Galactic ‘Earth Evolution’ Visitors

earth1.gifGalactic visitors have truly been visiting Earth for millions and millions of years off and on and they have been viewing the planet for hundreds of millions of years. For one thing it is a beautiful planet as you can see from your pictures in space compared to many other planets. Extraterrestrials or et’s have been visiting Earth to check on the evolution of the planet including animals, fish, humans and all life on Earth. Some came in the past for things such as gold, gems, metals, diamonds and even dinosaur hunting.

Many of these species are ancient species while humans are a young race only millions of years old. Travel is done with flying saucers, sometimes through worm holes, called stargates. Some are from the 5th dimension. Some want to let Earthlings know that they are out there trying to help protect you.

When you look at the human dna as the scientists on your planet have, you will see that human dna, elephant, worm, tiger, monkey or other life is all very close in nature. It is the same up to approximately 96%. The rest of the dna is what makes that kind of a body, creature or human. So it is only 3% of your total genal codes that make you the individual of who and what you are including all ets unless (unless they are intelligent plant life).

It is egotistical for any religion or any person on this planet with their intelligence and evolutionary growth from information through tv, internet and newspapers along with help from their spiritual angels and guides to believe your leaders, or religious leaders, that there is no other inteligent life out there. For billions of years the Milky Way Galaxy, known as the heavens to some, has been there for many types of life not just Earth humans. For there are thousands of other planets with human dna lifeforms.

In reality the U.S. government I believe got themselves into so many lies for national security that they don’t know how to release the truth. The trouble is the scientific coummunity in your world has a hard time conceiving something new or unordinary and they throw it aside as a fluke. That is understandable for third dimensional beings. There is much growth and learning to do.

Gregory and Shelina have met many people who have been abducted, had encounters with other lifeforms or been implanted with metallic devices. Even Gregory was allowed to direct 3 Pelaidian starships one night to prove his capabilities for communications. One thing you will learn is that there is as much variety out here in the galaxy as on Earth.

With Love… Saragon 11th dimesion guide of The Upper Soul Council


2 Responses

  1. Saragon,

    Much thanks for your communication. Do you advocate full disclosure and do you have any comments on the many reported changes for 3rd dimensional entities set to occur in late 2012?


    From Gregory and Shelina: We do not believe in a doomsday for 2012 as humans have the ability to co-create. It is dangerous to believe that someone else has set your future ‘in stone’. There could be volcanic eruptions or an asteroid but there are endless possibilities. We must stop believing our political and religious leaders completely and begin to pay attention to our own guides and angels. During the Y2K era there was going to be a polar shift and all computers shut down, but it did not happen. The most dangerous thing is for people to be scared of the last days and react in ways that will hurt others.

    Full disclosure is necessary as 80% of people believe in other life in the galaxy but they are often scared again due to the movies, lack of knowledge, or having their empowerment taken away from them. All humans are related, even those that live on other dimensions throughout the galaxy as they are other parts of your soul. Many technological advances have been given from extra-terrestial life even through telepathy to help the environment, health and industry. By focusing on new ways to use or recycle our resources and protect the water and air, even through stopping the population growth, there will be an exciting future ahead. One thing we have been taught is that change is constant throughout the galaxy. It is up to us.

  2. I think that now is the time for more evolved beings on earth to take the leadership reigns and help bring the rest of us along. I think that is the only hope for the desperate situation we are in here on earth.

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