The First Galactic Federation by Nonamori

auroraborealis.jpegby Nonamori 13th dimension of The Upper Soul Council of Gregory and Shelina. Welcome. I would like to add additional history to what you may have learned about the Galactic Federation. There are approximately 3/4 million or more different intelligent species in the galaxy. Many are offshoots and clonings of very ancient beings that began billions of years ago. In fact the age of the galaxy is much older than your Earth scientists claim it to be, by almost four times, so the galaxy is about 69 to 71 billion years old. They are measuring by light and distance but in reality, the oldest light from ancient stars and planets in the galaxy is gone. So life has come and gone and diversified, stars have come and gone supernova, new planets have been created, and new intelligent life has populated many planets over millions of years.

During these ancient times the galaxy was much smaller. Planets were closer together with different types of intelligent species, but not as many as now. After different species discovered themselves on different planets and life started to expand, wars went on just like they do on your Earth for land and material things. There were wars between planets and species at times, like you see in your Star Trek or as Gregory says, one of his favorites, Star Wars. During this time populations would keep growing, just as it is on Earth, as cloning became the norm for the highly evolved to make offshoots of themselves.

So during this time, about 15 billion years ago there was a group of highly evolved master races, descendants from the first creator races or species in the galaxy, that came together to form a Galactic Federation with ships, knowledge and technology surpassing most of the other evolving life. Now remember fifteen billion years ago the galaxy was much smaller and new life creations and planets were being formed continually and still are. Once a planet and new species had stellular capabilities for space travel with starships and scoutships, in most instances, they could join and become part of the Galactic Federation.

It is like your United Nations which helps to prevent war. The galaxy is so large that there are chapters of sub-federations but they have communication around the whole galaxy with much higher tech than you can even imagine. So in your sector or area of the Milky Way Galaxy, you have one of the younger aspects of the Galactic Federation with the Sirians and the Pleiadians being part of it. Not all species, planets, or groups have exactly agreed with the Galactic Federation, for there are new young species and new planets coming on board like Earth that has had human life seeded there three times and has been selected as a human planet. Most of the UFOs that you see are experiencing the beauty of it, traveling to see like a tourist destination to see if you are like, how do I say it, like a soap opera in a evolutionary form. So the Galactic Federation when a planet has been seeded tries to work with the other species that might want to control it or help the evolutionary destinies or life to grow on their own. We will speak more on that later.

So as stated before the Galactic Federation has been around about 15 billion years. The head chairman now, like your U.N. chairman, is called Neemone Konavich Prokashama. He is very old, about 365 years old with another 200 years to live. His title is Gojak which means Supreme Director or Leader and he has been doing it for 150 years or so with the capability to do it for the rest of his life, just as your Pope does. Gojak Prokashama is a very highly evolved 12th dimensional light being. All leaders have evolved quite high. Each planet has one representative and they meet over a huge flat screen which is third dimensional so they can meet anytime something is going on. Large federation starships also come in at great speeds when there is great trouble. Every planet that belongs pays a tribute yearly to fund it for not only warriors and leaders from these planets that work together, but for high tech developments for the federation. The leader can only be 12th dimensional and not higher. Because as you reach the 13th dimension, as I, Nonamori, am, you are not involved in disputes and already know that there is no good from war, disease, hurting one another, invasion or abuse. For love, peace and acceptance are truly what all cultures and life desires. But as a twelfth dimensional being, this male species is both an adviser to others and listens to his council.

There is a democratic congressional meeting of many sectors that come together every so many years. The council is made up of many subcouncils. The galaxy is divided up into areas like your continents, countries, states, counties, states and towns. Your sector would be called ‘pensacooshun’ in Nefecinarian, the species which helped to create the first human DNA. And so there are over about 50,000 subsectors, the smallest subgroups of sectors in the galaxy. They all follow a Federation Constitution called Almatrail Salutis Modakon meaning ‘Rules All Life Should Live By’. The purpose of the federation is to observe new life on new planets, help seedings of intelligent life, animals and organics, keep track of species, help new life forms by protecting them from rogue species, helping to stop natural disasters, and helping trade. They also give species like Earthlings new ideas to evolve. As you evolve you will learn more about them. Blessings to all and Happy New Year. Remember time is just a figment of one’s imagination used for commerce, age of lifetime, births and deaths. It varies throughout the galaxy. We are trying to compute all time-lines according to your calendar with 24 hour days and 365 days a year.


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  1. This is VERY helpful information, thank you for sharing! The Federation id growing stronger every day. We look forward to the arrival and events of the 14th.

