light and Knowledge

We heard on TV that they recently discovered a sun in the galaxy which is made of total carbon that is bigger than our Earth Sun by 3 or 4 times.  If that’s true, it would be considered the largest diamond in the Milky Way Galaxy.  Nonamori channeled in about a true diamond in the galaxy that is clear with a few yellow hues in it, almost flawless, and is about the size of a Volkswagon.  Also, it’s not cut but has some geometric shapes like those found on Earth with one side rough and a weight of about 25 tons. This cosmic huge diamond is shown in the Koraddaa Museum, a natural history museum along with other objects from around the galaxy.  Located in a large city called Tramerra, this amazing galactic cultural institution is located in an interplanetary city, meaning it does interplanetary trade, which is also known for tourism and recreation.  That city houses many strange things.  Just one of them is the display of this massive diamond and there are other gems there that we have not even heard of that are beautiful with clear chemicals and elements put together.  And yes, they have opal that is just as beautiful as anything on Earth.  There are also stone specimens that are similar to what we have and some that are very different.  There is a museum for each subject.  One is for religion and spirituality, another for the biggest creatures in the galaxy and another for art.  It is a massive place.  Jewelry is shown in one area with ancient symbols that resemble your spiritual and political artifacts or the Galaxy SAGA Medallions which Gregory and Shelina have been making.  Another area shows old fashioned weapons including rifles and guns and a few things from our planet Earth from ancient times including the jewelry of Spain.  There is one  section for Earth but it is not considered civilized yet because of the way people treat each other at times.  They show some of Earth’s first flights with the Curtis plane that happened after the Wright Brothers plane, set nearby to another planet’s plane that used carbon fuels too.  It’s amazing to see how the wings and power are so similar since they both used carbon fuels. There is also an ancient Roman ship.  It shows the progress of cultures that have evolved.   They have been able to tap into Earth history along with many other worlds. Earth has been watched and guided, not totally but in many things.  Same with other worlds, there are so many of them out there.  They have been able to tap into our lower frequency TV that they don’t really run and they have learned alot from it but know it’s not all totally true but they are able to record it on special plates. So yes, you are being watched but don’t worry it’s not all the time.  It’s like watching a soap opera that is often dramatic but endearing.   All beings throughout the galaxy are just as curious about life as Earth humans.  Each planet with intelligent beings in the Milky Way Galaxy handles their lives and cultures differently yet there are many similarities in evolutionary development.    This is nature.  For you are all very curious about things whether you are 3rd dimensional on Earth or higher dimensional in other places in the galaxy.   That is life and living.  With love and blessings, Nonamori and Gregory


Threnonymous- The Upper Soul Council

Hi you two! (Shelina was surprised as Gregory’s face changed- it was Threnonymous.) Do you remember that I came through first to talk with you two before anybody else? I am looking in Gregory’s brain to describe to your fellow readers how my face and head looks. You know that I am technical. I am tall and skinny, approximately 7.5 feet tall with arms like yours. We have a large thumb and three long fingers that are longer than yours. The same with the toes. Our species is 7.5 to 9 feet tall, walks upright and wear robes. My face is long and skinny like an elk or a horse with the nose coming out, probably 3/4 of their size. I have blue green eyes, black skin and nostrils that are similiar. Though I have a face of an elk I do not have hoofs or an antler. The top of my head is pointed like a Buddha. We have ears that come up at the side. At the top of the peak towards the top of the pyramid we have two little soft bumps. Those are what we communicate with for vibrational frequencies for we have the ability to see in the night. We do speak and some of us are very telepathic. through this crown we have been given the ability to communicate on a movie screen on the wall where we watch movies and put images of ourselves. We run a much higher frequency than you do for these images, so we can project pictures ourselves, although the frequency is sent in so we keep up with the news and weather. My face is capable of growing a gotee of your goathair but it is really just flesh. To help protect the top we have hairstyles like your young.

We are the darcooshes. There are many names for us. We have been around and haven’t evolved much for 2.3 billion years. We have children like you do with a ten month pregnancy. The baby weighs 15 pounds at birth. We also have much technologies. For you two, as Gregory always speaks of love, our name for love is ‘shalukasun keesha’ which means ‘You are my only heart’. (I look through Gregory and Shelina’s eyes though I do not always talk) I had to ask Gregory to come down to my frequency because he and Shelina have evolved.

We use gold and silver and what you would call gems or stones. We have white things like your diamonds. It is called ampla. It is very valuable and very hard. The females do wear them for decoration. We do not have anything like pearls but other multicolored stones that are valuable. Believe it or not in the galaxy there are many more elements that your world not discovered yet.Our society is different but it is not. We get together and we have parties and groups. Remember we have given up war. I know I am saying a lot.

I would be what you would call a merchant. I am an owner of a large company where people come and go and it has been handed down for many many years and our technology is much more advanced than yours. In reality I have several other stores. We have things like your malls. I am approximately 43 years old your time. We have a new little boy he is about a year old by our time. Our planet turns around about every 43 hours for our day. (I have to look into Gregory’s brain for the calculations.) He is from my third wife the youngest one and his name is Koomaraa. Gregory and Shelina will write an e-book about my family of three wives and how our civilization was almost destroyed.

We live on a planet with two moons that is very rocky with sharp peaks. A lot of us live among the sharp peaks around the planet for the planet tends to be in motion continually with quakes called tamaraz or tremors that we tumarz. We do have cities and towns in the valley.The planet from seeing through Gregory’s eyes is four times the size of your Earth. It is called Jarkooma. Jarkooma is beautiful. We have areas of forest and pastures. Some of it is not unlike what you have, but for our part of the culture where I live in the high mountains it is about 8,000 or 9,000 feet. On my world where we live we have roads. The closest town to us other than our little community would be approximately 160 or 180 miles away. I keep trying to calculate it down for your fellow readers. We have vehicles with wheels that do not go flat. They are designed to not put much weight on the road and they don’t let out any pollution.

Many of us out here are worried about your planet with the warming up and your leaders. We went through that billions of years ago. There are many planets that have not had the warming. we have never gone after the fossil fuels like you. We do have them. They are used to make plastic type materials called darmeenas. Our petroleum name is called akavik which means ancient fossils. During those pollution times we had space travel. We do not live on that planet now. I will tell you more later. I just wanted to describe myself. Believe it or not the galaxy is vast with millions of species and offshoots and cloning of species. Baleeta (until next time). We never say ‘goodbye’ as ‘never see you again’. Spoken through Gregory Thomas from Threnonymous- 6th Dimension Guide