Largest Diamond Displayed in Milky Way Galaxy

Thousand Ruby Galaxy

Thousand Ruby Galaxy- Love Those Gems!

by Gregory Thomas with Nonamori 13th dimension Angelic Master of Love, Light and Knowledge

We heard on TV that they recently discovered a sun in the galaxy which is made of total carbon that is bigger than our Earth Sun by 3 or 4 times.  If that’s true, it would be considered the largest diamond in the Milky Way Galaxy.  Nonamori channeled in about a true diamond in the galaxy that is clear with a few yellow hues in it, almost flawless, and is about the size of a Volkswagon.  Also, it’s not cut but has some geometric shapes like those found on Earth with one side rough and a weight of about 25 tons. This cosmic huge diamond is shown in the Koraddaa Museum, a natural history museum along with other objects from around the galaxy.  Located in a large city called Tramerra, this amazing galactic cultural institution is located in an interplanetary city, meaning it does interplanetary trade, which is also known for tourism and recreation.  That city houses many strange things.  Just one of them is the display of this massive diamond and there are other gems there that we have not even heard of that are beautiful with clear chemicals and elements put together.  And yes, they have opal that is just as beautiful as anything on Earth.  There are also stone specimens that are similar to what we have and some that are very different.  There is a museum for each subject.  One is for religion and spirituality, another for the biggest creatures in the galaxy and another for art.  It is a massive place.  Jewelry is shown in one area with ancient symbols that resemble your spiritual and political artifacts or the Galaxy SAGA Medallions which Gregory and Shelina have been making.  Another area shows old fashioned weapons including rifles and guns and a few things from our planet Earth from ancient times including the jewelry of Spain.  There is one  section for Earth but it is not considered civilized yet because of the way people treat each other at times.  They show some of Earth’s first flights with the Curtis plane that happened after the Wright Brothers plane, set nearby to another planet’s plane that used carbon fuels too.  It’s amazing to see how the wings and power are so similar since they both used carbon fuels. There is also an ancient Roman ship.  It shows the progress of cultures that have evolved.   They have been able to tap into Earth history along with many other worlds. Earth has been watched and guided, not totally but in many things.  Same with other worlds, there are so many of them out there.  They have been able to tap into our lower frequency TV that they don’t really run and they have learned alot from it but know it’s not all totally true but they are able to record it on special plates. So yes, you are being watched but don’t worry it’s not all the time.  It’s like watching a soap opera that is often dramatic but endearing.   All beings throughout the galaxy are just as curious about life as Earth humans.  Each planet with intelligent beings in the Milky Way Galaxy handles their lives and cultures differently yet there are many similarities in evolutionary development.    This is nature.  For you are all very curious about things whether you are 3rd dimensional on Earth or higher dimensional in other places in the galaxy.   That is life and living.  With love and blessings, Nonamori and Gregory


Leanami Upper Soul Council Laundry Day

From Leanami: “Hi everybody that has read about me. I am a 7th dimensional being from The Upper Soul Council that channels through Gregory, Shelina’s husband. When I come through he allows me to take over his body. I love Gregory and Shelina very much.” (Leanami- I am very excited dear. )

“Because through Gregory’s eyes I get to see your world. Your world is so fascinating compared to our world, even though I am higher evolved than you are dimension wise. Believe it or not up here my husband Zunami and I are just like you people on this planet. Males and females disagree.” (Leanami laughs- I am excited to talk.. ha.. ha..) “We have arguments, but we also know that like Gregory and Shelina that will spend the rest of their lives together and each of them are ‘butts’ to each other sometimes, (Shelina- What?!) that they are truly the best thing for each other.” (Gregory calls Shelina 95% heaven and 5% butt. Many ladies have told him those odds are pretty good!)

“My husband and I at a young age of, oh, that is hard to compute because your time is different than our time, but I think it was by probably about 18 or 19 years old your time, we came together and we joined our souls and energies together to work together for the common collective of each other. During this time, as we were taught from childhood, we do not try to boss each other or demand they must do this or that unless it is something very dangerous or risky- which we do not have that stuff because we have been around a lot longer than you guys. We try to work it out by talking with each other and listening. Each one has what you would say min..min..minutes (it is hard for her to say certain words) and in reality in the end it is the person’s choice if they want to do it.”

“But we also have our family so we know that we must raise our siblings or Chulapecks that is sons and daughters. Our word for love is Chomahone means I am yours, Tomeck Chalahume means I am glad I am yours for we do not have a word like your English language of love, but it is such a soft sweet word.”

“I look at Gregory’s brain like an encyclopedia of knowledge of your planet and other things for he is a very intelligent, knowledgeable man. And I am sure because of his angels and guides that he is reading a lot more so we learn a lot through him. I notice Gregory is watching the clock for your laundry. We don’t have that many clothes but just simple loin clothes. But your planet is so amazing because our planet does not have a lot of forest or rain forest like you do. I got to say goodbye.” (Leanami gives Shelina a big nose kiss like Iniut) Chomahome ia mooshee With love to you all… Leanami

Leanami 7th Dimension The Upper Soul Council

I have communicated with many off Earth female aspects of myself and others. They have shared their personal lives about lifemates, careers, children, families and communities. It has been some of the greatest teachings one could ever receive. The first, Leanami, is actually Gregory on the 7th dimension. She is a Trilibyte with three children and married to Zunami (who is actually me-Shelina, as a scientist and minister). She loves to play the drum so when she first channeled through Gregory his head started going up and down, and side to side uncontrollably to the beat of the music while we were soaking in the hottub. Eventually he learned it was Leanami. She was fascinated with the way we Earthling ladies like to color our hair and wear pretty material. This started a new desire for many Trilibyte girls but the husband’s quickly put a stop to any nonsense. These ladies also do a ceremony monthly under their two moons. I can only hope that I keep her childlike enthusiasm and joy (it’s funny because Gregory is full of laughs too!).. Shelina