  2. okay one question. oh before i do, to let you know im a very open minded person especially to others beliefs , but how in the ?!*& would any one be able to know anything about a being on a different plane in the 12th dimension if one even exists.
    ive done reasearch on the”galactic federation” it was copyrighted for heaven sake, made by people how do you all have the odasity tosay things like that, in truth we know absolutley jack about anything on or off or around our planet(ina definite or finite way) there will continue to be shit we dont know and will have to pull together to discover it, by the way alot of people know that we are about to go thruogh a polar shift what proof do you have we are going into x0 dur thefifth dimension as far as logic goes there is no such thing/
    there may be, but really our planets going to some how break the limitations of the theory of relativity and hisenburgs principal into another dimension WTF!!!!!plus if you think that the planet has been seeded not once not twice but three times you’ve struck out and completely ignored the progress we have made inthe past 60-70 or even 80 thousand years in science, understanding our actual or factual past and millions of years of evolution , we are complex beings by the grace of god or what ever anyone belives to be the starting point of our universe. use your &?%*!!! mind and soul otherwise you are wasteing the gift of existence on IMAGINATION okay. ps please reply
    i would love to read your credentials behind your reasoning but please no mumbo jumbo just factual support . peace.

    • the ability to read and converse on this screen with other folks like us is an advancement so few of us on earth really give much thought about. i use it to try and understand our space with out the materiai garbage that we see and try and work with. at least i know that we have people who can obtain all that they need in their minds and bring it to pass. we had a wonderful man called Tesla that did just that. how blessed i feel to have gathered all this information about things not seen and understood. regards brian

  3. If you would read our articles you would find our credentials. We have been trained since we were children to use our abilities of psychic, empath, clairvoyance, clairsentient and clairaudient. When we, Gregory and Shelina, came together and were wed in a channeled Kanarian 1st Creation Human wedding our chakras were joined making it possible for us to speak to even higher dimensions and do even more. There are many photos of us with light beams above our heads or even orbs which are soul aspects around us. We have The Jesus Opal which is a physical gemstone that shows imagesof Jesus similiar to those painted by the masters Sallman, Da Vinci and Rembrandt. Jesus and Mary speak to us for we are in the same soul group.

    There is much confusion about the Galactic Federation. Everyone is looking for first contact but its been going on for thousands or millions of years. Ancient paintings reveal it. They will not tell us when they are coming or what they are doing. What government would tell the people what they plan to do beforehand? People are usually confused and scared of anything different including the ufo sightings around the world and the et communications. Not all channeling is true or factual. Even those of us that say we speak to them have disagreements. An example is that we do not believe in a shift to the 5th dimension or that the world will end in 2012. Popular Mechanics said they would capture and dissect any et that landed near the White House. How’s that for saying hello?

    For those that say they are open then you will realize that there is not only a genetic lineage to each of us but a soul lineage. Our soul lineages are billions of years old going back to the creation of the first humans. Can we prove that? Why do we need to? Can you prove everything? When you stop and listen or look you may be able to realize that there is much more going on that many people miss due to their negative ways, sarcasm, or people around them that are highly influential towards one way of believing. Scientists know that there are many dimensions and yes there has been much progress lately but we are still only third dimensional so we are limited as to how much we can do according to our gravity, magnetics, atoms, frequencies and vibrations unless you are specially trained like we have been. We do not believe there is going to be a shift and that the planet will go into a 5th dimension. The only way one can go to the 5th dimension is by passing away and then the soul has the opportunity to go into a lifeform which is 5th dimension. As for proof that Earth has been seeded many times you just need to look at the ancient maps of the world, the different types of skeletal remains and the mythology which speaks of Pangia, Hyborea, Atlantis and Lemuria. Look at Forbidden Archeology by Michael Cremo for more. We will share more about that later. And yes, we all have alot to learn. Isn’t it great! Blessings, Wisdom and Love to All! by Shelina (of Gregory and Shelina) Jesus tells us: Believe what you are capable of believing but do not condemn others unless you have the knowledge or skills to understand first.

  4. Ascension is possible up to 21st dimension if the soul has evolved up to that level. And there are souls here assisting the ascension of earth and others’.
    Of course you need to be enlightened or at least very spiritually mature in order to discern on what is going on.

    My information from another race, with which i had physical contact with through very intense, constant, physical energy….. was that half of the population will be destroyed and earth will ascend. Another planet will remain back, formed for those souls.

  5. i tell you people one thing and one thing for shore u.f.o.s they do exist ive had 2 close encounters in my life time that was very close to my position in broad daylight iwatched a ship huver in mid air with any sound and it was not i repeat it was not a plane or copter it higlt tecknologicaly edvanced when you have persecption of a craft lifting ferthur and further up and out into space at night untill it vanishes thats great but when theres a strange craft huvering over afield just across the road from you in broad day light im talking just a couple of feat that is exstrordinary now some one exsplain that one you cant because it was a crew ship and thats the truth theres gliders that are erow dinamicly made that can fly over anytown or city that some company in our country is manufacturing and building and even these hitech plains dont have anything on what i saw not even the stelt bomber can touch this things capabilities and thats the truth why dont some one try visiting lacksahatchi on the far west side of westpalm beach fla. at night then youl realy see some u.f.o. activity.

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