Shelina Galactic Soul Order Bride


Many people have asked the secret of how Gregory and I found each other. Often there is a contract for souls to come together for a certain purpose but for us there was only a desire, to find the one that would complete us. It happened during a ‘window of opportunity’ at the right time. We were introduced at a ‘Body, Mind & Spirit’ show and I took his phone number putting it into my wallet for a future encounter. But since I was in school that note sat there for two years before I called him. I was told that by keeping his number it ‘kept a door open’ for us to meet again. Also, our angels and guides worked very hard to attract us together through ‘chance encounters’. I kept resisting with my mind but my heart told me differently. It was then that I chose to make my human ‘free will’ choice.

Previously, each of us had made our manifestation list of what we wanted in a partner. And yes, they matched quite closely. Qualities included a love of nature, science, art, spirituality, metaphysics, adventure, passion and travel. However… I figured I would finish school, get a job and then find my dream man. I never planned for him to show up before then. That was one of the biggest lessons that my spiritual helpers taught me- when you ask for something, do not expect it on your time for celestial time is different. Believe, surrender and be grateful! Twelve weeks later after our first date, we were married in a channeled wedding with Zunami of The Upper Soul Council and were joined together as one. That is why I tease Gregory, calling myself the ‘Galactic Soul Order Bride’.

You ask how I could marry someone that I hardly knew? It’s because I knew that I knew him. I am very empathic. The love was there. It was so deep we felt as one and could hardly stand to be away from each other. Later I learned about our other soul aspect lifetimes together, in the past and present, on different dimensions, such as Uanara the first creation human planet in the Milky Way Galaxy, Atlantis, Sumeria and many others. For we have been together millions of times. Sometimes it is loving and other times it is not. We each, like all, have other soul mates. But for now, we know that this is the best relationship each of us could have at this time. Gregory likes to tell me “I wouldn’t trade you for a bucket of prunes or a wooden nickel”. For me I wouldn’t trade. We always work on forgiveness, ‘cutting connections or cords’ with others and grounding. These are just some of the spiritual healing tools that we teach. Along with blessings and gratitude. So let me say “Qweekpush” or “Thank You” in Kanarian first creation human language for reading our Life In The Galaxy blog…  by Shelina


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