Saragon 11th Dimension Abundance Code

by Shelina S Thomas (of Gregory and Shelina)

Saragon 11D Abundance Code

Saragon 11D Abundance Code

Saragon is one of the guides from our, Gregory and Shelina’s, Upper Soul Council.  He is an 11th dimensional Angelic Master of Soul Science and Spirituality and has fun bringing us these 1st creation soul codes or as others call them angelic symbols such as the Abundance Code.

They are actually 553 million years old from the time of the creation of the first humans in The Milky Way Galaxy known as Kanarians.  We, Gregory and Shelina were incarnated at that time as Zanooka and Panini with Gregory being Zanooka the male and myself, Shelina as Panini the female.  We were married and joined together to become baby makers of the human race along with many other couples that you would probably call Adam and Eve.  So that is why we call ourselves Galaxy Adam and Eve as we are the only souls incarnated on Earth at this time living as a couple again.

And no, we did not have a soul contract or agreement to come together again, it just happened that we were both drawn to each other and our love was so strong that we didn’t want to leave each other.  Members of soul families are often drawn together as there are 9500 to 11000 in each soul family but there are also interactions with subsoul families.  That is also why we are called Karmonic Souls since we have lived together millions of times before, although not all have been loving for the soul looks for many  types of experiences to learn and evolve from.  Karmonic stands for the highest level of love, light and sound since we all resonate certain sounds that are unique to each of us.

We hope you enjoy this abundance code.  Keep visualizing exactly what you would like in your life and look at the code.  But be reasonable do not ask for a Lamborgini if you’re driving a Yugo.  You must prepare your mind to accept higher levels as sometimes it takes steps to reach those higher levels.

Love and Blessings to All..  Shelina (and Gregory)


Endless Love in the Galaxy

by Shelina S Thomas (of Gregory and Shelina)

Love is the one of the most used words on the planet Earth and yet hardly anybody experiences it the same way.  Some say it when they eat their favorite food, or listen to a song that moves them or see a sexy girl that walks by but every time the word love is used it resonates and vibrates the body in a different way.  Just as a song is played over and over again affecting one differently each time it is played, love does the same thing to us.

When couples first meet there is an infatuation and a curiosity which gently builds like kindling being put on the fire.  This interest, which for some transforms into love, keeps growing and growing until there is ultimate intimacy and physical passion making that fire roar with intensity and light. Could it be that someone put fuel on the fire?  Hormones race affecting bodies, minds and emotions while making clouds of confusion and illusion with new opportunities just waiting for to spring forth.  Many times guides and angels will bring a person to a certain place for their evolution, joy and blessings.  However that does not mean that suggestions are always acted upon.  For all humans have free will.

So in order to give a soul a good start in life, the soul is connected to the Great Creator or Creatoress all the time and given an Upper Soul Council with 12 angels and guides from many dimensions that are actually other parts of you as you are only one part of 1,720 soul parts to make a complete soul.  Some have called this The Council of 12.  For many of you this is the first time that you have heard this, but just imagine how much endless love you are given through these connections and guidance.  Along with that one brings ancestral and soul histories, sometimes with contracts to attract, create and manifest the life they desire depending upon their interests, likes and dreams.

One of the worst things that institutions and people around us can do is to tell people that they are not lovable.  How could anything be further from the truth?  Just look at all of this love from God, your angels, and guides that are with you all the time even though things may not be perfect in your life, for strife allows one to evolve but the soul aspect is always perfect.  This is the same for all of God’s children in The Milky Way Galaxy and yes some stray away from these wisdom teachings in order to experience life but it doesn’t mean that they are bad and unlovable forever for love does heal.  It heals the wounds of guilt, shame, sorrow, regret, lack of motivation, hurt and lack of self love.  For love is endless, infinite, eternal, pure and crossing all boundaries and all borders, without end.

So Gotta La Mortee! Bless You in Kanarian 1st Creation Human Language 553 million years old.

Galactic Federation Galactic Human Responsibility

gpn-2000-000933As a galactic human race on Earth you must learn together to grow and protect your beautiful planet. Your governments will be cautious, same as with your businesses but you must start acting and when I say acting you must take care of your population growth. You must slow that down to just two per family and you must start working on your global warming and this thing with your new President Obama.  Gregory and Shelina will come out and tell you shortly who this man truly is and he is a God loving man and he is an amazing highly evolved being that has come down to help not only America but the world.  He cannot do it alone and he is out there saying ‘I need help’ so in your own way you must work around to help him out in little things you do and not just leave it up to the government no matter what color, what beliefs, or culture.

