Are You Looking- for Angels, Aliens, UFO’s?

shegetsthepennyhegetsthekiss572px1Ever since man, and woman, were put on this Earth they have been looking up at the stars. But for what? Why would they do that? As a child I did the same thing, but not only did I look up but I looked down while wondering about the shiny rocks, the 4 leaved clovers, the ladybugs, lightning bugs or slimy worms.

The world has always been a mysterious place and as we speak with our brothers and sisters throughout the galaxy we learn that life is the same for them. For those that still have their curiosity it is a magnificent wonderous place, but for those that have lost their curiosity something is missing. It is that childlike quality of wonder that keeps things new and fresh all the time while encouraging us to improve on things and look at things differently. History is full of these new perceptions such as seeing animals in the stars for astrology or using mistakes for new products such as silly putty or post it notes. Curiosity motivates us daily to do things such as to redecorate, figure out new ways for energy, fix our selves up differently to impress that special guy or gal in our life, or to look up at the stars wondering if there really is other life out there or perhaps another family that we don’t know about.

Throughout the millions of years which humans have been around they have always been blessed with the best qualities of many species and with these genetic abilities they have been given many choices of how to live their lives. Now is the time when many are looking for others to save them but while that would be nice it is time to look within to ways that you can make a difference in your life or the lives of others, through action, cooperation, tolerance, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, peace and love. There have been many other planets of humans throughout the galaxy. At least three of them blew the whole planet up by warring. That is why many civilizations out there have become very advanced only to pollute their planet and have to give it all up in order to save themselves and then learn to live a simple life. We can only pray and hope that we on Earth will make a decisive effort to do whatever is best for our health, our food production, and our children’s children children. and so on. So as you are looking up, do not forget- LOOK WITHIN!

With many blessings and love- by Shelina (of Gregory and Shelina)


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  1. Can you do some research on what Earth Angels have to do with 2012 or aleins?It’s all really confusing,and im looking for someone to shed some light on this subject.

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