The Earth Motivation Channeling by Saragon 11D

110787main_image_feature_286_ajh4For the whole world needs to realize that your Earth is your backyard your home in this massive galaxy and most people on this planet take care of their backyards whether they live in huts with dirt floors and dirt outside to beautiful jungles that they step into from their sleeping quarters in South America and other places, to Europe with their fine homes and castles and China with it’s clean mats they lay out and beautiful yards that they work on with foliage and flowers and America, United States, with the beautiful lawns that they have, forests at their backyards and desert. But if you truly look at anyone around this globe even in Alaska with the snow you will notice that right around where each individual lives 90% of this world takes care of their own backyards.

So now I ask the world, its people, governments, and big corporations to start opening their mind and help start taking care of other’s back yards for it does no good to keep your yard clean yet let the Earth be destroyed by humans and the animals that they raise with global warming, toxic chemicals and raping the Earth of its forests in the name of money for the stockbrokers that are doing it for themselves.  For on this beautiful planet that you have, no matter how small your backyard is, nobody really owns the Earth. You are here just a short time and you must learn to keep it for your children and grandchildren and great grandchildren for if you look to the future with technology that is already there and better ways of cleaning the air pollutants in the water and on land and thinking of more than yourself you will not have an Armageddon as they talk about. But if you do not you will have a race that will slowly die out and it’s a shame for your planet has been seeded during Atlantis and Lemuria and two other times as your race has just about been wiped off the Earth as the dinosaurs.

So think positive, learn to work together quickly and not just give it to the kids to worry about. For things are changing fast on your beautiful planet. Invest in new ways of cleaning the air up and force your politicians to get out of the oil and fossil fuels that are dirty and coal can be cleaned enough and learn to eat other foods than the half a billion or so cattle beef that give out 85 pounds average a day of methane gas that is polluting your world and eat more vegetables and meats out there that don’t do that. There is so much money and prosperity to be made believe it or not by going green and meaning it. Gas mileage could double in cars now. They had carburetors that could do 40 or 50 miles a gallon that oil corporations bought up Greg saw the paper work and the carburetor and the tests on a 1950 Ford sedan getting 43 miles to the gallon average with a V8 as this man tested it and tested it. The carburetor and man moved to another area people said he made a lot of money and moved about three months later. The technology is there and its moving fast. Work with your governments to clean up your backyard or front yard for, in reality, it’s the whole world. With love and blessings.

Besides from the moon the Earth really looks like a beautiful marble. You don’t want to wreck that marble where it ends up to be a solid color. It can be done. I beleive in the human race and their technology. Thank you.

by Saragon 11th Dimensional Angelic Kodamon Master of Soul Science and Spirituality


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