You are one people and you are also connected to all other humans in the galaxy. And there is a human civilization moving forward about 30 light-years from the Pleiadian stars and they are just developing and evolving. They look similar to you but their skin color is different for their star is different, and I’m not sure but they might have taken humans from a certain part of your world and reseeded them.  That’s what they do at times or they know your DNA and strands and can reproduce it for none of our DNA as you call genetic makeup is that much different than the other.

Their planet is smaller. They have been seeded here from the very first groups of humans as you. They have been there for approximately 8,000 to 10,000 years.  Believe it or not they have not discovered fossil fuels so they use other types of energies and they have conquered the art of radioactivity nuclear and they almost destroyed their world but they discovered a way to handle the nuclear energy different than you and they chose it over fossil fuels. I’m not saying there is not fossil fuels but they realized right away the skies were turning and so they jumped on the other way cause they did not like the smell of it. What fossil fuels they do have is used to make other things like your plastics and your rubbers and they have their own type. They do not have space travel either.  In fact they haven’t even built anything capable of that. They do not have the ability of flying yet but they discovered.

I, Korjanonna, 9th dimensional representative of The Galactic Federation. wish you all well.

Galactic Federation SETI Hidden Archeology

gpn-2000-001437I Karjanonna am a 9th dimensional being and my love of this galaxy is amazing and your astronomers are doing well but they are off by a lot.  For until you see things it’s hard to come up with all the answers except for theory and we laugh at some of their theory. But you know what? All of us went through evolution and all of us went through a time of theory ourselves. I truly hope that your President Obama puts forth more money for your NASA. Your SETI out there says that they do not, have not, contacted life in the galaxy. Well have you ever thought that we are so highly evolved to do what we do that we don’t communicate the same as you guys. The way we communicate we have to lower our frequency down from our body from our dimensions and try to communicate with you.  In reality we don’t have a lot to talk about.  You’d be ‘picking our brains’.

As said in Popular Mechanics Magazine that if we landed on the White House lawn they had plans to dissect us because we’re not human.  In reality we have been in touch with your government and a few others off and on for centuries.  People have visited there. The dinosaurs and others have been hunted by others in recreational camps millions upon millions of years ago and we’ve even seeded animals here.  Not all these animals have evolved from dinosaurs. This is a beautiful place for all types of life so SETI should really wise up and I know they say they hope for it but they would be out of job if they really found it they would have to retire early and the guy who has his own internet show.

Too many people in the last hundred years have seen ancient hidden archeology that the scientists don’t want to believe cause it throws all their theories out and because there’s only one of them. They never mentioned the strange skulls or the strange proof out there.  It’s all kept hidden for they say to protect the people of the world.  In reality it’s more to protect their jobs and their papers they wrote and Nobel Peace Prizes. But you know what, that’s life! For in all cultures people try to protect what they have and love.  Its been that way, it’s part of being alive, I guess to protect what you have. But you know it hurts the rest of the world for they do not learn what some of these truths are.

Karjanonna 9th dimensional representative of The Galactic Federation

Galactic Federation First Contact

gpn-2000-000876We have been around with help from the Pleiadians over the years and Gregory saw a picture of the mother ship which was as big as the moon across as it appeared in front of the Soho Telescope which allowed him to direct three of the smaller spaceships from this mother ship  in front of people during the early summer of 1998.  It was multidimensional and came through on the Soho Telescope that watches the sunspots and high xray solar radiation of outbursts that could hurt you.  It showed proof that we are out there. For what the government said was a speck of dust, many people enlarged as it actually showed the shape of the spaceship and there’s an actual picture that Gregory had, although the pixels were not as high quality as today, but he cannot find it now but back then it was downloaded. The government shut the link to the telescope down for a few days.

We have always been out there to try to help you. We keep up to date by monitoring your news and all types of video and audio. We have been here for hundreds of years as we do with many other young civilizations and planets.  Your planet Earth is so beautiful and has such a diverse amount of minerals and precious gemstones that although that global warming is a real thing, it is still a very valuable planet for many other species out there.  So we are part of a group of others that keeps an eye that you will not have other beings come in to take control of this planet that is strictly humans as humans have been seeded here three other times and life has almost disappeared due to the Earth’s continual movement and actions.

