Let Your Journey Begin Introduction Part 2

About ‘Journey To The Truest You’ Book by Shelina Part 2 of Introduction

The first thing the book should do is to make you wonder about your life, habits, genetics, and soul lineage and how they have been affecting you for years by controlling or interfering in your life without your even knowing it. Some of these patterns have even been inherited. These angelic symbols are given to help each person, no matter what color, gender, age or belief, but it is better if someone is in their teens or older since they understand life a little more. By working through this program one should start to use their God given abilities which are built into the body’s chakras. This is done on a subconscious level.

Secondly old garbage, as Saragon likes to call it, should be cleared out to enable you to start accepting new beliefs of who you truly are or what you would like to become, or have, in yoiur life. We have seen amazing results from some of Saragon’s Soul Code Readings. A person may seem shy and intimidated one day and the next day they are confident and beaming happily. Sometimes they don’t even know it but others do. For it is then that they find ‘The Truest You’ which is sometimes beyond what a person is able to conceive of because they have been so blocked off and controlled. Eventually they start to love themselves which sets up a good foundation for everything positive. This book is set up to do one code per day or if you are more evolved two per day. It is meant to be done in a determined yet casual way. Do not stress if you cannot do it regularly but do it the best that you can. If you need to read the words at a different time than looking at the code that is ok. The affirmations are also there to inspire you but they do not always directly relate to the code for the day. We hope you enjoy the book. Happy Journeys, Shelina

copyright 2008 Gregory Thomas and Shelina Thomas


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