Saragon 2008 Chakra Healing Angelic Symbols


Saragon’s 2008 Soul Codes

Happy New Year 2008 from Saragon, 11th dimensional guide of The Upper Soul Council, along with Jesus, Gregory and Shelina. These ancient angelic symbols, also called ‘Saragon’s Soul Codes’, are 553 million years old, older than your traditional Reiki, from the Kanarians First Creation Humans and are given with love for your New Year. Made for the human genetics by divine beings with the blessings of God, they were made to help cleanse fear, anger and pain, bring manifestations and transformations, and heal with the help of your angels and guides. You can print one diagram and put your picture in the middle, where the face of Jesus from The Jesus Opal is, if you would like.

Look at all of the symbols together while doing prayer or meditation for a couple minutes at a time. Drink water, play soft music or sit in silent reflection to connect with the divine. Think about what you would like to attract into your life. These love and light angelic symbols are not harmful, and are given with the guidance of the Great Creator to bring blessings for all. Realize changes or growth in your life may seem subtle to you, but others often notice your spiritual evolution, enlightenment, creativity, physical healing and peace even when you don’t. We hope you enjoy these divine designs from the highest dimensional angels for humans on Earth. With love and empowerment for Earth humans, Saragon Master Teacher of Soul Science and Spirituality.

Jesus talking through Gregory “For like me, you are all sons and daughters of the God source. Being that, no matter what your beliefs, look into yourself, you have been given the ability to change your life’s directions and growth. It is everyones Godly right to be blessed and helped by their angels and guides, and helpers, like these codes. They are given with love and hope and understanding that you will use them in the way that they are supposed to be used and to open your mind to changes and growth in your life. It is God’s given gift for all. Bless you” Jesus With Love

Gregory and Shelina: We have seen, and experienced ourselves, many positive results from Saragon’s Soul Codes. Each color of the chakra healing angelic symbols relates to different energy centers of the body. Meanings for each each chakra point vary among cultures. Listed below are chakra points with color, area of body and some attributes.

First Chakra: Red: Root – vitality, personal power, healing, magnetism

Second Chakra: Orange: Sacral– intelligence, sexuality, creativity, emotions

Third Chakra: Yellow: Solar plexus– aspiration, emotions, intuitive, gut feeling

Fourth Chakra: Green: Heart– love, well-being, growth, prosperity

Fifth Chakra: Blue: Throat– healing, creativity, thoughtforms, communication

Sixth Chakra: Indigo: 3rd Eye– spirituality, psychic, mediums, awareness

Seventh Chakra: Violet: Crown Top of head– consciousness and fulfillment

Disclaimer: These transmissions and symbols are given for entertainment purposes only. Follow your heart to do what is good and true for you personally.


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  1. It would help if you could state which part you need help to understand but I will try. First we as humans have energies in our body just as the Earth has weather. Sometimes this life force is related more to wind or air, or perhaps water, Earth, fire and even metal as is taught in Oriental or Indian acupuncture teachings. An example would be the lungs related to air. My point around this is that each intelligent being in the galaxy has 7 major energy centers on their body or circular wheels that are called chakras that control and manage the body. Those are listed above with the root being at the tailbone, sacral above that, solar plexus at the belly button or naval, heart chakra at the heart and throat chakra at the throat area of course, 3rd eye between the eyebrows just above the eyes and crown is at the top of the head and is pointing upward so it would appear to some like it is spraying light from the top of your head like a fountain. The others spin energies from the front of the body to the back of it as they spin like a side loading washing machine.

    These soul codes were made by the first human ancient creators 553 million years ago to cleanse out things like health, emotional or mental concerns which can accumulate in our day to day activities. For the human body is very similiar to a computer and made to be programmable which many hypnotists, teachers, physicians, advertisers and clergy know. These scribbles look like they won’t do anything but through our soul genetics and the intention of improving ourselves with the help of our angels and guides and The Great Creator it has a profound effect upon our lives. You might say these soul codes which have a frequency and vibration are a direct gift from our angelic ancestors. Sometimes it might take awhile but through repetition most things work. Hopefully this answers your question. Please write again if it doesn’t. With blessings and love.. Shelina S Thomas (of Gregory and Shelina)

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