Ancient Galaxy Life Hunted Earth Dinosaurs

by Gregory Thomas channeling Nonamori 13th dimension Angelic Master of Love, Light and Knowledge

dinosauranchiceratopsThe more evolved and advanced you become, the more opportunities you are given.  Like the ancient ancients that landed on Earth, certain beings came down and went out and would hunt dinosaurs.  Not with the high tech laser beams but as a sport with a weapon powerful enough to kill things.  This was before mass population and they would set up their settlements. They had the lasers but part of the sport of hunting is to truly make it a sport not just go out and kill.  So although they could use what they call a laser beam of some kind they also used other weaponry and they would come down in groups.  Then they would sometimes take the meat back to the mother ships and it would be a delicacy while the hides were used for leather, although they were quite thick and quite hard.  They had a process of using the skin like the elephant skin is used.  This has gone on and off for millions of years.

dinoabrictosaurusThey don’t come here to hunt as much now cause they see what we’ve been doing to our species but they used to come down at times. They as a species want to see us advance and grow and they are very much worried.  Many of the Galactic Federation beings that check on us and oversee us are worried about our world and worried about the wealthy that all they want to see is profit coming from all the oil companies and they understand their stock holders situation but they must learn to invest in their future.  For many other planets have invested in high tech and they don’t use oil except to make byproducts, not in the gas but they use it in the plastics and other things that are not as bad.  Some still use a natural gas for the high temperatures but they’ve learned to filter it and bring it back so there’s almost no pollution.

So they are very worried about us but they say as far as they know this Armageddon which is talked about in 2012 will not happen, and they say that you’re not going to be zapped off the Earth to the God source and that you’re all connected to the God source and to each other and that you really need to get the corporations and the population to start taking control and use other types of fuel so the oil raping of your planet doesn’t destroy your waters around the mines and the foliage.  For every bit of foliage that you take down without renewing it in other places and allowing it to grow quickly hinders the amount of oxygen in your air which is getting less every year in your atmosphere.  On other planets they are using oxygen making devices that create oxygen to put it back in and scrubbing the air to clean it but they are a lot higher tech than you are.  Good Hunting whether you are at the grocery story, out fishing or able to hunt when the seasons are open, or hunting for a mate, or a job, or a good beer for some.  Nonamori 13th dimension


Zunami 7th Dimension The Upper Soul Council

Zunami is one of the first guides from The Upper Soul Council that spoke to me through Gregory’s channelings about our soul connections. He is a 7th dimensional male Trillibyte that is actually another soul aspect of me (Shelina). He is also a minister that performed our channeled Kanarian first creation human ceremony, a scientist of environmental impacts and a politician where he is on a Council of 5 in his small village.

Surprisingly, Leanami (the 7th dimensional female soul aspect of Gregory) is married to Zunami and they have three small children. Their bodies are short and stubby with thin arms, thin legs and almost no neck due to heavy gravity. I love to talk with Zunami and Leanami. They have such a fascination for our Earthly ways and are concerned about our future. That is why these communications are shared. It is time for Earthlings to learn about their other soul parts and connections to life in the galaxy. Zunami and Leanami have a childlike enthusiasm and are very loving.  I learn alot from them through acceptance, wonder and the realization that we are all creatures of God.

There are many planets of Trillybytes and not all live in the same environment but Zunami and Leanami live in a rural small town on a desert type planet with no tall trees. Their vehicles move by levitation and their homes are made of adobe material with large screens for communications. Near town, the swamp has a creature that occasionally takes small children. It is their only known enemy and very sad for everyone when it attacks since they are a very caring and loving species.

Zunami and Leanami are of of our eight concurrent Milky Way Galaxy incarnated lifetimes.  It is funny to think that Gregory is both my husband on Earth and my wife on another dimension.  But that is only one possibility since we have been together millions of lifetimes on many dimensions as soul travelers. Sometimes it is peaceful and loving and other times it is not. We are very blessed that this time we are deeply in love as karmonic twinflame souls one of the deepest connections on Earth. In Kanarian, the first creation human, we are called shalanees or lifemates.Zunami says in Trillybyte (not the same trillybyte ancient sea creatures on Earth) “Aqua dora lasha monak” -Welcome human.. “Moldolka schanokera” to open minds and new knowledge. “Taha komaha abok tohomuschk” For some, with open minds, there is much to learn. “Agoo makosh taschuck mahadeek”– Keep coming back you will learn much.. Zunami.

By Shelina Thomas -With Blessings from Gregory, Zunami and Leanami

Leanami 7th Dimension The Upper Soul Council

I have communicated with many off Earth female aspects of myself and others. They have shared their personal lives about lifemates, careers, children, families and communities. It has been some of the greatest teachings one could ever receive. The first, Leanami, is actually Gregory on the 7th dimension. She is a Trilibyte with three children and married to Zunami (who is actually me-Shelina, as a scientist and minister). She loves to play the drum so when she first channeled through Gregory his head started going up and down, and side to side uncontrollably to the beat of the music while we were soaking in the hottub. Eventually he learned it was Leanami. She was fascinated with the way we Earthling ladies like to color our hair and wear pretty material. This started a new desire for many Trilibyte girls but the husband’s quickly put a stop to any nonsense. These ladies also do a ceremony monthly under their two moons. I can only hope that I keep her childlike enthusiasm and joy (it’s funny because Gregory is full of laughs too!).. Shelina