Human life was created in another part of the galaxy around 553.2 million years ago and you have many other humans out there in The Milky Way Galaxy.  Until all beings reach at least the 6th dimension, because few go into the 4th, there is an off and on watch of involvement of many species to keep an eye on the evolving culture. That does not mean we are to interfere with your daily life or your wars but keep an eye that rogue species and groups do not come in to harm you.  For there is much life out there that is intelligent and life keeps expanding and growing.

Karjanonna 9th dimensional representative of The Galactic Federation

2050 Prophecy Moon Base and Mars Base

2333main_mm_image_feature_19_rs4I see by 2050 a possibility of your having many settlements on the moon and on Mars with a permanent station up there that is quite large that is possibly barreled into the ground where it’s not affected by weather, and people will be able to breathe oxygen in that area as they will try to reseed parts of the planet with foliage to protect it around 2050 or 2060, and it will be the humans from this planet Earth that will do it.  For like many intelligent humans there will be star travel and settlements in your solar system as you will have the technology to start doing that if you start caring for yourselves and other people for you are all connected.

Your first human life were created in this galaxy 553 million years ago.  Nothing in your future is set in stone from certain directions of the past and the way you are going is the way that people can predict a certain future in far distances of time for there are too many variables.  If there is something as we, The Galactic Federation, are looking at it ourselves we will let you know through Gregory and Shelina as many others are looking too but 2000 years is a long time to manifest your future.

For those looking for Armageddon or thinking about a death wish, why would you want to visualize the end of everything?  For even if the sun blew out, you’d think you’d have 8 minutes to know but it would happen instantaneously so why worry about it. Nobody has a match that big to light the sun again! Have a good life and start working as one no matter what culture, wealth, or color you are still all part of the God Source as all of us.

Karjanonna 9th dimensional being, representative of The Galactic Federation

Galactic Federation 2012 Prophecy

People out there are worried about this great shift in 2012. This is Karjanonna, a major representative of the Galactic Federation, speaking through Saragon 11th dimensional guide that enables me to speak through Gregory about your 2012. I have been with The Galactic Federation for over 70 years and I am considered still a young man. I am known and my planet is a great distance away approximately 20 or 30 of your light-years that with our technology we’ve learned to bypass the speed of light. We’ve also learned to carry on a beam of light.

If you truly look back through history there have always been many, many people that have predicted. I will say that getting back to your calendar that ends at 2012, that it is a day for a new beginning and it can’t be an Earthly disaster as they show on TV for nobody can tell when the Earth is going to have its angry moods and want to destroy things. No being out there can control a planet totally. They can work on their planet’s environment, they can control the temperature and pollutants and have high tech to use besides fossil fuels because remember they are higher evolved- you are 3rd dimensional. You have much to learn about life, human creation, your solar system and life in the galaxy. I will say that every human being on this planet must start being responsible whether they have money or not to do little things. It’s for your future and your family’s future. That is why people have families to carry on a lineage.

So December 21, 2012 everyone should wake up have a nice breakfast and a great day and it will be just another day in history. For though people and religions talk about this supposed doomsday and the end of the world as you know it in 2012 they also talk about years beyond that for it will be a rebirth of ideas and better technology is what we see. And though there will be global warming people and governments will come together to work together for a better future. Remember you are a 3rd dimensional being and that’s where you’re supposed to be at the moment and you have a lot to learn as you will always be learning. So I wouldn’t worry about 2012. Some speak of a 12th planet I have not heard anything of this if it is to move in and out of your solar system it is a large starship.

I now bid you goodbye. if I hear of something major cause I don’t usually come through these two, Gregory and Shelina, but they have the ability cause about 5 years ago we brought them in as representatives along with a few others on Earth and there are many chapters around the galaxy. I will let you know with the Creator’s love which we call Ooomgogga Notcha meaning ‘Energy of Light’. Bye for now. Thank you Saragon for allowing me to come through you and Gregory for I am not capable of talking to Gregory directly by myself Saragon and Nonamori are able. It’s like a three way call.

Karjononna 9th dimensional representative of the Galactic Federation