Leanami 7th Dimension The Upper Soul Council

I have communicated with many off Earth female aspects of myself and others. They have shared their personal lives about lifemates, careers, children, families and communities. It has been some of the greatest teachings one could ever receive. The first, Leanami, is actually Gregory on the 7th dimension. She is a Trilibyte with three children and married to Zunami (who is actually me-Shelina, as a scientist and minister). She loves to play the drum so when she first channeled through Gregory his head started going up and down, and side to side uncontrollably to the beat of the music while we were soaking in the hottub. Eventually he learned it was Leanami. She was fascinated with the way we Earthling ladies like to color our hair and wear pretty material. This started a new desire for many Trilibyte girls but the husband’s quickly put a stop to any nonsense. These ladies also do a ceremony monthly under their two moons. I can only hope that I keep her childlike enthusiasm and joy (it’s funny because Gregory is full of laughs too!).. Shelina


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