Saragon’s 2009 Angelic Symbol for Earth

2009-earth-angelic-symbol-300dpi-jpeg2009 Angelic Symbol from Saragon 11th dimensional angelic Master of Soul Science and Spirituality in The Upper Soul Council for Gregory and Shelina Karmonic Souls and the Galaxy’s First Human Adam and Eve.

We bless all the people that live and breathe on planet Earth to quickly come together and use their intellect and abilities of many different types and knowledge to start seeing in front of their own backyards and start realizing that this beautiufl marble as it looks like from the moon with all its different colors needs help. So I ask and pray to God no matter what your religion that we come together and move quickly and I truly believe that with this the Earth will come back and the humans can hopefullly find peace by working together for a common interest and learn to live together. For that back yard I spoke about is everybody’s back yard including your lineage for you want your grandchildren and greatgrandchildren and their greatgrandchildren to have what you have. For the only thing you can count on in this galaxy is change and if the whole human race can come together you can make the changes on this planet beneficial for all mankind. God bless everybody no matter who or what you are on this planet. You’re all part of the same human race and part of the God Source. Amen

Saragon 11th dimensional angelic guide and Kodamon Master Teacher of Soul Science and Spirituality


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